Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the set of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood!

The cast and crew of this year’s Academy Award-winning film were honored on Instagram with an all-time classic moment from the set.

The actor who plays Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood in the film, Clint Eastwood, was spotted on set in a classic black tracksuit with the iconic Hollywood bear logo on the back. What’s more is that he was literally wearing the same exact ensemble for the entirety of the production.

In an interview with CNN, director Quentin Tarantulinu discussed the tracksuit and said, “I had to get [the tracksuit] because it’s practical. It’s hot as hell, but it’s also cold as hell in these vast canyons.”

Since the character of Eastwood is more of the laid back type, it makes sense that he would choose practical clothing such as the tracksuit.

Robert Pattinson Is The Vision Behind The Character

While everyone was focused on the backside of Clint Eastwood in a black tracksuit, the world was blessed with another vision of perfection in the form of Robert Pattinson.

The director of Twilight fame has stepped into the limelight with Good Morning America, where he was interviewed about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. During the interview, he discussed the influences that have shaped his career, notably stating:

“I’ve always been very much inspired by Clint Eastwood. I think he’s such a beautiful, complicated man, and I’ve been lucky enough to study under his wing.”

Pattinson has described the character of L.D. Waxler as a “mixture of Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Cuban with a dash of Jay Gatsby,” and we have to say, as far as we’re concerned, it’s an accurate description.

The actor went on to discuss his preparation for the role, saying:

“There are really no special tricks, just tons of research. I read books, I talk to people, I watch people, and I learn. The biggest thing was getting the mannerisms right. I had to just sit there and watch Clint and study him.”

The Film’s Creative Team Did A Beautiful Job

The film’s cinematography was also singled out for praise after winning the Academy Award for Best Cinematography. Director of photography Robert Richardson discussed his work on the film in a statement read out in full on Awards Season:

“I feel extremely lucky to have been part of such an incredible production, particularly as a cinematographer who has always dreamed of working with Quentin Tarantulinu. From the outset, he described to me the type of imagery he had in mind, and I feel like we’ve captured something very magical on film.”

This is the first time in the history of the Academy Awards that a cinematography winner has gone on to also win for Best Film. It’s truly an amazing feat.

It’s A Classic Black And White Setting

The one thing we loved most about the tracksuits are their iconic black and white stripes. Costume designer Anna Wintour discussed the importance of the visual theme, telling Entertainment Tonight:

“I wanted to do something different, and I wanted to challenge people to say, ‘What is that?’ I love the contrast of the black and white stripes and the whiteness of the snow.”

The setting of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is intentionally ambiguous: parts of Los Angeles seem frozen in time in the 1950s, while other parts of the city seem to have fallen prey to the apocalypse that was foreshadowed in Richard Nixon’s famous “madness” speech.

What is certain is that the era is glorious, and the clothes are superb. Costumes by the renowned Anna Wintour were specifically designed to evoke the spirit of that time. Wintour told Entertainment Tonight:

“I wanted people to feel like we were channeling a particular period, and so that’s what we set out to do. I love the 1950s and everything about it — the music, the cars, the architecture, the clothing. To be able to capture that feeling is very special.”

To see more of the behind-the-scenes magic from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, be sure to keep an eye on our sister site during the day. We’ve got a livestreaming video interview with costumer Arianne Cohen, who shares the secrets behind the costumes for this year’s most notable film.

And, of course, a classic black-and-white photograph from the set will keep you warm on those cold Winter nights.