It’s no secret that Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson have an extremely volatile relationship. The pair have been embroiled in cheating allegations since 2014, with the latter consistently denied the claims. Now that they’re set to wed in October 2019, the question is: will all of that drama influence their wedding day? We take a look at the interesting histories of these two celebrity brides-to-be.

A Brimming Workforce

If you thought 2018 would be a quiet year for you, spare yourself the drama and read no further. The year was filled with twists and turns both good and bad for Rob and Kristen. On the plus side, Rob finally came clean about his cheating ways in 2019, after years of denial and infatuation with other women. The actor revealed he had numerous affairs with several glamorous women, including a supermodel, a musician’s wife, and an actress. He also admitted to liking “bromances” and having “bromances” with other men. Rob’s confession came in the form of a New Year’s video message to his fans, in which he discussed the state of his marriage to Kristen.

While the statement brought some relief to his devoted fans, it didn’t do much to assuage the infidelity scandal that continues to dog Kristen. The actress responded with a series of scathing tweets, demanding a public apology from her estranged husband. It wasn’t until later in the year that Rob did end up apologizing, issuing a statement saying that he was “deeply, deeply sorry” for his past transgressions. That apology was accompanied by a promise to be “a better man” for his future wife. While some fans may find this offer adequate, the betrayal and hurt that the cheating caused still linger. In fact, the newlyweds’ first public appearance as a couple in October 2019 was overshadowed by the ever-present scandal.

A Decade Of Disloyalty

It’s nearly impossible to know just how far back Rob’s infidelity goes. The actor has long been plagued by rumors of extra-marital affairs, despite consistently denying them. Following his New Year’s video apology, Rob released a statement disputing the claims that he cheated on Kristen during their decade-long relationship. According to the statement, Rob and Kristen never had an intimate relationship, and the rumors of infidelity are completely false. This stands in contrast to his confessions to other women, which he detailed in his video message.

Still, the affair allegations don’t seem to have evaporated entirely, with numerous sightings of Rob and other women around town. The most recent of these came in July 2019, when photos surfaced of Rob and Taylor Swift, a renowned American singer-songwriter and actress, posing together for a cozy photo-op. While Rob and Swift have both denied any romantic involvement, it was only a matter of time before a publicist diffused the tension and issued a statement announcing their “bromance.” Even then, a source close to the matter revealed that Rob never actually performed any romantic act with Taylor, adding that the two are “just really good friends.”

While the picture-perfect display of friendship may ease some fans’ minds, it doesn’t do much to quell the drama surrounding the couple. After all, when your wedding day is filled with scandal and controversy, it’s hard to focus on what matters most — your engagement and upcoming nuptials. Luckily for Rob and Kristen, they have a top-notch team of wedding planners to take care of all the little details and make sure their special day is everything they ever wanted it to be.

Wedding Plans

With the help of their planners, Rob and Kristen have been busy making arrangements for their wedding. While many details remain top secret, the couple have chosen a date in October 2019 and shared a picture of the mock-down. They also debuted their wedding hashtag — #RPattinsonWedding — on social media, much to the delight of their fans.

As previously stated, the pair get hitched in a secret ceremony followed by a lavish wedding celebration. They have yet to share any further details regarding the latter, but it’s clear they want to keep the big day as private as possible. No matter what, they’re making sure it’s a memorable event.

What Will The Wedding Look Like?

As Rob and Kristen’s wedding approaches, fans are busy dreaming up all kinds of extravagant fantasies about the big day. While it’s still unclear what kind of wedding dress Kristen will wear, we do know that she’ll be wearing her hair in an elaborate updo. Plus, she’s reportedly asked for 50 makeup artists to help her look flawless on the day of the wedding.

However, it’s not just the big day that fans are getting excited about. The pair continue to bask in the attention and praise that comes with being engaged and/or married to one of the most handsome and successful men in Hollywood. Kristen took to Instagram to share an adorable picture of their newborn daughter, Luna, writing, “Daddy’s girl.” She also posted a throwback picture of herself and Rob, dressed in wedding attire, with the caption, “Wedding days are such a fun time!” This has certainly not been an easy year for the soon-to-be-wed couple, but it’s brought out the best in them. They continue to be supported by their legions of fans, who will be there to witness their historic event.