Most people know that Robert Pattinson is a huge animal lover. The actors shares his love for cats with his fictional character Mr. Darcy in the 2015 film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. But is that all he cares about?

Mr. Darcy was the perfect gentleman who never showed his true feelings. Does that mean that we should expect similar behavior from Robert Pattinson?

There are several reasons why we should not necessarily expect Robert Pattinson to act like Mr. Darcy. For one thing, the actor is known to be very open and genuine. In a 2010 interview with Elle magazine, he even shared that he is “really bad” at hiding his feelings and that he gets “really upset” when he thinks animals are treated badly. So, if we are to believe Pattinson, Mr. Darcy is really just an act.

The fact that he has a pet dog named Buddy may also encourage us to believe that Robert Pattinson is a dog lover. In an interview with the Telegraph in 2015, the actor shared that he gets “super aggressive” toward other dogs if they come too close to his pet. Although he doesn’t have any other dogs, it is clear that he feels protective of his best friend. We can’t help but wonder if this behavior stems from past experiences with other dogs.

Is Robert Pattinson a dog lover? Does he get aggressive toward other dogs if they come too close to his pet? Let us know what you think in the comments below.