Just a few days ago, we learned that Robert Pattinson is set to star in three films in the next 12 months. Since then, the movie star has made himself busy working on films as a producer, director, writer, and occasional actor. But what’s coming up for the 34-year-old in 2021? Let’s take a look.

PillowTalk (TBA)

The first two projects that Pattinson will be working on in 2021 are PillowTalk and The Lost City of Z. The first film will be a comedic drama about a lonely hearts club that meets over dinner and drinks. He’ll play the club’s charming and mysterious host. The second project is based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Pete Ayrton. In it, Pattinson plays the title character, Herbert Howard, a pioneer who travels to the Amazon to study a tribe’s use of plants for food and medicine. While there, he befriends a young indigenous woman named Yanina, played by the actor’s real-life partner, FKA Twigs. Production on PillowTalk is set to begin sometime this summer. No air date has been set for either film yet.

Don’t Stop Thinking About Me (TBA)

Pattinson will next be seen in the Luc Besson sci-fi action comedy, Don’t Stop Thinking About Me. In the movie, the 34-year-old plays Dr. Don Draper, a neurosurgeon who moonlights as a therapist and life coach. When patients start exhibiting strange behavior, Draper is forced to delve into the recesses of his own mind to find the answers. Besson’s latest feature film is currently in post production. No air date has been set yet for this one either.

Late Night (TBA)

Pattinson’s latest film is Late Night, a dramedy that he co-wrote and co-produced with longtime collaborator Ben Taylor. The movie is about a group of friends who meet each evening to chat, drink, and decompress from their day. Like in Pattinson’s own life, everyone in the group has a dark side, which they try to keep hidden from the public. When the friends’ secrets start to emerge, they must face the consequences. The drama also stars Paul Walter Hauser, who plays Pattinson’s character’s best friend. It is scheduled for release sometime this year.

What’s Next?

After that, it’s unclear what roles Pattinson will be playing. As we’ve established, the English actor has had a busy year already, and he’s still going strong. He’ll next be seen in the upcoming King George’s coronation film, as well as in the sci-fi film Paradox. Let’s hope that he decides to take a break from acting and instead focuses on his producing and directing career.