Wondering how exactly Robert Pattinson’s world tour, which kicked off this month, will work? Wonder no more. We spoke with the singer’s management team about how the entire thing will play out and what sort of challenges they faced along the way.

How Many Nights Does He Sleep?

Pattinson will stay in each city for one night only. So, in Auckland, New Zealand, where he performed Tuesday night, he will sleep there and then fly to the next city. His team made the decision to keep the New Zealander’s schedule light so that he can spend more time on the road with his fans. In reality, the 28-year-old singer will sleep for about five hours per night on average, which is less than the usual eight hours. Still, that’s a lot of sleep for one person!

Is He Suited to Play a Supportive Role For Fights With His Girlfriend?

Pattinson will be accompanied by his personal assistant for the entirety of his tour. The reason behind this is that the singer wants to be sure that no matter what happens, he has someone by his side who understands his relationship with Emma—the woman he is currently dating and with whom he has a three-year-old daughter. While their dynamic is private, it’s worth noting that they have been known to fight. Last summer they were engaged in a nasty split, which they eventually managed to reconcile. But, like many other celebrity couples, they have had their share of ups and downs since then.

How Is The Tour Scheduled Around His Daughter’s School Holidays?

Pattinson’s team had to make some difficult decisions regarding his tour dates. In the end, they decided to push some of the shows to the end of July so that he can take advantage of the school holiday weeks. That way, he won’t be missing any potential parental bonding time with his daughter.

Does He Still Need To Practice For The Shows?

Yes, Pattinson still practices at least two hours per day. He also does a lot of vocal exercises in the hope of improving his voice. The reason why he continues to work at such a fervor is because he wants to be certain that he can deliver his best performance each night on tour. The singer is known for being very meticulous when it comes to his work and he wants to bring that same energy to every show, which is why he remains so dedicated to his craft.

Does He Have Any Challenges Being On The Road?

Pattinson had to adjust to the fact that he is no longer in control of his daily schedule. Because his team is handling almost all the arrangements for his itinerary, he has to be flexible with the times for his shows. He also has to deal with a lot of changes, which can be a bit exhausting. The singer was also surprised by how many people recognized him on the street. In London, for example, he was approached by fans almost every day. Pattinson’s team is currently working on a plan so that he can have more time to himself while on the road.

The singer’s schedule is packed so he can’t afford to slack off even for a moment. He is heading to New Zealand tonight for the finale of his tour which will end on July 31st. Apart from this he has gigs in Australia, Japan and China in the near future. His team is currently seeking sponsorships for his endeavors so that he can fund more concerts and continue to visit various countries. If you’d like to see more from Robert, please visit his website.