Actor Robert Pattinson isn’t content to rest on his laurels as one of the world’s most beautiful men. The 26-year-old London-born star has been busy working on his first major film role since 2012’s Cosmos, which was based on the Carl Sagan–Bill Nye the Science Guy television series. The new film, Shelter, will premiere in theaters on May 18th, and though we didn’t get any new images of Petersen from the set of his upcoming movie, we did get a sneak peek at his latest accessory: the backpack.

A Clutter-Free Environment

Pattinson’s love for minimalism and orderliness is on full display in the latest snapshot, as the young actor wears a completely clean white shirt and sported hair and makeup that were both flawless.

Located in the middle of a wooded area in the San Francisco Bay Area, the contemporary-looking apartment is decked out in white furniture, including a polished wood table, white leather chairs, and a few accent chairs in a blue floral print for extra texture. There’s a large-screen TV hung on the wall, and on the opposite wall, there’s a smaller TV as a nightlight for when Pattinson goes to bed.

Classic Yet Fashionable

Though the star’s wardrobe may be minimalist, his taste in fashion is anything but. The former member of the British parliament Harry Potter was seen wearing a classic look in classic yet fashionable shades: a navy blue blazer, white shirt, pale blue tie, and brown shoes.

Shelter From the Storm

Pattinson’s character, Leo McFadden, is a freelance photographer who teams up with a documentary film crew to capture the stories behind the images they shoot. The actor’s character is a bit of an anti-hero, and based on the preview we got, it looks like it might be a thriller with a bit of a philosophical bent. In one scene, McFadden attempts to shield a group of women and children from a violent thunderstorm.

No Place for Romance

While romantic feelings aren’t entirely excluded from the story, they don’t play a major role in Leo’s life. When he finally does decide to settle down with fellow photographer Sandy McKean (Shiri Applebaum), the lovebirds meet at an old folks’ home where they both work. Unfortunately, her father, Richard (Michael Douglas), doesn’t approve of his only daughter dating a younger man, and threatens to disown her if she doesn’t end the relationship. The couple tries to elude Mr. Douglas in an effort to be together, but their efforts are in vain, as Richard is determined to bring them back to face punishment. Leo’s journey to self-actualization and gaining the approval of Richard and Sandy’s father is definitely worth seeking out in this coming-of-age story.

Career-Boosting Acquisition

Pattinson’s transition from actor to entrepreneur came as somewhat of a surprise, as he has always been more the Hollywood type. The former member of the British Parliament and son of the late Michael Pattinson (founder of the anti-malaria organization, Kofi Annan International Peace Prize) spent a significant portion of his childhood traveling the world and being introduced to a variety of cultures. Although he grew up partly in England and partly in Ghana, he now calls London home. The experience must have given him a unique perspective on life, which he draws on in his work. The actor’s latest role is based on his experiences as a refugee and shows how his unique perspective can help others.