It’s been a tumultuous year for Hollywood and its A-list. From breakups to divorces to tragic deaths, famous faces have been struggling with personal issues as much as they’ve been battling for acclaim on the big screen. While moviegoers have seen their faves shine and stumble in equal measure, fashion-wise they’ve been hard at work perfecting their ensembles for the big and small screen alike. One of the biggest fashion waves this year has been the rise of the so-called “mature woman”, a trend that has permeated Hollywood. Gone are the days of flashy ensembles and impossible deadlines; these days it’s all about the comfort and confidence that comes from wearing something that flatters you.

This trend has manifested itself in many ways. From housewives gearing up for divorce to aging super stars glamming it up for a night out, the fashion scene has not lacked for inspiration. One of the biggest fashion moments this year had to be the Robert Pattinson–Willow Weissman marriage. The English actor and his American-born bride showcased their blossoming romance by celebrating the New Year together in a glamorous, romantic dinner party. One of the most photographed weddings of the year, the event was marked by exquisite dress and accessories, flawless execution, and some truly stunning hair and makeup. While not technically a ‘mature woman’ look per se, the bride’s choice of dress – a white lace dress with shoulder pads – made for a striking contrast against her beautiful dark hair. The ensemble perfectly matched the theme of the evening, and proved that even the most seasoned Hollywood star can learn something from a beautiful woman who truly knows how to dress one.

Robert Pattinson’s Style Evolution

It’s fair to say that, as a young man, Robert Pattinson never had much interest in fashion. At the peak of his fame, he was always most comfortable in plain clothes. In the spotlight for years, the English actor has evolved his style, taking inspiration from those around him. Growing up in the shadow of his famous actor brother, William, Robert Pattinson learned to play it cool, keeping a distance from the spotlight while projecting an aura of mystery and otherworldly cool.

Even now, the 49-year-old actor is often seen in a plain T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers, seemingly unconcerned with his wardrobe choices. However, beneath his laidback veneer, Robert Pattinson has been quietly collecting stylish wardrobe staples, most notably leather jackets. As a man who has been open about his love for fast cars and motorcycle riding, it’s not entirely surprising that the fashion-forward star would want to incorporate his passions into his wardobe. As it happens, several of Robert Pattinson’s recent choices have been motorcycle-related. Most notably, he has been seen wearing a maroon leather jacket in the latest X-Men: Apocalypse teaser, which was released earlier this year.

Willow Review

While Robert Pattinson has been flitting from style blog to style blog, a new site has been keeping track of his wardrobe evolution. Dubbed Willow, the site was launched last year and is a collaboration between the Huffington Post and Teen Vogue.

Willow does not feature a single photo on its home page. Instead, the site presents a video introduction to its readers, followed by a rotating series of styled photographs, one per page. In keeping with the ‘no-frills’ aesthetic of the Huffington Post and Teen Vogue, the site’s creators have gone for an ‘edit-less’ approach, allowing the content to speak for itself.

The styling of each of the actor’s looks is first-class. For instance, the site’s makers have gone the extra mile, not only matching the outfit perfectly but also taking the time to secure the best shot possible. Most notably, each of the looks is accompanied by a short interview, conducted either face-to-face or over the phone, where the subject is quizzed on their fashion choices and, in some cases, are asked about their experience of wearing the outfit.

Style Tips From Robert Pattinson

With all the high-profile collaborations and standout looks to choose from, it would be easy for a fashion novice to go overboard and become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options. However, savvy fashion fans will already be aware that this is a man who changes his fashion choices as often as his haircut, so a cheat sheet from the actor himself would not come as a surprise. With that in mind, here are style tips from Robert Pattinson, which you can implement today:

Shopping For One’s Mood

As we’ve established, fashion is subjective, so it would be foolish to approach it with a set mindset. Nevertheless, there are some basic guidelines you can follow to enhance your style options. One would be to shop for your mood; what are you feeling at the time? Are you in a playful mood, or are you looking for something more serious?

If you’re searching for something more relaxed and laidback, go for softer fabrics, preferably fabrics designed for warmer climates, such as velvet (yes, that stuff you wear under your clothes during the winter) or cashmere. You can also look into synthetic materials, such as polyester or acrylic, which are easier to clean.

If you’re in a more playful mood, go for something lighter, such as cotton or linen, and avoid anything too heavy or substantial, which might get bogged down during the week. Your mood will guide your style choices, so try to work with what you’ve got rather than against it. Don’t be afraid to mix textures and materials, as these are two of the most important fashion rules you need to learn. Varying the thickness of your fabrics will also help you tone down your looks, so do try out different patterns and experiments, as long as you keep things simple and classy.

Now that you’re armed with the basics of fashion, you can start to interpret these rules in various ways, making it more interesting and fun. Remember to keep things simple but classy; these are the most important fashion rules you need to learn, and they will guide your style choices for years to come.