Where does he come from? That’s one of the questions Hollywood fans have been asking for years about the British actor Robert Pattinson. While the “Twilight” and “Beetlejuice” star has long been an enigma, he’s recently become the object of much attention with the release of his latest album, which has the clever title “Good Weirdo.”

Pattinson, who will be making a rare in-person appearance at New York’s Landmark Theatre on March 3, has spent the last few years quietly developing his own unique brand of indie cinema. He began by directing a six-episode miniseries for Apple co-founder Steve Jobs called “Jobs,” which was released in February 2018.

“Good Weirdo” is full of cinematic influences, from the work of acclaimed director Stanley Kubrick (who directed “The Shining”) to the modern classics of the Coen brothers (who previously worked with Pattinson on “Bacon Stripped Bare”).

The album also features contributions from the producer of the “Lord of the Rings” films, Peter Jackson, along with musicians such as the members of the band The Raconteurs.

After decades in the acting world, Pattinson decided to try his hand at being a full-time singer/songwriter. He released the first single off the album, a cover of Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down,” in December 2017.

Though he’s remained relatively private throughout his career, Pattinson has occasionally opened up about his personal life in his songwriting. For example, he penned a heartfelt ode to his late mother, which is included on the album. The ballad “Remember Me” begins, “I couldn’t find the words to say goodbye/ So I wrote this instead…” The music video for the song features a series of heart-wrenching scenes of Pattinson’s mother Janet, who died from cancer in 2015 at age 69.

Where Does He Live?

Though he’s never been one to enjoy flashy luxuries, Pattinson has made a point of keeping an uncluttered home life. He purchased a large amount of organic produce to fill his refrigerator and stocked his pantry with only the most essential food items.

The actor, who has a dog named Bojack, has been spotted walking the dog around London’s Regent Park. He also follows a strict vegetarian diet and doesn’t use alcohol or tobacco products.

Does He Have A Drinking Problem?

One of the more curious aspects of Pattinson’s personal life is his apparent aversion to alcohol. It’s not that he’s a teetotaller; he just seems to prefer not to drink at all. He’s rarely been photographed or spoken about alcohol, and those who know him say he rarely brings it up himself. His aversion may be due to his father’s early death from alcoholism. Pattinson’s mother was a heavy drinker, and it wasn’t until she stopped drinking that her son truly began to enjoy a drink. It’s an interesting dynamic considering the fact that most of his movies revolve around characters who are either into or into recovery from alcohol addiction. He even starred in a 2013 episode of the HBO series “True Detective” with Emily Mortimer, where he played the part of a recovering alcoholic. Maybe he fears that one day he’ll end up in that kind of situation, and doesn’t want to risk it by drinking heavily.

How Does He Keep So Muscly?

Pattinson has been known to keep very busy, which must be one of the reasons he hasn’t devoted much energy to working out. Instead, the actor prefers to focus on his diet and lifestyle. He exercises regularly but doesn’t follow any specific workouts, opting instead for the CrossFit routines of his trainer, Ben Bova. As a result, he’s developed a reputation as a bit of an oddity in Hollywood, where most celebrities spend a lot of time hitting the gym. Bova, an experienced CrossFit coach, said that he’s never worked with anyone who exercises so little and comes out looking so great. “Most people who do CrossFit look pretty miserable,” he said. “I have a feeling that Robert feels that he gets enough energy from within himself that he doesn’t need to rely on others to give it to him.”

Pattinson takes pride in his appearance and has stated that he only dates women that are a few years younger than himself. He also eats a very clean diet, which means he avoids most food additives and preservatives. These are all proven ways to keep in good shape, and it’s clear that Pattinson takes his health seriously. Whether he chooses to admit it or not, his strong physique may be one of the reasons people are curious about him. It’s not easy to look this good without working out, and it’s definitely not easy to keep this good looking without eating right and avoiding cigarettes and alcohol. In some ways, Pattinson’s seclusion may be a defense mechanism, a way for him to keep his private life private while still enjoying the fame that comes with being a movie star.