With the recent news of Prince Charles turning down the request for a ‘Royal Wedding’ between his granddaughter and a commoner, the Royal Family have had to adapt to changing times. The younger generation are now able to express their feelings and desires more vocally, which is why we are now seeing more same-sex civil partnership ceremonies and increased tolerance of alternative lifestyles.

However, as much as we want to see more acceptance and tolerance, there is still a huge disparity in society between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’. For instance, you will still see advertisements for luxury goods which are out of reach for many ordinary citizens.

To tackle this, designers have created luxury products with a social conscience. One such product is the Robert Pattinson Wrist Watch. The watch was named after the recently engaged Mr. Pattinson (formerly known as Robert Pattinson) and was inspired by the luxury goods brand Tiffany’s Blue Box Collection, which is named after the famous ‘blue box’ delivery system that was used by Tiffany’s for several decades. The ‘blue boxes’ were originally designed to protect the contents from being damaged during shipping (hence the name ‘blue box’ as it effectively offers protection during transport).

The irony, of course, is that the contents of the ‘blue boxes’ are usually expensive trinkets and baubles that the public can only dream of owning. The designer of the Robert Pattinson watch, however, has ensured that this luxury item will not remain exclusive to the wealthy. In doing so, he has created something that will become an icon of sophistication and a talking point with everyone that sees it.

What is the ‘Blue Box’ Collection?

The Blue Box Collection really did originate with the creation of the blue box itself. Before the advent of plastic, metal containers filled with expensive gems and jewels were a prized possession, especially by the rich. Once the plastic bag was invented, the ‘blue boxes’ were no longer essential for transport and were instead used as containers for keeping jewels and gems safe. There were so many variations of the box that it was considered ‘the’ symbol of status and wealth, with some examples even being marked with a ‘price’ tag to show the value contained inside!

The originality of the Robert Pattinson Wrist Watch lies in the fact that it is the first affordable luxury item that is designed to look as though it was originally contained in a blue box. In this way, the watch becomes a symbol of the desire to own something that is both valuable and elegant.

Is It Worth ‘Breaking’ Into A ‘Blue Box’ To Own This Product?

We live in a world full of irony and it would be a crying shame if this luxury item did not draw on this irony. Not only does the designer offer a classy alternative to expensive pieces of jewellery, he also created a piece of kit that you can literally ‘break into’ a ‘blue box’ to own. All you need is a small pry tool that you can get for free at most hardware stores.

This is a world away from the original ‘blue boxes’, which were considered such a symbol of luxury and status that they were often featured on the floors of luxury hotels as a symbol of elegance and affluence. It would be a crying shame if this item could not be featured in a similar way. If you can ‘break into’ a blue box to own this piece of kit, it really will be an icon of sophistication.

A Sophisticated Yet Classy Way to Store Your Valuables

This is a luxurious item that offers protection from the outside world. Not only do the panels on the box protect your possessions from damage, but it also contains a secret compartment that can be used to store larger valuables. To this day, the blue box is still considered a symbol of luxury and sophistication even if it is in somewhat lesser form compared to its original iteration. A blue box is essentially a safe place for the wealthy to keep their most prized possessions and a symbol of elegance and affluence. This is precisely why so many luxury hotels still use the symbol on their floors.

This item will not be mistaken for value. Sure, it may be affordable for some, but it is a definite ‘statement’ piece that will attract plenty of looks and conversation.

Suitability For All

One of the most prominent reasons for the success of the blue box as a luxury symbol is that it is suitable for all. This is significant because during the 20th century, women were not often given access to such luxuries as fine jewellery and mansions. However, since the start of this new millennium, women have increasingly been able to enjoy the same privileges as men, which has caused the demand for unique pieces of jewellery to dramatically increase. This increase has, in turn, led to more businesses and more opportunities for those seeking to provide unique pieces of jewellery for women.

Even more significantly, this item is suitable for all because it does not represent one specific culture or way of life. In an era where differences in culture and identity are increasingly being celebrated and valued, this is significant. This is also significant because it removes the need for specific jewellery for women to represent a specific culture or identity. It is simply a piece of jewellery that can be worn by anyone and represents everyone.

Classic Yet Classy

On the subject of identity, it is often said that a jewellery item represents the culture and identity of the woman that wears it. This can be attributed to the fact that most pieces of jewellery are designed with cultural ties to the communities that wore them historically. It is no coincidence that most pieces of jewellery are named after the communities that they represent.

For example, the rose-themed diamond and sapphire necklace that was designed by House of Van Cleef is named after the famous American fashion designer and founder of the house, Lucille Ball. Similarly, the emerald and pearl choker necklace worn by Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, is named after the luxury goods brand Alfred Dunhill, which is itself named after its founder and the royal house of Edinburgh. The use of jewels and gems in the design of women’s jewellery is, therefore, a reflection of the cultural values and identities of those that wore them historically, be it the Chinese, Japanese, French or Italian cultures.

In the same way that the blue box is a suitable replacement for the expensive and historic ‘blue box’, the Robert Pattinson Wrist Watch represents the classic yet classy style that women have come to associate with luxury and sophistication.

This, then, is one luxury item that does not require a king’s ransom to own. In fact, it only requires a ‘blue box’ to be able to own it. This is surely just one example of the type of luxury products that are out there and available for everyone. With designers creating products that can only be considered as niche items due to their cost, it is great to see more and more people able to enjoy the products of the famous luxury brands.