You may know that actor Robert Pattinson is a big supporter of the Ku Klux Klan and believes that non-whites should not be allowed to vote. Now, it has been revealed that not only does he support the white supremacist movement, but he has also purchased an estate in the U.K. that is only open to white people. What is going on here? Is this just a publicity stunt to generate more buzz around the release of his upcoming film, DUNE? Maybe, but it also seems like a contradiction to advertise yourself as a socialist and open up your social circle to include billionaires and celebrities. It doesn’t really make sense. So, what are Robert Pattinson’s views and is there any rational explanation for these contradictory actions? Let’s take a closer look.

Your Basic Conservative Values

In a 2014 interview with Rolling Stone, Pattinson discussed his political views and expressed support for the Conservative Party in the U.K. He said,

“I really like the Conservatives’ plan for the country. I think it’s good economically, but also, socially, I think it’s a better choice for everybody. They’re not as bad as everyone says they are. They’re not like this party (NDP) that comes in and ruins everything. For the most part, the Conservatives haven’t done that much for women. The only thing they’ve done is cut the funding for female schools. They’ve taken that out. So it’s basically men versus women now. But I still like them because, well, they’re not as bad as everyone makes out.”

So there you have it – the classic right-wing populist viewpoint. Cut taxes for the wealthy, keep out immigrants and outsiders, and promote traditional family values. Of course, these are the same views that led to the Revisionist Movement and the New Order in the early 20th century, so it’s not like Pattinson is breaking new ground here. But still, these are the positions that are most common among Republicans and prominent billionaires, so it’s not surprising that he would adopt them. It would be quite the opposite of what you’d expect from a member of the popular boy band The Knights (which he later joined), but the fact remains that Robert Pattinson is a conservative.

The Trouble With The Klan

While it’s true that the Klan was originally founded as a social club for white men, it quickly became an organization that terrified black people and others who were deemed “impure.” To this day, the Klan remains a white supremacist group that often battles anti-racist protesters and advocates for “traditional family values.” Because of this, many major figures in media and politics have walked away from the organization, calling it a sham and a con. One of the most high-profile Republicans to do so is former President George W. Bush, who stated, “There is no room for racism (or) nationalism in today’s Republican Party. We’re all Americans here, and we must unite as one country and try to make America great again.”

So, what’s the deal with Robert Pattinson and the Klan? Well, as it turns out, he’s a member of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in the U.K. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Loyal White Knights is one of the largest and most powerful white supremacist organizations in the country. The SPLC estimates that Loyal White Knights has about 1,000 members, many of whom are high-ranking military officers, as well as prominent local business owners and church leaders. What’s more is that the members of Loyal White Knights hold strong views on social media, often posting about white power and their desire to see minorities marginalized and oppressed. In fact, the group’s very name indicates its racist ideology. While traveling in Europe several years ago, Pattinson had the opportunity to meet with the leader of the Loyal White Knights, who thanked him for his support and asked him to consider joining the group. So, it would appear that he has more than just considered it since then, as he is now a full-fledged member of this notorious hate group. What’s even more disturbing is that this was not a publicity stunt or a one-time thing. He has repeatedly and publicly identified with the Loyal White Knights over the past few years. In 2018, he even posted a photo on his Instagram account with the Loyal White Knights’ Grand Dragon, David Duke, who he met with during that year’s New York Comic Con. The photo shows Duke shaking hands with Pattinson, as well as other prominent members of the organization, including Jeff Sessions and Omarosa Manigault Newman. The photo reads, “Walking into the lion’s den,” in reference to New York Comic Con. It’s no wonder that Robert Pattinson has been called the most trusted man in showbusiness. 

The Economics Of It All

It’s well-known that the Drake Family, which owns Star Mills, a massive rice processing plant in Louisiana, owns a gold mine in Botswana. The Drake Family is a major contributor to Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign, as well as several prominent Republicans and right-wing think tanks. Is this just a coincidence? Is Trump running on a platform of redistribution of wealth and opportunity for minority groups? Maybe, but it could also be that the Drapes are just that – proud and happy to stand with the candidate who represents their values and believes in their interests. It’s worth noting here that the Drake Family donates heavily to both major political parties. According to OpenSecrets, the Drake Family has donated $2.3 million to the GOP and just under $1.9 million to the Democrats over the past cycle.

A U.K. Estate That Is Only For The Wealthy

It’s also well-known that Elton John and Kanye West are both mega-rich entrepreneurs who bankrolled the liberal candidate Bernie Sanders in his quixotic bid for the Democratic nomination. What’s less well-known is that both John and West made a huge financial sacrifice in support of Sanders’ campaign. While touring the U.K. with his then-wife, Chrissy, in 2011, Elton John bought a toy and book shop in London with a co-owner named Ross McCulloch. Apparently, McCulloch and his wife, Tracey, detested Bernie Sanders and didn’t want to do business with him. Since then, the McCullochs have been in the news when they refused to sell their toy and book shop for a ridiculous sum to a Donald Trump fan. So, the question is: Will Ross and Tracey McCulloch be grateful to Donald Trump for helping them make a large sum of money? You bet they will. And if they don’t, they have a fallback plan B – they plan to sell the business to a fan of Donald Trump. Now, that’s some serious salesmanship.