Fans of the Twilight Saga know that the series heavily features fashion and design. In addition to being the basis of a successful line of accessories and clothing, designer Stephen Burks has created entire lookbooks and campaigns based on the Twilight films. Now that the series has ended, social media is filled with fans expressing their grief and disappointment over the passing of the beloved films.

However, while the franchise remains a popular discussion point among fashion lovers, it’s not just limited to the fashion industry. The Twilight Saga has also inspired a line of jewelry, hair accessories, and compact discs, among other things. The question on everyone’s lips is, is Twilight still a thing? Has it left a legacy that will live on for years to come? Find out what the future of the Twilight Saga holds in the fashion industry after the jump.

Style Influences From The Twilight Saga

Fashion aficionados have long been seduced by the dark romance that is Twilight. The fashion world was first introduced to Bella and Edward’s (Pattinson and Cavill’s characters in the films) tumultuous affair when director Bill Condon chose to stage-manage their love story in Twilight. With its emphasis on fashion and style, the first installment of the Twilight Saga is often cited as one of the biggest style influencers of all time. Indeed, the fashion industry has never been the same since, and the series’ fashion legacy still influences today’s style.

In addition to staging the romance between Edward and Bella, Condon also managed to sneak in a few stylish references to other films and designers. When Bella is seen wearing a Dior red dress, it’s immediately recognized as a homage to Christian Dior’s 1966 film Cleopatra. Similarly, the character Victoria (Bette Davis) from the film What Price Beauty? is seen wearing a Cartier Tank Army watch that would become a popular choice in the 1960s. These are just some of the countless fashion moments from Twilight, but it’s arguably the film’s iconic red dress that still stands out as one of the most influential and attractive garments of all time.

While the designers from the ‘60s are still relevant today, fashion tastes have evolved, and so have the standards by which we judge clothing and accessories. While many might still cite Cleopatra and her red dress as the epitome of style in film, today’s fashion standards are much more eclectic. Indeed, the fashion industry as a whole continues to be inspired by a wide range of sources, resulting in a unique mix of styles that still captivates audiences. In other words, while many fashion moments from Twilight are still regarded as stylish, we as an audience have evolved, too, and so has fashion. These days, when we want to be inspired, we no longer turn to just one film or television series for fashion guidance; we look to multiple sources for our style inspiration.

The Influence Of Twilight On Today’s Style

Though the Twilight Saga has ended, it’s not hard to find traces of its enduring style influence throughout contemporary fashion. Just take a look at the work of designer Stephen Burks, whose designs are often cited as the ultimate manifestation of the ‘70s New York City cultural scene. Just like the fashion world evoked by Twilight, Stephen Burks’s designs are a unique blend of glamour, style, and drama. His designs for Elizabeth Taylor and Kate Middleton are stunning proof of this.

Burks’s work is often cited as the ultimate expression of the ‘70s style, but, in fact, it was only the beginning of his design career. Burks spent several years honing his skills before setting up his company, Stephen Burks Associates, in 1979. Since then, he has designed for numerous celebrities and companies, including Elizabeth Taylor and Kate Middleton, whose wedding dress he designed, among others.

While it might not seem obvious, the fashion industry has heavily borrowed from the Twilight Saga. We now have our own versions of the iconic red dress in the form of Katy Perry’s “Roar” and Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” as well as a host of others, many of which were inspired by the movie. Not only has the film inspired a wide array of high-profile fashion collaborations and one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing and accessories, but it has also influenced a sub-sector of the clothing industry that focuses on creating luxury outfits for dogs. So, while we mourn the passing of the Twilight Saga, we should also be celebrating the fashion legacy that the film still leaves behind. It’s safe to say that William Condon was right when he said that “when this film was made, nobody expected it to last this long. But it has and it will.” The lasting influence of Twilight is undeniable, and it will live on for many years to come.