There is no denying that every time Robert Pattinson shows up on the big screen, people lose their minds over him. Whether he is playing the lead role in a new movie or guest starring on a TV show, no one can resist his gorgeous looks and magnetism. It seems like every other week a new tabloid is out with stories about how someone’s heart skipped a beat when they saw him. Even those who aren’t usually fans of his work have to admit that he has a certain charm that pulls in the audience.

But is this charm worth it? Is this halo around his head a result of good acting or just good looks? Let’s examine the case for and against Robert Pattinson as Batman.

Good Or Evil?

Batman is, first and foremost, good. But he is also a product of his time and place. When he first appeared in the early 1940s, he was a dark and brooding figure who dressed in cloth, drove a car, and killed people. Most people today don’t see Batman that way because we live in a different world now. There aren’t cars being driven down the streets by bearded men in capes.

But is that really the case? Batman’s first case was told from the perspective of those who suffered at his hands. We hear their side of the story in Scott Snyder’s excellent Batman mini-series. In that story, Batman rescues a young boy from the clutches of a criminal gang. The boy’s parents thank him and offer him a reward, but Batman refuses it. He tells them he doesn’t need their thanks and that there are other children who could have used his help. That was the Batman of the 1940s.

Since then, Batman has evolved. Now 80 years old, he dresses in modern attire and rarely kills people. While he still works as a vigilante and doesn’t always use the law as a tool, he is more often the one breaking it. He is the ultimate outsider, fighting crime and injustice in a world that doesn’t always want to see him succeed.

With these changes, Batman has gained a certain degree of cultural acceptance. He is no longer the scary figure he used to be, but rather a cool and confident vigilante who can now fight for a just cause. Over time, this has made him more desirable to actors and actresses. It is not just about his looks anymore, but also because he is a symbol for those who would fight for equality and justice. It is no wonder that so many Hollywood stars want to play Batman now.

Flawed By His Own Past

Even though he is a very positive and determined character, Batman has definitely had his share of flaws. One of the most glaring is his relationship with his parents. Frankly, it’s not always been great. In several early comics, Batman clashed with his father, a cop, over a missing girl. The elder Batman tried to pin it on the boy, but the son was always quick to point out that he was following in his father’s footsteps, pursuing justice for everyone.

This resulted in a lot of tension between them. But things reached their zenith when Batman decided to give up his career as a vigilante and go into hiding. He knew if he showed up to his father’s funeral, the older man would arrest him for disobeying him.

Then, in the 60s, writer David S. Camp brought us the much-loved “The Batman Family.” In this version of Batman’s origin, we learn that the boy’s parents had to combat alcoholism and drug addiction. They were very strict when it came to their children and made sure they got the message that those vices were bad. The strain of being a parent in today’s world clearly showed in Bruce Wayne’s decimated household; his father was an abusive drunk, while his mother was a victim of domestic violence.

It’s clear that, as a child, Bruce Wayne was not always a happy camper. This created a complex foundation for the entire Batman mythos. It isn’t just that the boy grew up to be a crime-fighting enthusiast; it’s that he was able to channel all this pent-up anger and frustration. Coming from a broken home, he decided that he would dedicate his life to fixing what was wrong with it. He trained himself in the art of crime-fighting and, eventually, became the world’s greatest detective.

Is He A Man Or A Women’s Wearable?

If we’re going to compare Robert Pattinson to Batman, then we need to keep things in perspective. First of all, he is not the actor who plays Batman; he is simply playing a part in one of the most famous fictional characters of all time. On top of that, while it is true that Batman is a very cool and attractive man, he is most often shown with a beard and a cape. This is not necessarily the case with Robert Pattinson, whose most recognizable feature is his hair. With this being said, the actor does look very dashing as Batman.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it’s clear that Robert Pattinson is not an ideal choice to play Batman. First of all, he is not the right actor for the part, as he is a much softer and milder character than the one portrayed by George Clooney in the Dark Knight trilogy. Second, his past as a child actor does not represent today’s version of Batman, who is now a much more mature character. And finally, he is much more of a “man’s man” than a “women’s man,” which really limits his appeal to either gender.

In conclusion, in the right movie with the right director, Robert Pattinson can be a very compelling actor. But outside of that, he is better suited for smaller, more personal parts. As for now, he is playing a part that is best left to history books.