It’s been a wild couple of weeks for ‘Twilight’ fans. First, there was the news that Kristen Stewart was leaving the series – a move that shocked fans and left Robert Pattinson feeling ‘empty’.

Then, just a few days later, it was announced that ‘Twilight’ author Stephenie Meyer was stepping down as the film’s director, leaving fans even more shaken.

So, with ‘Twilight’ now effectively over, what will happen to Robert Pattinson now that his dream girl has called time on their romance?

The actor told Marie Claire that he has moved on and is focusing on other projects. He also said that he wouldn’t rule out rekindling his romance with Kristen.

“We’re both really proud of the work we did together,” he said. “I think she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. And I still think about her all the time. So, I don’t know – I don’t know if we’re ever going to be apart, you know? We should never, ever be apart. I love her too much.”

As for what’s next for Pattinson, he revealed that he will soon star in the independent horror film ‘Heartsbeat’. The film, co-starring ‘Twilight’ alumnus Joe Alleto, will be released on Valentine’s Day 2017.

Empty Quiver, But Does It Mean An End to ‘Twilight’?

Although it’s been a tough 18 months for Robert Pattinson, it didn’t come as a total shock to fans that Kristen Stewart decided to call time on their relationship.

In an interview with Elle, Stewart revealed that she had decided to end their on-off romance for “goodness sake”. She said: “I do have a strong moral compass, and I know what’s right, and what’s wrong…I’ve learned a lot from making these movies, and I think that as an actress, I can use my platform to help people, to speak up for things that matter, and to not be afraid to stand for what I believe in.”

While the news came as a shock to fans, not even Robert Pattinson was prepared for the intensity of the public’s reaction. After news of the impending split spread across social media, fans went into a frenzy, with many taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations about the end of their favorite on-off couple’s romance.

The actor also revealed in the same interview that he too was blindsided by Stewart’s decision. He said: “I guess when she said that she wanted to be independent and focus on her acting, it caught me off guard. It’s not that I didn’t want her to be an actress – I did. It’s that I wanted her to be the actress that she is and to focus on the things that I think she’s best at.”

Will ‘Twilight’ Fans See Robert & Kristen Together in Future?

Although Robert Pattinson has moved on and appears to be perfectly happy pursuing his burgeoning acting career, fans of the ‘Twilight’ series will still love to see the couple’s romance reignited.

There have been rumors that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson could potentially reunite for the “Twilight” franchise’s upcoming “Breaking Dawn” installment.

Asked about the possibility of a ‘Twilight’ reunion during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Robert Pattinson said: “Never say never, but I’m happy where I am now. There are certain circles in which I’m sure that I’ll be recognized, but I’m not sure that I want to be recognized on a big screen by myself. I’d like to do other things. So, I wouldn’t say never, but it’s not something that I think about very often.”

The ‘Twilight’ series is set to conclude with the highly anticipated “Breaking Dawn” part two in October 2017. The final installment will see the return of Stephanie Meyer, the series’ author, as well as its original stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Meyer again will serve as the film’s director.

While many fans are looking forward to seeing the couple’s romance reignited, it’s difficult to imagine what the future holds for Robert Pattinson now that he has lost the person he loves the most in the world.