It’s no secret that the press can be brutal, but when it comes to celebrities, the media is even more so. If you’ve watched the TV show Vanity Fair recently, then you know how much shade celebrities get hit with – even the ones that aren’t that great at avoiding the spotlight.

However, while all of this is happening, there’s another person who gets overlooked – the one being talked about in today’s tabloid.

The publication Daily Mail has been relentless in their pursuit of fame, which in turn, has led them to ruin many people’s lives – including Robert Pattinson’s. But did you know that there are entire articles written about him that are nothing but bad blood and nasty rumors?

Let’s take a look.

‘Robert Pattinson Is A Snivelling Wimp’

Let’s begin with the kicker, shall we? This headline comes from an article published by Daily Mail on August 29th, 2013. Now, for the sake of argument, let’s just say that this headline is true and that Robert Pattinson really is a snivelling wimp. The problem is that it doesn’t really add up. The majority of this article is dedicated to ranting and raving about how much the tabloid hates Robert Pattinson. Let’s unpack that a bit.

The writer starts by comparing Pattinson to Bacon, one of the most famous and notorious movie villains of all time. He goes on to say that while some people consider him to be a good actor, he’s really just a bit player. The article then makes a point of mentioning Pattinson’s failed relationships with Twilight co-star and now fiancée Kate Winslet and Angelina Jolie before concluding with this headline.

“It seems that the more famous and successful Robert Pattinson becomes, the more vicious and spiteful the British tabloids become. This is a sad state of affairs for a man who is just 26 years old,” the author writes.

‘Robert Pattinson Is No Mystery – He’s A Worthless Narcissist’

Continuing on from the last article, let’s take a look at what else Daily Mail has to say about Robert Pattinson in their September 2013 issue.

This time we’ll go back to the beginning and start with this headline: ‘Robert Pattinson Is No Mystery – He’s A Worthless Narcissist’. First off, we don’t need to be told that Narcissism is bad. We all know this. The irony here is that Robert Pattinson is clearly narcissistic, but does this really make him worthless? Let’s take a closer look.

This article continues to hurl insults at Robert Pattinson. The reviewer starts by saying that although he’s not very attractive, he could still end up with any girl he wants because he’s rich and famous. His bad boy image is then used as an example to prove his point. Next, the writer claims that even his good friends don’t know much about him. Finally, if all of this isn’t enough, the author goes on to compare Pattinson to Leonardo DiCaprio. Once again, the comparison is made to paint the actor in a bad light.

“It’s no secret that Robert Pattinson isn’t exactly Leonardo DiCaprio. The more successful he becomes, the more the tabloids compare him to the Wolf of Wall Street. Like Leo, Robert loves to front, but doesn’t have the talent to pull it off. He’s a good-looking guy who’s never been able to play the lead in a movie. He gets by on his excellent smile and charm, but he’s a fake,” the author writes.

So what do you think about all this? Is Robert Pattinson innocent or guilty as charged? Let us know in the comments.