The celebrity stylings of Mr. Pattinson have made him the most desired man in fashion. His unique combination of style, class, and substance has inspired countless women to reach for their nearest accessory and pull it around their faces in an attempt to look like Mr. Pattinson. If you’ve ever seen the film, “Water For Elephants”, you may recognize this face. This celebrity stylings are not only limited to fashion; he has also been spotted with Louis Vuitton bags tucked under his arms, wearing custom shirts designed by Gucci, and recently attended the premiere of the movie, “On the Road,” wearing the perfect dress for the occasion. In this blog post, you’ll discover how to achieve the perfect Robert Pattinson X Dior look. We’ll cover everything from haircut and style to accessories and dress, so you can easily emulate this iconic fashion combination. 

Get The Haircut

The first step to attaining Mr. Pattinson’s unique look is to get the haircut. This is easier said than done, as you’ll discover that most barber shops and salons are unwilling to lend their services to well-known customers. Fortunately for you, we’ve reached out to the best barbers in Hollywood to give you their top tips on how to achieve the perfect Robert Pattinson X Dior look. Each of these barbers have been known to cut the hair of some of Hollywood’s most famous and talented stars, including Mr. Pattinson. If you can’t make it to Hollywood to get your hair cut by a professional barber, this is the next best thing. Below are their top tips on how to get the perfect Robert Pattinson X Dior look:

Get A Hairdryer

A hairdryer is a must for every toolkit. Not only does it warm up your hair before you leave the house, it also allows you to achieve any style you want. This is especially useful for those looking to emulate Mr. Pattinson’s unique look. Most barber shops and salons don’t offer this valuable tool, so you’ll need to visit a hair salon that does. Once you get the hairdryer, all you need to do is attach the diffuser to the hand-held appliance and you’re good to go. Remember to check for hair dryer fires as well before you use it. The last thing you want to do is ruin your home with a fire. This also means you’ll need to keep it well protected from children and pets. You can also purchase a bottle of hair spray to save you and your hairdryer from overheating issues. Just remember not to spray your hair, as this will cause you to break out. If you’re looking for a new way to style your hair, a hairdryer is the answer. You can use it to create any style you desire, from curls to waves to dramatic waves, so long as you work at it. This is also a great way to save money on haircuts, as you won’t need to rush to get there on time or pay extra for cut styles that require more than one visit. Consider a hairdryer essential if you want to achieve Mr. Pattinson’s unique look.

Get The Fashion

The fashion step is all about the accessories. Louis Vuitton totes are a must, as are sunglasses by Dior, or any designer sunglasses. One should never wear a watch on the left shoulder, as it’s meant to be worn on the right arm. Another important fashion tip is to get the cut of the jean jacket and pant. You want to achieve a slim fit, but not so slim as to look like a clown. You also want to get something that’s not too baggy, but not too tight either. A great place to find stylish and unique jeans is the clothing line, For an easy way to find the perfect fit, use the designer’s own jeans as a template and take a picture of yourself in the mirror. This will allow you to see how you look and if any alterations need to be made. Jeans that hold their shape and don’t look like they’ve been through a laundry machine should be your ultimate goal. This will help with the fashion step and get you one step closer to looking like Mr. Pattinson. You’ll need to find a jean jacket that fits you perfectly, and preferably one that’s neutral in color so that it can be worn with anything. To ensure that your jeans hold their shape, wash them in cold water and air dry them.

No Need For A Makeup Artist

Beauty products are a great way to complete your perfect Robert Pattinson X Dior look. Mr. Pattinson has made a living out of impressing women with his incredible looks, and they seem to have gone ahead and done the same. This doesn’t mean that you need to rely on expensive products to do this. There are simple and affordable products that you can use to achieve a similar effect. One of the best drugstore options for this is CoverGirl Outlast Lipstick. This is because it has a matte finish that prevents lips from drying out. It also imparts a slight color, so if you’re looking to emulate Mr. Pattinson’s look, this is the product for you. Another great answer within the drugstore category is the Too Faced Venus Rosewater Spray. This is a light mist which acts as a quick and easy primer for makeup. It helps blur imperfections and give your face a glowing natural texture. This spray will be your best friend in making you look like a natural beauty. It also works great as an outdoor sports activity kit as well, helping you stay focused and aware while playing sports. This spray will be popular with professional cyclists and golfers. With these drugstore options available, you can achieve the perfect Robert Pattinson X Dior look without breaking the bank.


Once you’ve completed the haircut and fashion steps, it’s time to move on to the accessory tips. The most important thing here is to accessorize. Women all over the world dress like Mr. Pattinson because he is a fashion icon and women want to emulate his style. This usually means they’ll be reaching for a pair of sunglasses and a handbag. The perfect handbag will depend on what kind of outfit you’re wearing, but it’s usually in the shape of a small tote or a clutch. If you want to emulate Mr. Pattinson most of all, it’s important to accessorize with items from his own collection. This will help provide the most accurate representation of his look. If you can’t afford the luxury of owning a piece of clothing or equipment made by Mr. Pattinson himself, there are dozens of companies whose products he has used and continues to use in his daily life. This is why women all over the world want to dress like him; because he has inspired them to follow his lead and dress the way they want to. Items such as his signature sunglasses will set you back thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. If you want to emulate Mr. Pattinson’s unique look, getting the same quality for less is key. Luckily, there are thousands of companies that create sunglasses and other fashion accessories in his image, so you can easily find something that costs less than $1,000.

The perfect Robert Pattinson X Dior look is easier to achieve than you’d think. With a little bit of luck and some of the world’s best barbers, you’ll be able to walk out of the shop looking like the stylish and unique individual that Mr. Pattinson has helped you to become. The best part is that you can easily find all of the necessary gear at affordable prices, which is crucial if you want to continue to look like the icon that is Mr. Pattinson. You don’t need to be rich to look like rich Mr. Pattinson, you just need to believe in yourself and what you want to achieve.