You may know that the actor Robert Pattinson is dating the social media star Sophie Lowe. Together, they have a pretty active social media presence and it’s been fascinating watching the couple’s relationship develop online.

The 27-year-old actor has had the chance to show off his playful side and we’ve gotten to see plenty of it. He’s often been photographed wearing comical facial expressions, like the look on his face in this Robert Pattinson selfie. The photo features Sophie, who’s wearing a yellow dress and knee-high boots, resting her head on one of his shoulders as they smile at the camera. She’s affectionately nicknamed the “Pattinson cat” on social media because of her affinity for the English actor. We can see why!

The couple have frequently been spotted enjoying a romantic date night. They made quite the celebrity pair after pairing up at the London premiere of the Dark Shadows movie in June 2018. Since then, they’ve been showing off their affection for each other with adorable Instagram posts, like this one, where they display their love through simple yet sweet gestures. In October, they were even featured in a luxurious wedding magazine as they prepared to wed.

While we wait for more details on their wedding day, let’s take a trip back in time to remember some of Robert’s most famous roles. Check out the gallery for a glimpse at his acting range and don’t forget to check out his social media accounts for more fun facts about this celebrity couple.


One of Robert’s most memorable roles is that of a bodyguard. He played the part of Edward Burton, who stood his ground against a mugger in 1995’s Bodyguard. The thriller depicts a violent confrontation on a train between Burton and a knife-wielding assailant. According to IMDB, the movie received mixed reviews, with some praising its realistic portrayal of a violent crime and others criticizing it for being too graphic. Regardless, it was a hit at the box office and became one of Robert’s most well-known roles.

Passion Play

Another project that gained a lot of attention was Passion Play, which aired on Showtime in 2017. Starring alongside Naomi Watts, Robert plays Dr. Robert Hart, a famous psychiatrist who treats his patients with psychoanalysis. When the series begins, Hart is in the middle of a divorce and struggling with his patients’ demands, especially when it comes to his young female patients. He eventually starts enjoying his work and makes a breakthrough in his career. While the show was critically acclaimed and became a major success, it is not considered one of Robert’s most prominent roles. He reportedly has a small role in the upcoming Netflix series The Irishman as James Galway, the film’s lead, takes a liking to him.

As we mentioned before, the actor has mainly played comical characters. In fact, the only other serious role he’s headlined is the 2016 biopic About Tanya. In the movie, which he also co-wrote, he portrays the real-life love story of pianist Tanya Savicheff and photographer Igor Kobzar. Much like in Bodyguard, the film centers around a violent conflict. However, in this instance, the antagonists are serial killers. Robert’s performance in About Tanya earned him a Golden Globe nomination.

King Louis

Still haven’t seen Robert Pattinson in a movie yet? Never fear, there’s more. In 2006’s Be Cool, he plays the role of King Louis, the vain, egotistical son of a carnival king. The part is based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and his description of the character was reportedly quite fitting: “A spoiled little prince who is going to be disappointed when he grows up and has to deal with reality.” While Be Cool may not be considered one of Robert’s more prominent roles, it does mark the beginning of a trend. From there, he began playing characters that were in some way based on royalty, like his 2007 portrayal of England’s Edward VII in Vanity Fair. That year, he also starred as Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria, in the movie Summerisle. In 2009, he returned to Gotham for another portrayal, this time of Batman’s archenemy, the Joker. He also voiced the character in the animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Now, let’s take a look at some of Robert’s more recent roles, which showcase his versatility. In 2018’s Pattinson, he plays a transgendered man who falls in love with a woman. In the movie, he takes on the character of an Italian artist named Guido Montanelli, who travels to England in the 1950s to paint the renowned Englishman, John Profumo (portrayed by Michael Caine). In the film’s most interesting scene, Montanelli paints Profumo’s portrait as the famous British politician discusses controversial issues with him. As Profumo later dies, it is suggested that Montanelli’s portrait may have been the last thing he painted before his death.


For his next big role, Robert will play the notorious British gangster, Jimmy Hoffa, the former leader of the Teamsters union, in the upcoming Netflix series The Irishman. Directed by Martin Scorsese and based on the real-life mafia figure, Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran’s 2001 autobiography, the series centers around the mysterious disappearance of Hoffa in July 1966. Netflix is spending a whopping $13 million on the project. Besides Robert, it also stars Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel, and Alan Partridge.

The Lost City Of Z

In 2019, Robert Pattinson will star in the upcoming Netflix series The Lost City Of Z. Based on the 1928 novel of the same name by Dorothy L. Sayers, the series follows English artist Percy Fawcett as he journeys to Amazonia to find a city that might not exist. While there, he searches for the fabled City of Z and gets embroiled in a battle with cannibals. For a more in-depth look at this series, you can read our review. The Lost City Of Z premieres on Netflix on June 12, 2019.

The Rover

Netflix’s The Rover, which premieres May 4, is a psychological thriller about a man who is plagued by nightmares related to his past. Based on the short story “A Nightly Telegram” by Dashiell Hammett, the movie stars Robert Pattinson, who plays Charlie Dorset. Directed by Jean-Marc Vallerand, The Rover looks quite different from Robert’s other recent films. For one, it’s a period piece and set in the 1940s. It also features heavy, orchestral music and a more comedic tone. However, despite these differences, it’s still very reminiscent of other works from the actor. In addition to playing Dorset, Robert also wrote the screenplay for The Rover. He admits that writing the story first inspired him to play the part and it’s quite evident that he put his own unique spin on the character. Check out our review to see how The Rover stacks up against other similar thrillers.

Triple Bill

Then there’s the Triple Bill, a comedy about three aging former baseball stars who get back together to play one last game, but things don’t go as planned. In this 1997 sports comedy, directed by and starring Bill Murray, Robert plays the part of Jack, a washed-up baseball player whose career stalled upon his wife’s (Ruth Wilson) sudden death. The Triple Bill also stars Harold Ramis, who directed the actor in his feature film debut. While the movie doesn’t exactly stick to the facts of Jack’s life, it does offer a fun interpretation of what happened to him following his wife’s death. It’s not often that we get to see Murray play a character that’s this funny, yet human. Besides playing baseball, Robert also co-wrote and produced the film along with Harold Ramis.

Although it’s been quite the journey so far, it’s important to remember that this is still only a small fraction of the work that the actor has done. He’s currently in post-production on the Netflix series The Witcher, which is scheduled to be released in 2021. Besides, he also co-founded the production company Waterstone with his partner, Andrew Lazar, and owns a 25% stake in the company. You can find out more about Waterstone and its upcoming projects at their website.