I love a good wedding story. Love to hear about the big day and how the couples met. But what if I told you there was a way to relive the emotion of your own wedding day and share it with people who are stuck in the office party-mode?

Thanks to the pandora phenomenon, we can now share our wedding days with friends and family through recordings and photos posted on social media. But what if I told you there was a better way?

Enter: Wedding Crashing!

Wedding Crashing is the unique new concept from entertainment lawyer David Lichtenstein that allows couples to enjoy their wedding day without having to worry about missing a moment or forgetting a momentous occasion. With Wedding Crashing, you can enjoy the excitement of a wedding day live stream, but without having to worry about time slacking by or any details getting lost in the shuffle.

To learn more, I spoke with David Lichtenstein about Wedding Crashing and how it can help couples rekindle the magic of their wedding day.

The Importance Of Quality Live Streaming

Thanks to the rise of TikTok, many couples are now choosing to use live streaming as their wedding video platform of choice. Whether it’s for videos of the ceremony or the reception, many couples are choosing to post their video as soon as the photos have been taken so friends and relatives can watch and enjoy the wedding day live.

But if you’re planning on livestreaming your wedding day, you need to make sure you’ve got a high-quality live stream ready to go. Don’t just rush into choosing any old internet connection and hoping for the best. Instead, find a solid internet service provider that offers video guarantees, reliability checks, and is a trusted source for internet security.

While we all love watching our favorite YouTube stars’ wedding videos, the last thing you want is to have a poor-quality video that makes you miss a glorious moment on your big day. So, make sure you’re getting the best quality you can so that your video does not look pixelated or jittery. Consider upgrading your internet connection, hiring a dedicated video producer, or using a professional videographer.

A Little Bit Of Technology, A Lot Of Creativity

If you’re looking to use wedding technology to enhance your wedding day, you need to make sure you’re choosing a service that will fit your needs and your budget. Thanks to the internet, many couples now have the tools they need to plan their wedding and make it a reality. Whether you want to engage with your guests through web chats or have a live stream of your wedding day, you can find a tool to suit your needs.

That being said, creativity is key. Even if you choose a service that provides everything you need, you still need to put a little bit of thought into the actual content of your wedding day. Think of some ideas for fun, quirky poems, inspirational speeches, or stories about your guests. If you put a little bit of thought into it, you’ll be able to pull off some seriously creative wedding videos that will leave your guests speechless.

Live Streaming Is About Sharing A Momento

When my client Marie Amore asked me to help her pull off her wedding day, I was immediately on board. Not only is Marie an amazing writer and speaker, but she and her husband Chris are both huge Wolves fans. So, when it came down to choosing a wedding video package, I knew immediately which one they would go for. (Side note: This is one of my favorite videos from Marie’s wedding day. You can check it out here.)

As we began to plan Marie’s wedding day, I knew we had our work cut out for us. Not only does she live in New York City and he in London, but they’re also not local friends or family members. So, I knew we would have to do our best to make sure they were able to attend the big day. (And they definitely were. While we were able to track some of their extended family down, the majority of their friends and colleagues were in another country.)

That’s why I love Wedding Crashing. Not only does it allow the couple to share their wedding day with distant family and friends, but it also provides a way for them to experience the day from the comfort of their living room. That, my friends, is truly special.

With the luxury of hindsight, it’s easy to point out all the ways that the wedding day didn’t go according to plan. There were a few hiccups here and there, some of which could have been avoided if the couple had a better idea of what was going on. But overall, it was one of the biggest days of their lives and they wanted to make sure all their friends and family were able to share in the excitement.

Here are just a few things that the couple would do differently on their wedding day:

They Would Eat What They Want

On their wedding day, the couple made the decision to buck the trend and have food that is more aligned with what is native to Scotland. So, instead of having a big traditional wedding cake, they opted for a tartan cake with strawberries and cream. (Yes, it was that tartan cake. I made it.)

They would serve individual roasted potatoes with peppered lamb and pickles. (Yes, those roast potatoes. I made them, too.)

Small, Personal Touches

There are so many little details that can make or break a wedding. The couple put a lot of thought into the little things, like the seating arrangements and gifts for the wedding party. (While we were originally going to have the ceremony and reception at the same venue, the venue changed last minute and they had to have the reception at a different location.)

One of the most personal touches they put into their wedding was the speeches. They opted not to have a traditional ‘best man’ speech, but instead went with individual speeches from each one of their invited guests. The speeches were so poignant and beautifully delivered that we were all brought to tears.

“The most important thing is that we felt able to be as personal as we wanted to be and that the guests felt like they got a taste of our personalities,” Marie said. “And that felt like the best gift we could give ourselves on our wedding day.”

This is a wedding that will be remembered for a lifetime. Not only did the couple have a wonderful ceremony that was streamed live to friends and family around the world, but they also built an incredible day that honored both their Scottish heritage and their love for one another.

So, if you’re looking for a way to share your wedding day with people who are special to you, consider using Wedding Crashing. It might be just the little thing that you’re looking for to make your day truly memorable.