It’s been almost a year since Robert Pattinson and his band of merry men released their last album, Run Devil Run, and the 28-year-old former Twilight star has kept pretty busy since then. Aside from a collaboration with Japanese band Tokyo, the music-mad actor has been seen onscreen in his latest movie, Pattinson, alongside Julianne Moore and Tilda Swinton. He also released an album with his band the High Street Gang back in June.

But perhaps his most unforgettable collaboration to date is with the New York-based hip-hop duo Death Grips. In October 2017, the Grammy-nominated artists released their sophomore album, The Devil’s Handwriting, which debuted at number two on the Billboard Top 200, spawning a massive hit single in “Mind Murder.”

Since then, the unlikely pair have gone on an unprecedented promotional spree. Over the past year, they’ve collaborated on a string of fascinating projects, from a fashion collaboration to a music video to an art exhibition. In this month’s issue of Vogue, the gorgeous pair share some of their most intimate moments, from singing karaoke together to taking a hike and just chilling. We take a look at their incredible year together and explore how this unlikely celebrity pair became firm friends and what this means for the future of pop culture.

Rocking Out At KARAOKE

It was at one of the late-night karaoke sessions that Death Grips first came across the Twilight star. The New York-based hip-hop duo were in Los Angeles recording new music for their upcoming album, The Devil’s Handwriting, and decided to let loose with the song “Rotten Apple” for old time’s sake. As the story goes, one of the band members was singing “Rotten Apple” — which ends with a sample from the 1973 film The Wicker Man — when Robert Pattinson’s name came up. The band then decided to give him a call and asked if he wanted to come down and sing a duet with one of their members. He immediately said yes, and off they went.

Since then, the pair have had a rocky road to fame and fortune. Pattinson is best known for his portrayal of vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight film series, while the rapper group Death Grips were formed in 2009 and draw their inspiration from horror icons like the fictional Edward Cullen and classic British horror films.

But they’ve since gone on to achieve fame and fortune beyond their wildest dreams, spawning five number one singles on the U.S. Billboard Top 100 and two Grammy nominations. More importantly, their unexpected friendship has proven to be one of the most fascinating celebrity relationships of the decade. Here, we explore the unique friendship that is Modern Family.


When we last saw Robert Pattinson and Death Grips in October 2017, the pair were teaming up to promote Pattinson’s fashion line Emporio Armani’s new fragrance, Code 47. The gorgeous actor was also featured in the debut issue of Death Grips’ art magazine, Nasty Gal, which is on stands now. The issue is called ‘A RAP TANTRY OF HEROES’ and features the actor in a variety of ways, including a video interview and a look at his incredible friendship with the New York-based hip-hop duo. It also includes an in-depth article by the band about Pattinson and his unique place in pop culture. The article explores the unlikely friendship between the Hollywood star and the rap group and how this has shaped their partnership — from their stylistic similarities to their shared passion for rap music.

In the article, Death Grips say that they first became aware of the Twilight movie when it came out in 2012 and were subsequently inspired by Edward Cullen’s “unconventional” good looks. They also gush over Pattinson’s acting skills, noting that he is “definitely one of the best young actors of this generation.” Although the article is a fond farewell to their collaboration, it also serves as a prelude to their upcoming album, The Devil’s Handwriting, which will be released in October.


In early 2018, it was announced that Robert Pattinson and Julianne Moore would be teaming up for a limited-edition fragrance for Christian Dior. The pop-up shop that houses the fragrance’s debut is located inside the Saks Fifth Avenue store on New York City’s Madison Avenue. The shop’s owner, Mario Testino, called the marriage between two of Hollywood’s most fashionable stars “a dream come true.” He continued: “I can’t imagine a more luxurious or elegant collaboration than this one. It’s an unforgettable feeling to be there when the partnership is unveiled. It’s like a dream come true for all of us who love fashion and beauty.”

The couple have also worked together on promoting various fashion lines over the past year, from Dior to Armani to Stella McCartney. They have also become an item off-screen, attending red-carpet events together and vacationing in romantic splendor. Most recently, they promoted Louis Vuitton’s Resort 2022 collection and were photographed holding hands while wandering through the French Riviera in designer merchandise.

It seems that the stars are finally doing what stars do best: falling in love and getting married. Since their breakup, Robert Pattinson has been linked to numerous famous women, including Amber Heard and even Paris Hilton. Now, with Julianne Moore by his side, the world’s most fashionable and romantic are set to tie the knot. Who will be walking down the aisle first?