This year, Hollywood will be graced with many celebrity baby showers. From Kate Hudson and Hugh Grant’s baby girl’s arrival in the spring to Jessica Alba and her husband’s newborn son in the summer, the world will be a pitter-patter with tiny footsteps.

But aside from the high-profile celebrity moms, many A-listers will be welcoming bodes of joy into the world this year as well. From Harry Styles to Tom Hardy, many male celebs will be celebrating the arrival of a son or daughter. One of the most famous baby showers will take place in March, when Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson will welcome his first child with estranged wife Alice Roberts. What will the famous scoundrel do now that he has a family? How will he balance his professional life with newborn responsibilities? We take a look at the life of the new family.

The High Luxury Life

From the very beginning, Robert Pattinson was determined to balance his wild lifestyle with motherhood. When the couple announced their engagement in 2016, it was already clear that Pattinson wanted to become a husband and father. He even bought himself a family home in London prior to getting hitched. The property consists of four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a private pool, and a fully equipped kitchen. The couple purchased the place for a whopping £16 million ($21.84 million).

The luxury tycoon also spent £70,000 ($94,700) on a Bentley M640 motorcycle for himself, which he personalized with a set of gold wheels and a personalized number plate. While his engagement to Alice Roberts was a relatively low-cost and simple ceremony, the newlywed couple’s post-wedding life will be full of luxury. They will live a life of pampering and posh hobbies.

Childhood And Early Life

The son of an English aristocrat and a French dancer, Robert Pattinson was born in July 1984. He grew up in England and spent some time in a French children’s home after his parents’ divorce. To further his education, the young Pattinson traveled to Hong Kong to study economics at the University of Hong Kong. While in Hong Kong, he worked as a waiter and a barista. In 2007, he graduated and moved to New York, where he worked as an investment banker at JP Morgan. This was a busy time in the young scoundrel’s life, as he worked long hours and rarely saw his family. He also dated various women, but nothing serious.

Then, in 2010, the actor decided to transition from a full-time work to a part-time job. He purchased a pub in Paddington, located in west London, and named it The Book Club. The former bank worker spent around £120,000 ($157,400) renovating the pub and fitting it with a professional kitchen and bar. The venture failed to attract customers and closed in 2013.

In 2014, Pattinson relocated with his family to France. He bought a 14th-century estate in the village of Saint-Paul-de-Vence and spent £200,000 ($263,400) renovating it. The property, which was previously owned by Kate Winslet, features seven en suite bedrooms, a pool, and a cinema.

Troubled Times

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for the young couple. In April 2016, Pattinson’s first child, a daughter named Luna, was born. The actor was present at the birth, which was attended by his maternal grandmother. However, the two never bonded and clashed frequently. The actress even called her son a bastard and a liar in her divorce decree. This is not the first time that Pattinson skipped out on child support payments either. He was also ordered by the British courts to pay £13,500 ($17,900) in damages for allegedly defrauding HM Revenue and Customs of £75,000 ($98,400) in unpaid taxes. During the time that he was avoiding paying taxes, the agency also opened an investigation into his spending. In March 2018, it was reported that HMRC had launched an investigation into his “unaccounted for cash purchases” between 2015 and 2017. No charges have ever been brought forward.

Things became even more precarious for the 36-year-old actor when his second child, a son named Taiwo, was born in April 2018. This time, the mother, who remains unnamed, had to call in the doctors for an emergency C-section. While the boy was in recovery, the couple’s nanny, Soumaya, gave birth to their daughter, Damola. The family’s pediatrician, Dr. Peter Bevan, described the situation as “quite stressful.”

In June 2019, it was reported that the couple had filed for divorce. No details were provided about the petition. The next day, they released a joint statement announcing their separation. “After 13 years of marriage, we have decided to go our separate ways. We have loved and appreciated each other very much,” the statement read. A week later, the former lovers issued a second joint statement, in which they apologized to their fans for the unexpected news. “We are both aware that this will come as a disappointment to our fans who have supported us over the years. We still hope to remain friends and continue to share our love for each other with our children,” they said.

A Husband, A Father, And A Businessman

Although the divorce proceedings are not yet final, we do know that the multi-hyphenate will be acting in a feature film this year. The role will require him to spend quite a bit of time on set, so he will have to make the most of his newly acquired freedom. Additionally, he will have to juggle his newfound family responsibilities with his demanding acting roles. No word yet on whether or not he will have time to attend his child’s birthdays or school events, but we can only hope that he will find the time for all of us.

For his part, the English aristocrat is staying mum about the details of his divorce. He has requested that the press respect his and his family’s privacy at this point in time. The father of two is represented by Bryan Biggs of Morris Yeaton LLP. He holds the customary joint custody of his children with Alice Roberts and will share parenting duties with the mother. As for his professional career, he will continue to work as an actor, albeit perhaps on a more limited basis.