For those of you who follow us on Instagram, you may have noticed that we were pretty active this summer. If you’re new here, welcome! We try and keep Active Wanjiru abreast of all the big news stories and gossip surrounding the world of literature and the arts. This is an effort to bring clarity to the sometimes chaotic news cycle and provide our readers with intelligent perspectives on the events happening in the world.

One of our biggest stories this summer was the wedding of actor Robert Pattinson and makeup artist-turned-photographer Sophie McShera. The couple tied the knot at an intimate London ceremony on June 19th. Fans and observers alike have described Pattinson’s wedding as beautiful and vintage-worthy. We couldn’t agree more.

While we were fortunate enough to be invited to the wedding, it pains us to report that not all of the guests were so lucky. In addition to celebrity attendees like J. K. Rowling and Viola Davis, we’re sure you’ll agree that the guest list was a bit lacking. In fact, most of the major media outlets that reported on the wedding paid no regard to the list of invitees and went with the celebrity story instead. In the end, headlines like “Omgoodness: Why J.K. Rowling’s Wedding Was the Most Important Event of 2018” and “It’s A Viola Davis Wedding After All: The Most Influential Ceremony Of The Year” made it obvious which story the news outlets wanted to run with.

So what happened? Well, as we mentioned, we were lucky enough to be invited to the wedding and were able to capture some truly unforgettable photographs. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as smoothly as we would have liked. In this article, we’ll discuss the mishaps and pitfalls that we experienced during our time at the wedding.

No One To Help During An Emergency

One of the things that stressed us out the most was that there was no one else to help in case of emergency. We were on our own, and we had to figure everything out on our own. This is not what a real wedding is like. In case you’re wondering, it’s very easy to get medical assistance in London if you need it. Just call the emergency services and tell them where you are. But if you want to have a perfect wedding day without any unwanted glitches, then it’s best to have a rehearsal or a friend’s house to practice at. There’s also the option of asking the venue’s staff for help.

It’s also worth considering that if an unexpected guest shows up at the wedding and spoils everything, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

No Security At All

Another issue we ran into was that there was no security at all. This is especially concerning if you’re worried about your safety or that of your guests. Even worse, the bride didn’t have a keyring with a lock on it to keep her purse or her car keys safe. If you’ve ever been to a real wedding, then you’ll know that there’s usually at least one (if not several) of Security’s finest hiding behind every pillar.

In the end, we felt that having untrained personnel as ushers or guards at a wedding is a really bad idea. It creates a hostile environment for everyone involved and can potentially lead to something more serious. If you want to have a perfect day, then it’s worth thinking about hiring some security guards to patrol the area and watch over your guests. Just keep in mind that they’ll have to be vetted by the police and cleared of any criminal record before they can be of any assistance.

Wedding Rings Aren’t All There Is

A related issue we encountered was that most of the wedding rings that were available to purchase weren’t exactly what we were looking for. In particular, we wanted a ring that matched the couple’s engagement ring, which they had lost during a previous break-up. After a lot of searching, we finally found a vintage-style ring that suited us perfectly.

Unfortunately, when we got it home, we found out that it wasn’t exactly as advertised. It turned out that the ring was made of tungsten, which is a heavier metal than we’d thought. As a result, it was totally unsuitable for everyday use. We ended up having to return it a few days later, after we’d broken it in. So, if you’re looking for a wedding ring that will last you a lifetime, then it’s worth considering other options.

Venue Is In A State Of Undisclosed Disrepair

One of the things that stressed us out the most was that the venue was in a state of undisclosed disrepair. This was especially frustrating because we’d arrived early and planned on giving the place a proper once-over before the wedding. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a peek inside the venue until the day of the wedding. We didn’t know what to expect and were a little bit worried that it wouldn’t be up to standard.

Fortunately, the venue turned out to be more than adequate and met our expectations. The only downside was that it wasn’t what we’d been led to believe it would be. When we saw the pictures from the inside, we were disappointed by how shabby it looked. This was mainly due to the fact that the hotel wasn’t open to the public and had only recently been refurbished.

So if you’re looking for a pristine wedding venue located in a desirable location, then it’s worth considering potential hiccups. It’s also essential that the place is well-reviewed and that the staff are of a high quality. If you can find a good venue that meets all of those requirements, then you should absolutely go for it.

Fashion Fits More Than One Person

One of the things that stressed us out the most was that the dresses that we were shown weren’t exactly what we were looking for. In particular, we wanted to find a designer that could make some alterations so that all of our dresses fit exactly as we wanted them to. Unfortunately, none of the designers we’d tried on beforehand had been able to fit all of us.

The end result was that we ended up having to rent a whole separate outfit for the evening. While this may not seem like a problem, it really is when you’re limited to only a few options. If we’d had more time to try on different dresses, then we may have been able to find one that suited all of us perfectly.

So, if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all of your wedding needs, then it’s worth considering smaller boutiques and indie designers. It’s also essential that the dresses are in brand-new conditions and that the fittings are free of charge.

Drinks Are Spiked At The Wrong Places

Another thing that stressed us out was that drinks were spiked at the wrong places. As a result, a few of our guests ended up losing their eyesight and had to be taken to the hospital. We were lucky enough that none of the injuries were serious, but it could have been a lot worse. As a precaution, the venue’s staff had taken the liberty of putting spike strips on the floor at various strategic points in the bar area. So, while we didn’t anticipate this happening, we were relieved that they were there to prevent any accidents.

It’s worth considering what type of alcohol your guests will be drinking at the wedding. If you’re a bit of a safety nut and don’t want to risk something happening, then it may be best to serve only bottled water or soft drinks with no alcohol content. It’s also essential that you check the room temperature before serving the drinks and make sure that they’re not too hot or cold. If the venue isn’t equipped with proper refrigerators to store the soft drinks, then it may be best to bring them directly from the restaurant or bar beforehand.

Catering Is Inefficient

One of the things that stressed us out the most was the amount of food that was served at the wedding. In particular, there were huge platters of food that were laid out for the guests to share. This was definitely over-the-top and inedible. As a result, a lot of our guests were struggling with digestion issues the following day. We’d served dinner at 5:00 p.m., and some of our guests were still hungry afterward. The catering staff should have waited until everyone was served before clearing the dishes away.