Robert Pattinson is one of the most famous and attractive actors of our day. He is best known for his films “Water for Elephants” and “The Fugitive Kind” and for starring in the Twilight Saga. He has graced the covers of numerous glossy magazines, including “Vogue”, “Selfish”, “Entertainment Weekly”, “Marie Claire”, and “O”, and been featured in advertising campaigns for top brands such as Burberry and H&M.

The multi-hyphenate has been busy shooting numerous films and concerts around the world in recent years. He recently returned from a trip to India where he filmed scenes for “The Rum Diary”, a biopic about the life of writer and rum enthusiast John Steinbeck. The actor is currently shooting the indie film “The High Cost of Living” in London. It is about a struggling musician who moves to LA to pursue his dreams only to find the city isn’t as welcoming as he imagined it to be.

Set Design

While in India, Pattinson worked with set designers from Mumbai to shoot his scenes; they transformed the exteriors of LA into a dreamy, hippie wonderland. His stylists created an ensemble of beautiful yet edgy dresses made of heavy fabrics like silk and velvet, along with tie-waist dresses, stonewash jeans, and leggings. The ensemble was completed with heavy gold and diamond jewelry, chunky necklaces, and matching earrings. The clothing is from the luxury label Versace and was designed by Carine Roitfeld.


Pattinson’s look for the “Rum Diary” was completely different. He wanted to keep the hippie vibe going so he sported full facial hair and heavy makeup. According to the Twilight star, he did not want to shave off his distinctive look for the role, so they decided to go for an “earthy” look instead: “I said ‘no hair, no makeup, just a beautiful, natural complexion’ and they went for it,” Pattinson told Entertainment Tonight. “They said ‘we’ll do your makeup, and if you want, we can even give you a little tattoo so it’s more authentic’.”

The makeup artist crafted a look inspired by the 70s with brown lipstick, blush, and eyeliner, and a powder that resembled the earthy tones of the California landscape. The makeup was designed by Carine Roitfeld and is based on a picture taken in the late 1960s by French photographer Régine Chassard.

Dress Watch

While in India, the actor was photographed by the renowned fashion photographer Rony Ouchishkin, founder of Ouchishkin and Associates. During the photo session, Ouchishkin had the pleasure of creating outfits for Pattinson, and at that point, the team knew exactly what they were creating. When asked about dressing the Twilighter, Ouchishkin said: “I wanted to create a fashion shoot that reflected the spirit of the place and the time. I wanted to see India through his eyes, not through mine, and I wanted him to look like an enlightened guru, a contemporary Buddha.”

The photographer picked silk dresses in a rainbow of colours, floral prints, and lots of gold jewellery as the key to convey this message. Silk is considered very sacred in India and it is often used to symbolize purity and spiritualism. It is associated with the Goddess Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and destruction who is often depicted wearing a silk saree.

Pattinson’s Style Journey

The versatile actor is constantly in the public eye and it’s only natural that people would ask about his style. Since starring in “The Twilight Saga”, Pattinson has enjoyed mainstream and critical success as an actor. He said that because of this, people are more open to experiment with his personal style. While working on “The Rum Diary”, Pattinson explored a number of looks, often switching his hair and makeup team to fit the current mood. For the role of Sal Paradise, the writer/rum diarist, he wore a full mustache and longish hair. He also tried a short haircut for another role, and his look for the film “The Great Gatsby” was inspired by Terence Mcdonald, the actor who played Myrtle Beach in the 1965 film, “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”. His fashion style has been described as “genre-busting”.

Style Lessons

The multi-hyphenate has often cited style icon, Grace Coddington, as someone who has greatly influenced his work. The stylist has worked with the star on and off over the years. Coddington has worked with various celebrities, including Lady Gaga, to develop an individual style that is quintessentially “Coddington”. According to Coddington, the key to creating an individual style is to find the intersection of your interests and that of the fashion industry, noting that “you cannot force it”.

For Gaga’s “Metallic” collection, Coddington and her team took inspiration from the actress’ love of science fiction and fantasy: “When I first heard about the collection, I said ‘oh my God, that’s my world!’. I immediately thought of Darth Vader, because he’s my all-time favourite character. I love his outfit, I love the way he dresses; it’s a cross between sci-fi and goth.”

What Is Next For Pattinson?

The last few years have been incredible for Pattinson and it’s only natural that he would want to continue to work. While he has been in demand, he has stated that he does not want to become “overly commercial” and would rather keep focused on his acting career. One of his next projects will be a lead role in the upcoming Warner Bros. film, “Mama”. It’s about a mother who returns to her roots in Kentucky to confront the people who hurt her family; it stars Saoirse Ronan and Elizabeth Debicki. The film is scheduled for release in summer 2020.