You may know that British actor Robert Pattinson is the love interest of Bella Swan in the Twilight films, but did you know that he is also a talented hairdresser? In fact, he is such a talented hairdresser that he is able to create unique and innovative hairstyles for his clients that are so recognizable that they become instantly recognizable symbols of the individual clients. For example, in the middle of 2014, he cut off most of the hair on the left side of his client’s head, leaving only a little bit on the side. His client didn’t want to be identified, but the cut itself was so cool that it attracted attention, and soon after, the nickname “Robert Pattinson’s weird undercut” was added to the conversation.

Is this really that weird? Is there anything that Pattinson can’t do to his client’s hair? We think not. We went ahead and asked a number of men and women our Facebook page what they thought about the British actor’s haircutting skills, and the majority of the feedback was incredibly positive. Check out some of the comments below.

“I think it’s extremely flattering that a hairdresser would go out of their way to create a style like that for his client. He’s obviously very talented. It’s good to see a guy who understands the female form so well.” Laura L.K.“I think it’s so unique and cool that he did that for her. I love that she’s not afraid to be different and try new things.” Jamie J.“I love how he went against all stereotypes and expectations of what a haircut should look like. He showed a great deal of confidence in himself and his ability to give her a unique style that she will enjoy for many years to come.” Elle S.R.“I think it’s brave of him to cut off all of her hair, but I also think it’s incredible that he could pull it off. I love the uniqueness of her hair cut. It’s very inspiring to see someone go against the grain so much.” Lucy B.

So, is this really a weird haircut? Is it something that you would try? Do you think that Pattinson is overplaying his hand? Why or why not? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Are you planning on seeking out this unique haircut for yourself or someone else?