It’s been three years since Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs started seeing each other, and on Thursday, November 16, 2019, the singer/songwriter finally tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend.

The pair first started dating in 2017 and were engaged in March of 2019. According to PEOPLE, they wed at City Hall in Los Angeles in front of 250 family and friends. The newlyweds then made their way to a nearby French restaurant for a small reception party.

Pattinson, 30, wore a suit, while Twigs, 26, wore a dress designed by the famed Christian Dior. Their children, Apple, 4, and Moses, 1, were also present at the wedding. The wedding celebration came after months of speculation about the couple’s future. Earlier this year, the “Twilight” actor confirmed that he and Twigs were engaged, telling the story of how they first met and starting their relationship. “We did not want to let the media spoil the moment,” he said. “So we kept it under wraps for as long as possible.”

Pattinson added, “We are very happy to share this special day with family and friends. We are grateful to the City of Los Angeles for allowing us to share this moment with everyone.”

Many fans were undoubtedly happy to see the two finally go through with the wedding they’d been talking about for so long. “Finally married!” one fan tweeted. “I’m so happy for them,” wrote another. A third added, “Wedding bells are ringing, Rob!”

Although it’s been three years since they started dating, it certainly hasn’t been a smooth road for the pair. In December of 2017, they were involved in a serious car accident that almost left Pattinson paralyzed. His car was rear ended by a truck, and the actor was thrown from the vehicle. Thankfully, he only suffered minor injuries and was able to walk away with only a slight limp. But it was a frightening experience for both of them.

According to a report from People, the accident happened after Pattinson picked up Twigs from a concert in London. He was driving on the wrong side of the road when the crash occurred. Twigs was not in the car at the time, but she suffered minor injuries. Both she and Pattinson were taken to a hospital and remained there overnight. Thankfully, no lasting damage was done and they were both able to leave the hospital the next day. But it was a scary experience for both of them.

Pattinson was left with a significant limp and had to have surgery on his ankle. He also needed to have a rod implanted in his leg to help stabilize it. He was forced to take a break from filming and was unable to walk for months. According to People, the break was necessary so that Pattinson could get the physical therapy he needed to gradually regain his strength. In January of this year, he made a miraculous recovery and was able to walk again — though with a limp. He also needed to take pain medication for the rest of his life. It was a frightening experience for both of them, but it appears that they learned from it.

Now, Pattinson is focused on his career and his personal life. He’s begun working on a film adaptation of Gerald Brisco’s 1968 novel, “The Dark Mirror,” and he recently wrapped up production on “Twilight Saga: Eclipse.” Although the couple started dating quietly, they didn’t keep their engagement a secret for long. The media soon swarmed them with questions about their wedding plans, and while they were initially reluctant to share the news, they eventually opened up about their engagement and wedding.

Despite all the attention and speculation, it appears that Pattinson and Twigs remain very happy. On Thursday, they made their way down the aisle to attend the City Hall ceremony and then had a small reception at a nearby restaurant. It’s been three years since they started dating, and on Thursday, they finally made it official. This is the happy ending to a romance that began rather quietly but eventually caught the public’s attention. Congratulations to the couple on their three-year anniversary!