Have you ever wondered why actors and celebrities are so interested in having pets? Perhaps it’s because having a dog or cat makes them incredibly happy and relaxed. The animals give them joy, and the joy they get from their pets is reflected in their performances. Here are a few famous pet owners and the animals that bring them joy.

Robert Pattinson

If you’ve been paying any attention to the news in the past year, you might know that actor Robert Pattinson had a pretty rough time of it. In February 2018, a video of him in a car park brawl went viral, and he was subsequently arrested and charged with five counts of assault. Thankfully, the charges were later dropped. Since then, however, Pattinson has kept a low profile. Although he’s been photographed with his dogs from time to time, we haven’t really seen much of him. It seems he’s avoided the limelight to focus on his legal problems and getting back on his feet as an actor.

Khloe Kardashian

The sister of Kim Kardashian has built a brand for herself, and she doesn’t really need anybody else. Despite being married to French billionaire and fellow pet owner, Kylie Jenner, for only a few months, she’s already gained a huge following and established herself as a style icon. The reality TV star regularly shares pictures of herself and her dogs on social media, and they’ve become a bit of a symbol of her brand. It wouldn’t be a surprise if some of her famous friends ended up becoming her pets. Several of her dogs have been mentioned in the song “Perfect” by singer-songwriter Halsey, and it’s been suggested that she has a puppy with the rapper Kid Cudi. The singer Aaliyah even mentioned her in the song “One in a Million,” although it wasn’t clear if she had a specific dog in mind when she wrote the lyrics:

And the only thing I could ask for is some dogs to love on me

Even before she became a famous woman, Khloe Kardashian showed an interest in animals. In 2005, she opened a dog shelter in Calabasas, California, and has since become a spokeswoman for animal welfare groups. The singer Beyoncé even named a song after her: “Khloe.”

Donald Trump

The 45th president of the United States has a collection of pets that he’s been very open about. His mother, who passed away in 2018, was a cat lover, and he often visited her in her funeral home office. One of his first official acts as president was to sign an executive order to strengthen the nation’s animal welfare laws. He also nominated Penny Mercer to be the nation’s next Food and Drug Administration commissioner, a position she assumed in October 2018. Before becoming president, Trump owned a number of businesses that employed a large number of people, including golf clubs, resorts, and apartments. It’s been suggested that one of his sons, Donald Jr., could end up owning all of these entities one day. Perhaps it’s time to make the transition from real estate to being a pet parent?

Of course, these are just a few of the famous people who own pets. There are many others who keep smaller pets as a part of their collection. It seems that whenever an actor or singer gets into drama, their pets are often the ones who suffer. Perhaps it’s because they can understand what their owners are going through and know that it’ll all be over soon. Then again, maybe they just like having company.