The last couple years have been pretty eventful for Hollywood superstar Robert Pattinson. While he’s been busily working on his acting career, the British actor/singer has also been keeping up his fitness regiment, which includes a series of strength workouts, diet regimens, and a new exercise regimen. We recently got a sneak peek at Pattinson’s workout routine and were completely amazed by the intensity of his workouts. They’re truly a sight to behold. In fact, the Hollywood star is so dedicated to his fitness that he’s even gone so far as to hire a personal trainer — a task previously reserved for professional athletes.

Pattinson’s Workout Routine

In the past, Pattinson has mostly worked out at home, hitting the weights or going for runs to keep in shape. But since taking up acting, the 32-year-old has been on the move a lot, often working late hours and avoiding crowds. As a result, he’s gotten much more physically active, and it shows. Pattinson’s latest work-out regimen is nothing short of spectacular.

Here’s a breakdown of his routine:


While in New York City for the premiere of the new album Water For Elephants, Robert Pattinson dropped by the studio for a workout with Jimmy Page, a.k.a. The Chairman of Led Zeppelin. The two clicked right away and began working out together, with Pattinson showing off his phenomenal physique in the process.

Musicians are known to be rather muscly individuals, and the members of Led Zeppelin are no exception. It was actually Page who got the ball rolling by suggesting they work out together. The British rock icon was impressed with Pattinson’s athletic ability and even more so with his rock-hard body. The two worked out three times a week at the studio and took Sundays off to rest.

Pattinson’s trainer, Ben Simmons, has said that his body can be best described as a “human statue” due to his extreme discipline and diligence in the gym.

Running / Cycling

Pattinson has been running and cycling a lot lately, and has even incorporated both activities into one workout — yes, you read that right. While in New York City for the premiere of the new album Water For Elephants, the Hollywood star took time out of his schedule to work out with his fellow Brits, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. As part of the workout, they climbed up and down a set of stairs, and in a display of their insane strength, managed to keep pace with each other while doing so. Afterward, they went for a bike ride — and again, showed off their impressive fitness by keeping up with each other’s pace. We’re talking about cyclists here, not average joggers.


Robert Pattinson is famous for being able to hold his breath underwater for long periods of time. To prepare for his role as a deaf, mute magician in The Dark Knight Rises, he had to learn to swim — something that he did not consider himself particularly skilled at. But after a couple of lessons, he was able to perform some impressive water stunts for the cameras. And, according to his trainer, Ben Simmons, it was all thanks to the discipline that Pattinson had developed through his fitness regime. Simmons said that he had to “push [Pattinson’s body] hard every single day” in order to get the muscles in his chest and core “built up” for the role. So, it seems that holding your breath is indeed part of the process.


Robert Pattinson is a talented mixed martial artist who has competed in several high-profile tournaments. In 2010, he fought George St. Pierre in a boxing match, although he lost the bout by TKO. Since then, he’s mainly been training to become the next UFC heavyweight champion. It is no secret that MMA is a very strenuous sport, and one that requires a lot of stamina. As a result, many mixed martial artists (read: professional fighters) use their training regimen as a way to shed off some weight. In 2007, while filming the horror movie A Nightmare On Elm Street, Pattinson did a lot of his training in the film’s set gym, which helped him get in fantastic shape for the role. At one point, he even fought one of the film’s co-stars, Wes Craven — who directed the movie — in a grappling match. Craven was no match for Pattinson, and it was ultimately he who agreed to give up. You can check out the viral video of the match here. What a pro!

Personal Training

One of the most interesting changes that Robert Pattinson has made since becoming a professional actor is the task of hiring a personal trainer. While most actors rely on stunt doubles and/or professional trainers for their workouts, Pattinson has gone the extra mile and hired some top-notch physical therapists and trainers to help him stay in shape for his various roles. The British actor/singer has cited the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sly Stallone, and Sylvester Stallone as some of his personal heros. It’s clear that he’s not your typical Hollywood star, and is proud to show the world the amount of effort he puts in to stay fit. Thanks to his trainer and the incredible results that they’ve been able to achieve together, it’s safe to say that Robert Pattinson’s reputation as a workout freak is well-deserved.