After years of being the face of beauty, Rob is now set to be the heartthrob of the international community. The Hollywood A-list heartthrob took a break from filming the latest Hunger Games movie to attend the London premiere of The Lost Honour of Christopher Robin. On his way to a romantic date with a mystery woman, he stopped by GQ to talk about life post-fame.

The Lost Honour of Christopher Robin

The London premiere of The Lost Honour of Christopher Robin was absolutely stunning. The British designer, John Gallas, created an amazing fantasy world with his costumes and sets. It’s fair to say that Rob looked dashing as he attended the premiere dressed in his signature bow-tie and dark suit.

While the photos of John Gallas’s designs are enough to make anyone envious of the handsome actor’s elegant and timeless look, we were also curious to know more about the film and its inspiration. Is it a commentary on modern society and the state of the traditional English countryside?

Let’s find out…

The Inspiration Behind The Film’s Name

Gallas has said that the inspiration for the film’s title, The Lost Honour of Christopher Robin, was his grandfather’s collection of vintage toys and fairy books. The designer wanted to evoke the ‘childlike wonder’ of childhood, as well as the English countryside and its traditional games, which he remembers playing as a child.

“I wanted to capture both the magic and nostalgia of childhood playing in the garden with your grandfather,” John said at the premiere. “Roughly translated, from the French, ‘honneur’ means ‘dignity’ or ‘respect’, and ‘robin’ is the English name for the red-breasted robin, the famous British bird. My grandfather would sit with us in the garden, teaching us to hunt and identifying all the various birdsong.”

The Film’s Social Commentary

While the designer has said that he wanted to create a commentary on modern-day society and the ‘super-rich’, he has also emphasised that he was not trying to “attack anyone or anything”. The movie is inspired by the struggles of a “common man” against the “super-rich” – both in terms of his personal life and the state of the economy as a whole. John wants to “paint a picture” of a person who is “trying to do the best he can to raise his family in peace”.

“If you’ve ever worked for minimum wage, you’ll know exactly what I mean. There are so many injustices,” he said. “I think everyone is aware of the problems that the world is facing, and I wanted to do something about it. So, by putting myself in the story, I hope that it will make people connect with it more.”

A Romantic Comedy?

Although the designer has said that he sees himself as “more of a romantic comedy” than a comedy, The Lost Honour of Christopher Robin is, at its core, a comedy. It is also one that is highly romantic. Much has been made of the film’s quirky and romantic comedy elements, which include a song-and-dance number at the end of the premiere. However, John sees this as a humorous flourish – a way for an experienced actor to show off his softer side. In real life, the designer knows that this is often the case with famous people. It is a way for them to show a human side that, for the public, is often portrayed as perfection incarnate.

“I love rom-coms. I think they’re so underrated as a genre,” he said. “Most people see them as lightweight and trivial, but I think that is a great compliment. Lightweight and trivial might be what you want in a rom-com, but at the end of the day, they can be profound. There are so many layers, and you never know what is going to happen. Like today, for instance, we might be talking about Gallas and his grandfather, but at the end of the day, it could turn into a Romeo and Juliet tale. So, I think it is a compliment that people see lightheartedness and humour in what I do.”

Pattinson’s Stylish Evolution

Pattinson is often credited with being one of the most stylish men in Hollywood. The actor is known for his impeccable sense of style, which has seen him wear almost every fashion trend that comes along. As well as dressing stylishly, he also has a reputation for being a serious philanthropist. While many may see fashion as mere surface depth, the designer has said that this is far from true, and that we should look past appearances and see it as a “calling”.

“Fashion is such a superficial way to look at it. It is merely a way of dressing, a stereotype that society has set for us,” he said. “I think everyone has a calling. Everyone has a purpose behind what they are doing, and for me, it is about creating an awareness and raising money for charity.”

The Future Of Style

It is fair to say that although fashion is a very superficial way of looking at things, it is a way in which we, as a society, are deeply entrenched. The fact that so many people spend their entire day focused on clothes, especially since they are constantly being ‘snapped’ at by fans, is enough proof of this. But it does not have to be this way. As John Gallas has demonstrated, it is possible to design for depth and meaning behind style.

The world of fashion is ever-changing, and it is now possible to explore this world for more than just its superficial appearance. Whether you are a fan of the actor or not, it is worth taking a little bit of time to see how he has evolved as a stylish man, and it is also worth looking at his significant philanthropic work. It would be a great thing if, instead of just seeing style as superficial, we could also see it as a way of bringing awareness to problems, as well as a way of making a positive impact on the world. This is what Gallas’ work strives for, and it is what makes him and his work so important in today’s world. This is fashion that has a heart, and it is fashion that is worthy of your time.