There are four words that every woman wants to hear, especially when they are uttered by the man of their dreams: “I love you,” “I want to marry you,” “I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” and “You are my Prince Charming.”

For Robert Pattinson, “I love you” became “I love you, Nina,” and “You are my Prince Charming” has been replaced by “Nina is my angel.”

The heart-breaking breakup of his marriage to model and actress, Nina Hartley, played out in the tabloids a few years ago. During a trial for domestic violence, Hartley accused her estranged husband of raping her, triggering a media frenzy. While the court ultimately acquitted Pattinson, the damage was done. Aside from the legal fees, the actor suffered greatly financially.

Since then, the Twilight actor has dedicated himself to being a better husband and father. The 36-year-old has spoken publicly about his experience, sharing that he fell into a “black hole” after Hartley left him. He then embarked on a soul-searching journey, during which he dedicated himself to learning and understanding his shortcomings as a husband and man.

As he said in a recent interview with GQ Magazine, “If I was selfish with money or attention, it wouldn’t be fair to her or the kids. So I just want to ensure that everyone is taken care of as best as they can be.”

While it is certainly easy to focus on the darker aspects of Pattinson’s life, there are also a number of positive steps he has taken in the wake of his divorce.

The Twilight actor gained a greater appreciation for his three children, Rumer, Luminous, and Sophie, with Hartley. He now spends a lot of time with them, going on adventures with them and engaging in father-daughter chats.

Even though they were only kids when he met Hartley, Pattinson describes their relationship as “complicated,” adding that they had both become “more mature people” by the time they split up. He credits Hartley’s time in the spotlight as helping them grow up faster than normal kids.

“I think because we weren’t brought up in the traditional way, being in the public eye made us more independent and helped us to develop as people,” he explained. “We didn’t have a lot of security or stability. So I think she really helped push us into the position we’re in now.”

While it is certainly true that life with Hartley was a struggle, the actress and model had her perks. She was featured in Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar, among others, and was known for her distinctive red lipstick and unique fashion choices. She also has a daughter, Rumer Willis, from a previous relationship with music producer, Rodney Smith.

Finances Are On The Up

Speaking of which, finances are also on the up for Pattinson. Since splitting from Hartley, the actor has gradually built up his acting and modelling career, earning him a place among the richest celebrities. He has also invested in real estate, purchasing a mansion in Los Angeles with his Twilight co-star, Taylor Lautner.

When speaking with GQ Magazine, Pattinson revealed that his fortune has increased by over $100,000 a month since the split. He now has a combined income of $5.5 million a month, mostly from his acting and modeling gigs. He was previously worth $3.5 million. Although he still finds Twilight memorable and enjoys working with his co-stars, he has no plans to make a film sequel anytime soon, vowing to devote himself to his children.

He Wants to Be A Better Father

Pattinson also admitted that he wants to be a better father to his children. One way he is endeavoring to do this is by being more involved in their lives. Until now, he has mostly spent his time working, going to the gym, and sleeping. However, since the split, he has been making an effort to spend more time with his family, going on adventures with them and engaging with them in father-daughter chatty competitions. He has also been trying to cook healthier meals for them, making them eggs instead of cakes and trying to teach them to save money. 

“I want to be there for them as much as I can and ensure they know I love them,” he said. “I think that’s the most important thing. When I’m not working, I just want to be with them and make sure they’re happy. I don’t really have any other priorities. I want to enjoy my life and be the best dad I can be.”

Pattinson also took the opportunity to promote more family-friendly entertainment options, urging parents to take their children to see the latest Avengers movie, praising its “family values.” He called it a “beautiful story about what it means to be a family,” and noted that it was “very much [Miike] Rikiye’s [director] take on that classic Japanese tale.”

The Avengers is just one of a number of family-friendly films to have emerged from the Walt Disney Company, marking a shift in its strategy. The company’s president Bob Chapek said that the shift is part of an effort to “make sure that people who come to our films and our TV shows are having as much fun as possible.”

While the idea of having more diverse and inclusive families may still feel like a novelty in some circles, it is by no means a modern invention. Films like The Avengers are a reflection of an ongoing cultural shift taking place in front of our eyes, and one that is desperately needed.

Health Benefits

Pattinson also spoke of the health benefits of maintaining a healthy weight. For years, he suffered from obesity, which he attributes to stress and a hectic lifestyle. Since then, he has dedicated himself to adopting a healthier lifestyle. He now exercises regularly and watches what he eats, even going as far as to say that his health problems were a great motivating factor in his divorce from Hartley.

“I think maintaining a healthy weight is really important because it allows you to go out and travel and be with your family,” he said. “It’s also good for your mental health. When you’re unhappy with your weight, it can bring you down. But when you’re at a healthy weight, it can give you a better outlook on life.”

Pattinson also credited his health problems to stress, and his recent divorce has put a focus on his mental well-being. He has spoken about how difficult it was to go through the legal proceedings. His health problems stemmed from anxiety, and he now gets medication for it. At the same time, he has also started seeing a therapist. 

“I had a really hard time separating from [my former wife] just because I cared for her so much,” he said. “That was the most difficult part, not having sex with her. It was hard for me to admit that I had feelings for her.”

For many men, the idea of being “a better husband” or “a better dad” can feel pretty daunting. In the words of Pattinson, “I think it’s important to take things one day at a time.” One step at a time, we can all improve ourselves and the people we care about the most. With a little bit of patience and self-reflection, we can all become better versions of ourselves and make the world a better place.