There is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman. Each puff and bump of her stomach is a masterpiece, crafted by nature and nourished by God. Unfortunately, not all pregnancies are created equal. For some women, the journey to parenthood is more challenging than others. Take a look at some of the most adorable photos of royal babies in recent history.

Kensington Palace Releases Pregnant Kate’s Portrait

It’s been a year since Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to her third child, Prince George. Since then, she’s been releasing portraits of the royal family’s youngest member, showcasing his or her amazing smile and adorable antics. On Friday, the palace announced the next photo op for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their second son, Prince Louis: a pregnant Catherine as “a portrait painted by Mark Curtis for His Majesty’s Wardrobe.” The couple are currently six weeks into their pregnancy and expecting their fourth child in August.

This latest portrait shows the Duchess in a glorious blue dress with an exquisite collar and cuffs. The simple print on the dress is an exquisite match for her big smiling smile. The portrait perfectly captures the relaxed, happy nature of the royal family’s newest addition. It also offers a rare glimpse into the king’s wardrobe, giving baby’s first wardrobe overhaul a whole new meaning.

Prince Harry’s Birth Signals End of an Era

Earlier this year, Kensington Palace tweeted a picture of Prince Harry with the caption, “It was just over a year ago that @princeharrycom shared his exciting news about the Duke of Sussex becoming King Harry VIII. This week, we remember the momentous occasion on which Harry fulfilled the title’s longest-serving monarch: Queen Victoria.” The Queen’s youngest son marked the occasion by giving her a farewell present: a gold watch studded with diamonds. The birth of the next King or Queen of Great Britain marked the end of an era for the 91-year-old monarch. Since the beginning of this year, she’s been spending more time with her granddaughter, Zella, than with her other children, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. In March, Harry and his wife, Meghan, were also appointed non-royal dukes.

The couple began their married life with a trip to Africa in April. They started by visiting Cape Town and spending some time at a private villa with its own pool. Meghan wore a striking cream-colored dress that made a bold statement and created a beautiful contrast to Harry’s dark suit. A few days after the wedding, the couple left for their first official vacation as a married couple: a safari adventure in Tanzania. In September, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge revealed that they were expecting their third child in October.

Celia Roberts Gives Birth to Prince George

In April 2018, Princess Elizabeth, the Queen’s daughter, gave birth to her first child, a son named George. Born a few months prematurely, the baby prince was small, but healthy. His midwife, Lady Cressida Dick, said at the time that his weight was 5.8 pounds, more than the expected 7 pounds. He is now a healthy five-month-old baby, and his parents already love him dearly. This year has been a happy one for the family, with the Queen celebrating a 70th birthday and Elizabeth becoming a great-grandmother.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s First Christmas As Parents

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first Christmas as parents was an unforgettable event. On Wednesday, December 26, their son, Prince Louis, was christened at the Chapel Royal in London. As the Duchess of Cambridge stepped forward to receive the sacrament, she revealed to the world that she was indeed nine months pregnant. Louis, who became the country’s 97th Duke the previous day, was christened in a purple dress with a white velvet ribbon and a matching hat. He is the couple’s first child and third child overall.

The day was devoted to the theme of justice: “Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Courageous,” with Sir John Soley, the Archbishop of Canterbury, officiating. The Duke of Cambridge wore a dark suit and a matching hat, while the Duchess of Cambridge wore a purple dress with a white ribbon and a matching hat. Earlier in the day, the Prince of Wales and Duchess Amelia visited the London Children’s Hospital, where they spent time with patients and their families. The Prince and Princess of Wales, who are patrons of the hospital, held a special ceremony to dedicate a ward to the late Princess Diana.

Princess Diana’s Reign Ends With A Wedding

In August 2017, Diana, Princess of Wales, died after a long illness. Since then, her sons, Prince Harry and Prince Charles, have carried on her great work as princes and princesses of Wales. In the summer of 2018, Harry married Meghan Markle at one of Europe’s most storied castles, Windsor Castle. It was an unforgettable moment, as the couple became the second Duke and Duchess of Sussex to wed. (The first was Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, in March 2018.)

The late princess’ final public appearance was a day before her wedding. On August 15, she gave a speech at the annual Royal Albert Hall Concert. The following day, she married Prince Charles at Westminster Abbey. In her honor, the concert’s organizers planned an ‘end of an era’ celebration, inviting guests to dress in vintage costumes from the ‘70s, when Diana was at the height of her popularity.

The day before the concert, the Duchess of Cambridge, who officiated the couple’s wedding, wore a white dress and veil. Harry and Meghan chose to wear black tie, and the bride looked truly radiant. Meghan’s dress was designed by Givenchy, and the style house paid homage to the princess’ love of all things French by styling her wedding dress in a modern and romantic take on a classic Parisian look.

The wedding reception was held at the royal residence, Kensington Palace, and was attended by more than 600 guests, including members of the British and U.S. royal families. The happy newlyweds cut a cake with Prince Harry as their ‘best man.’ While the cake was being cut, the bride performed a traditional English dance with her father, Prince Charles.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s Babymoon

In April 2018, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went on their first official babymoon after the birth of their third child, Prince Louis. (The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are parents to two elder children: George and Prince William.) During the six-night trip to Malta, the couple were accompanied by Prince Harry and their son, Prince George, as well as Lady Cressida Dick, the Duchess of Cambridge’s midwife. The trip was originally planned as a relaxing break for the family, but it was soon revealed that the Duchess was in fact, eight months pregnant.

The Duchess wore a stunning white dress with a red rose, and the couple were very affectionate with each other, even holding hands during a walkabout. The Duchess also took the opportunity to breastfeed George, the couple’s second son, who often accompanied her on the trip.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s Style Evolution

As the Duchess of Cambridge’s due date approaches, the spotlight will be on her style evolution over the past year. In April 2018, the British royal family’s website, Kensington Palace, revealed that the Duchess had “opted for a more modest style in 2018” and had “left behind the extravagant lifestyle of a member of the royal family”. The palace also stated that the Duchess was happy to embrace “her natural beauty and feminine allure” and was excited about the opportunity to grow her hair, which she had previously hidden under a hat or hood.

The Duchess’s style evolution was most recently featured in the September issue of British Vogue, with Anna Puri stating, “This is the closest that Elle MacLeman has ever come to doing a fashion profile on the Duchess of Cambridge.” The article featured several candid shots of the Duchess, including one in which she removes her hat to reveal a beautiful head of hair. Puri continued, “Even in this early stage of maternity, the Duchess is showing us a more private side — one that is all her own.”

Bertie and Emerald’s Born Celebrity Children

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