Rob Pattinson is one of the most popular and attractive stars of the moment. The British actor was born on July 5, 1984 in London, and he’s currently on tour in Europe as the main event of this summer’s blockbuster season. As his movie career continues to go from strength to strength, we take a look at his impeccable makeup looks which have continued to make him a beauty icon even after all these years.

The Evolution Of Rob Pattinson

The handsome actor has always been a firm fan of makeup artistry. He began his career on the small screen in 2006, when he starred in the short-lived BBC series, The Royal. In 2008, he starred in the movie, Water For Elephants, and he went on to win a BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role that same year. Since then, he’s appeared in The Hobbit trilogy as well as in 2016’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Most recently, he’s been seen in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, which is set for release in June.

One of the reasons why Rob Pattinson has been so successful as an actor is down to his ability to transform himself with makeup. The English rose often collaborates with renowned makeup artists to ensure he looks his best at all times. Here, we’re going to take a look at the evolution of Rob Pattinson’s makeup looks throughout the years.

2006-2007: Early Beginnings

In 2006, Rob Pattinson debuted on the red carpet with a simple yet classic look. He went for a simple yet effective bronzing technique, and he used a few good products to achieve an even more polished and sculpted appearance. He used Nars All-Day Face Primer to blur the appearance of pores and ensure his makeup stays in place all day long, and he finished off the look with a swipe of Vitamin C serum.

The following year, he changed up his look a little bit, and he used a different shade of concealer to brighten up his eyes. He also began using products like the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Recovery Stripe + Face Cream to better understand the needs of his skin and ensure it stays looking its best. Finally, he went for a more modern twist on a traditional look, making the most of brown skin and using a touch of orange to create a more vibrant look.

2008-2010: Growing Pains

In 2008, Rob Pattinson cemented his position in Hollywood with a string of hit movies, including Water For Elephants, The Bourne Sage, and The Tourist. He continued to experiment with different products and techniques, and he went for a more sculpted look in some of his films. One of his biggest splashes came in the form of The Twilight Saga where he played Carlisle Cullen. The handsome actor had to undergo significant transformations for each part of the vampire megafranchise.

In 2010, he changed the game again with Vanity Fair’s Costume Institute Gala where he wore a modern take on a traditional French fashion look. He began the movie year with 2008 Academy Award Winner for Best Actor – Actor In A Supporting Role, Michael Caine. The following year, he played a young Sherlock Holmes, and he went back to the drawing board to figure out a brand new look for the character. In 2011, he featured in the video for the Rihanna song, “Umbrella”, and he partnered with the beauty company, RMS Beauty, to bring a new face cream and concealer that was based on the makeup style of Rihanna’s character in the film, Unbroken.

During the last year of his contract with Twentieth Century Fox, he worked with renowned makeup artist, Chris McMillan, to develop a signature look for the actor. The result was “The Chris McMillan Effect”: a bronzed, sculpted look that would become one of the most iconic and recognizable images of the actor. It was this look that helped to land him his first major starring role in the movie, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Finally, he teamed up with L’Oréal Paris to launch his own fragrance, Robert Pattinson, which is currently available to buy.

2011-2015: Further Fortunes

In 2011, Rob Pattinson cemented his position as one of Hollywood’s most in-demand stars with a string of successful movies that included Welcome To The Family, Grand Tour, and The Walking Dead. While he mostly stuck to tried and tested products, he did experiment with different techniques and products for the role of David in the movie, The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring. For this part, he went for a more natural look, which he often favours.

He followed this up with a critically acclaimed performance as an emotionally stunted high schooler in the movie, Paper Towns. He once again worked with Christopher McMillan to bring his very own spin on a traditional French fashion look, this time for the movie, The Hundred-Foot Journey. For his final release of 2015, he chose a very different role – that of Sherlock Holmes – and teamed up with the legendary MUA, Pat McGrath, to create a new classic Sherlock Holmes look. He also began using a different concealer – one that was based on the character’s bow-tie pattern.

2016-2017: Back To Basics

In 2016, Rob Pattinson returned to form with multiple movie appearances that included The Great Gatsby, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and Twilight Saga: Eclipse. For the first of these, he went for a very simple and classic look that he often features in interviews and on Twitter.

He mostly stuck to his tried and tested products, but for his role as the Dark One in the Twilight Saga: Eclipse, he went for a very Timeless look, which continues to be popular even today.

As a celebrity endorser, he’s been spotted in campaigns for L’Oréal Paris, Chanel, and Dior. In 2017, he began working with makeup artist, Alena Smith, to develop a skincare routine that would become one of the most in-demand beauty routines in Hollywood. Following medical advice, he chose a healthier diet that emphasized vegetables and fruits. As a result, his face is free of makeup for the majority of the year.

The combination of a skincare routine and a healthier diet has helped to improve his complexion, and he credits much of this to his newly developed skin. He still uses products like the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Recovery Stripe + Face Cream, but mainly to remove makeup at the end of the day. Most recently, he’s been spotted with a radiant glow and healthy-looking skin.

Even now, 11 years after he first graced the screen, Rob Pattinson’s makeup looks continue to be popular and stylish. And it’s not because of any one specific product or technique. It’s because of his ability to constantly evolve and experiment with different products and techniques that make him look so darn good every time.