It’s been four years since Twilight first mesmerized the world with its spellbinding performances and breathtaking transformations. While we’ve longed for a reunion of our favorite vampire/werewolf couple for almost the entire duration of the break, it looks like the chance of seeing them on screen again is almost upon us. In fact, this past November, we learned that the four-time Teen Choice Awards winner has booked his first acting job in years, reportedly playing the lead role in a film titled Waterstone. According to Heat magazine, he will be lending his voice to the lead character, an animated dwarf who saves a nearby kingdom from destruction. The screenplay will be penned by Michael Goldenberg, who also wrote the screenplay for Stardust.

Now that he’s officially back on the big screen, is Robert Pattinson prepared to reclaim his throne as Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor? Let’s take a look at the actor’s recent appearances and what they mean for his future as a leading man.

Robbie Ready To Rekindle Romance

After a four-year absence from the big screen, fans of Twilight and its illustrious cast were over the moon last year when they finally saw Robert Pattinson return to the silver screen in a critically acclaimed role as King George in the romantic comedy High Strung. Aside from playing a romantic lead for the first time in years, fans also got to see the actor shed his Edward Cullen alter-ego for yet another character. In fact, his first post-Twilight role was that of an entirely different species – a foul-mouthed, chainsaw-wielding lumberjack named Jack whose character was inspired by “Jack Nicholson’s character in A Few Good Men.”

Despite the film’s lackluster performance in theaters, Pattinson’s loyal fan base didn’t complain. To them, it was worth the wait – and the discomfort – to see their beloved Bella finally get a happy ending with the man of her dreams, the hulking, yet lovable Jacob. While the movie was a hit with critics and audiences, it only managed to gross $14.6 million worldwide, which is considerably less than its $29.95 million production budget. And that was back in February 2018. Since then, we’ve only seen glimpses of the actor on screen – most recently in the form of posters and stills from the upcoming thriller Eye In The Sky, which he also co-wrote and produced. But with his schedule now seemingly open, what will Robbie decide to do next?

Pattinson’s ‘Nightlife’ Is As Different As Can Be

While he spent the majority of his time off the screen acting opposite Kristen Stewart in her 2012 movie Serena, it wasn’t all business as usual for the Scottish actor. In 2017, he released a book titled Nightlife in which he described a number of late-night drinking parties that he hosted with friends at London’s exclusive club LKCC. The book also features a number of candid interviews with celebrities, some of whom he collaborated with on the projects he talked about – including Justin Bieber, Donald Trump, and more. While many of his friends and collaborators have certainly tried to keep the parties that he described so candidly in his book a secret, it seems that everyone has a story to tell about the parties that were so memorable. One of the most interesting tidbits that Nightlife revealed is that the actor spent many of his breaks from acting on tape. As he explained, “I would sit there with a camcorder, getting drunk and recording my friends as they get drunk. The idea was to try and capture what it’s like to be young and in that situation. It’s fun to look back and see how different everything was.” If anyone is interested in seeing what it’s like to be drunk and reckless, they could certainly do so by watching the videos that he kept for so long. But while we’re sure that there is plenty of material for a strange mix tape, we wonder if the actor will ever stop releasing books.

Pattinson Is More Than Ready To Reclaim His Throne

While many of his fans might be ecstatic about seeing Robbie back in a leading role after years of waiting, it seems that he’s not wasting any time returning to his old ways. In fact, according to InTouch magazine, the 37-year-old has already begun work on his fifth studio album, which he’ll likely release before the end of the year. He’s reportedly been writing songs with the help of Jack Antonoff (of Panic! At The Disco) and Peter Gabriel, as well as orchestrating music for films such as The Birth of a Nation and Tootsie. And he’s not the only one who’s been busy. Singer-songwriter Julia Michaels released her second album, Electric Chapel, in August, and it’s received mostly positive reviews. If Michaels’ style is any indication, then Robbie is clearly looking to make a musical comeback.

It seems that with both his acting career and music biz experience under his belt, Robbie is more than prepared to reclaim his throne as Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor. Let’s not forget that he’s been waiting for this chance his entire life – since he was 15 years old and first stepped in to grab a coffee with then-girlfriend Kristen Stewart. While Hollywood might have changed since those days, Robsten have certainly not – still holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes as they stroll across the beach. It would be quite the reunion if they both decide to join forces again and bring Bella back from the dead.