As the twilight of 2014 draws near, it’s time to look back on the biggest events of the year.

One of the biggest film-related stories this year was the incredible international success of The Grand Tour, the third film from the Twilight series’ star, Robert Pattinson. The Canadian director, Jonathan Glazer, brings together a diverse range of films in the genre, from the colourful and exotic Dubai 380 to the Wild West London, in which Pattinson plays a man of action and a womaniser. The films were a tremendous success at the box office and have become popular viewing pleasures on Blu-ray and DVD. Most significantly, The Grand Tour proved that there is an audience for contemporary Westerns.

But aside from film, there were other significant events this year that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. British actor, Robert Pattinson, turned 30 this year – a milestone birthday that he celebrated by releasing a new song, single and music video. “30” was a significant enough number for the star to commemorate, as he turned down several lucrative offers to appear in major films and stuck to his childhood dream of making it as an actor.

The year was also notable for the announcement of the end of an era. In April, legendary British music producer, Tony Visconti, died after a struggle with dementia. One of the most respected and successful figures in the British music industry, Tony Visconti is best remembered for discovering and nurturing some of the most important talents in modern pop music. His legacy will live on through his extensive song catalogue, which continues to be enjoyed and sampled by musicians and producers of all generations.

The year 2014 also saw the world premiere of the much-anticipated film, Mad Max: Fury Road, the sequel to the cult classic Australian action film, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. The film was screened to a packed house at London’s Odeon Leicester Square and proved to be a critical and commercial success, receiving universal acclaim and becoming the highest-grossing Australian film of all time. The year saw the end of an era too, as the original Mad Max, Mel Gibson, passed away in April 2014. It was a sad end to a remarkable career, which began in the 1960s with the release of his iconic film, Australia.

These events and others like them are what make 2014 such an interesting and pivotal year for film. We’ll never forget the exciting times we had this year, whether it was at the movies or in our living rooms.