Robert Pattinson is officially back in action and has finally released some new music taste in the form of his new album, “Twigs.” The LP is available for pre-order now and drops November 13th but fans of the British actor can get an early taste of his music today.

The album is the follow-up to his 2017 record, “Map of the Soul,” and is named after his recently concluded romantic relationship with singer-songwriter and dancer, FKA Twigs. While some fans may still be under the impression that Pattinson is married to Kate Hudson, he has instead ended his union with her after almost 10 years. Kate has since moved on with her life and now shares custody of their son, Donovan, with Pattinson.

On “Twigs,” Pattinson’s mellow vocals sit atop a bed of psychedelic guitar riffs and dreamy, piano-laced keys, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that perfectly matches the ethereal vibe of his famous co-star, Twigs.

Listen to the British actor’s new album, “Twigs,” above and find out more about the record’s themes and influences. Keep reading for a full track-by-track breakdown of the album as well as some extras.

The Album’s Themes And Influences

Like the majority of his work, “Twigs” has a laidback, beachy vibe that perfectly matches the laidback vibe of its titular character. In an interview with Billboard, the British actor described the album’s vibe as “very mellow and chill,” attributing its creation to his desire to experiment with different instrumentations and production techniques. “I wanted to do something a bit different and put more of a focus on my vocals and writing. I think the production on ‘Twigs’ is beautiful. It’s evolved a lot since the last time I’d done an album. I wanted to do something that was a bit more mellow and relaxed.”

While “Twigs” may be a relaxing listen, the record is still filled with subtle messages about love and loss. In the song “Grew Up,” for example, a heartbroken Pattinson sings: “I grew up in a house where the bathroom was a place of peace and tranquility. It’s where the light from the sun shines through the window and falls on the rose-patterned wallpaper.” A common theme throughout the record’s lyrics is the idea of letting go of the past in favor of moving on with one’s life.

The laidback vibe of the album continues in the form of its vibrant, beachy graphics and soothing, hazy production values. The album’s cover art was done by renowned photographer and graphic artist, Tim Walker, who has also worked with the likes of Beyonce and Adele. Walker was enlisted by the British actor’s record label, Kobalt Music, to create the unique design that continues throughout the album’s packaging. As the graphic artist explained to iNews, “Each piece of vinyl was an invitation to a dream, wrapped in a package that represented both the dream and the invitation to open it. The graphic designer and I wanted to make it like a present, so it’s a little bit like a present album.”

The invitation to the album’s dreamy, hazy sound comes in the form of Walker’s trademark use of his light touch on the vinyl. On the record’s first pressing, fans may notice a small buzzing sound coming from the sides of the vinyl. This is due to the use of a slightly warped record and is something that Walker has become known for, creating a unique texture that, as the graphic designer explained, “matches the feeling of a hazy day perfectly.”

The graphic designer went on to say that they wanted the aesthetic to feel “unconventional but still match the high-quality feel of a real vinyl record.” To create the illusion of a warped record, Walker used a technique called ‘scratch and sniff.’ This involves scratching the surface of the record with a sharp object (most commonly a needle) and then inhaling the released scent. With the exception of the final record’s vinyl pressing, Kobalt Music has chosen to keep the illusion of a warped record with subsequent pressings. While most albums today are pressed on CD or downloaded as MP3s, Walker and Kobalt Music have chosen to keep with tradition by offering the unique experience of listening to a vintage vinyl record.

The Album’s Production

As previously mentioned, the record is named after one of its central characters, FKA Twigs. While most people may associate the British duo with their song “Pale,” which was featured on the soundtrack to the film, “Dark Horse,” the real centerpiece of the album is the haunting duet they penned alongside the British actor, Robert Pattinson. “It’s been a long time coming. I finally found the perfect partner in crime to write with,” Pattinson gushed to Billboard about the song. “It was nice to be able to share some of my most personal poetry in a song. I hope people can hear that it’s not just about one-liners, but that each line really means something. On the first listen, it makes complete sense, but then you start listening to it again and again and each line really sticks with you. It’s a beautiful song.”

In the song, the two women paint a vivid picture of an abusive relationship, using their feminine wiles to trap their partner inside a sadomasochistic marriage. Twigs’ husky growl and Pattinson’s soothing voice carry the listener deep into the underworld of their marriage for a haunting duet that evokes the best of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran’s more reflective, acoustic-led albums. “I miss the simplicity of just writing songs together,” Twigs lamented in a recent interview with Billboard. “It’s kind of nice to have a fully formed band around you when you’re in the studio, but when the time comes for us to record, it just feels more natural to work with someone we share a bond with.”

New Wave

“Twigs” is filled with sonic treats for the fans of psychedelic music. The psychedelic vibe is most prominent on “Twigs” in the form of the record’s lush, dream-like production and lead single, ‘Golden’. The song features a dazzling array of instrumentation, from a theremin to a violin to bouzouki and a steady drum beat. The song’s arrangement is also heavily influenced by ‘70s glam rock and is another instance of the British actor and singer’s love for ‘70s music. While ‘70s glam rock may be the major influence on ‘Golden’, it is still filled with enough references to the ‘60s to make even the most seasoned pop culture connoisseur feel right at home.

‘Golden’ is just one of the numerous highlights on “Twigs,” which also boasts standout cuts like the dreamy ‘TikTok,” the haunting ‘Old Town Road’ and the groovy ‘Sober.’ The album’s bouncy, sing-along chorus is led by the irresistible pairing of Pattinson’s voice and Twigs’ sensual, growl. The two effortlessly trade vocals, with Pattinson providing the more mellow tones and Twigs taking the lead on the higher notes. On one of the record’s final songs, ‘Cemetery”, the pair once again show off their powerful vocal chemistry, as the singer-songwriter belts out the chorus, while the British actor croons in the background. The song’s arrangement sees the two trade verses, with a prominent use of the ukulele and accordion creating a dreamy atmosphere.

Overall, “Twigs” is an album that fans of both pop and rock music will enjoy. Those looking for a change of pace from the booming sounds of the modern world will find what they’re looking for on “Twigs.” While Walker drew inspiration from the likes of Beyonce and Adele to create the unique design for the record’s cover, his use of light and detail on the vinyl creates a feeling of timelessness that perfectly matches the dreamy, hazy nature of the record’s contents.