The year was 2012, and Twentieth Century Fox was busy promoting their upcoming movie ‘The Great Gatsby’. The movie, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Baz Luhrmann, was being touted as one of the greatest films of all time, and the studio was definitely milking it for all it was worth. A new fashion line named after the film was released around the world, complete with a yellow diamond belt and a gilded metal watch.

While The Great Gatsby was breaking records at the box office, another movie boasting a golden link to the 1920s was premiering in Los Angeles. It starred Leonardo DiCaprio, and the trailer for it was being shown all over the television news. On the big screen, DiCaprio’s character was seen pulling up to a mansion in a shiny black car, and within the next few minutes we were treated to a tour of the extravagant home’s grand interior. The golden era of Hollywood was alive and well, and designers such as Gucci and Miu Miu were putting on a breathtaking display of extravagance.

Now, almost a decade later, it’s time for DiCaprio to start maturing, as far as his fashion choices go. In collaboration with Gucci, he’s released a capsule collection of men’s formalwear that’s equal parts suave and sophisticated. The designer’s signature style is revived, and it shows in every piece, from the beautifully tailored shirt to the bold tie. Sporty yet elegant, it’s a look that’s uniquely DiCaprio.

The designer’s muse is Hollywood’s golden era, and it’s clear from the collection that he had a hand in every aspect of its design. The film star isn’t afraid to express his love of classic Americana through his outfit choices, and his affinity for the roaring twenties becomes even more obvious from the collection’s details. The silk screening process that created the unique yellow and black motifs on the shirts was done by hand, and this attention to detail is what makes the collection so special.

The Suave And Sophisticated Mr. DiCaprio

When the designer was first commissioned by Gucci to create a capsule collection of formalwear, he expressed his desire to draw inspiration from the golden era of Hollywood. “I grew up on classics like ‘Gatsby’ and ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, ”he said in a statement. “Those were the films that made me fall in love with films in the first place. I wanted to give the collection that same charm and a sense of nostalgia.”

The result is a stylish and sophisticated look that’s cut from the same cloth as a classic Gucci style. As mentioned, one of the central aesthetics of the collection is the yellow and black motifs that appear on the shirts and blazers. These are taken from an old American football uniform that DiCaprio is shown wearing in the trailer for the film. The designer has a thing for uniforms; in fact, many of his items are named after different sports teams, notably the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers. In keeping with the spirit of classic Americana, these items are all made of silk and have a slight sheen to them. This shiny material brings a freshness and sophistication to the look.

Further emphasizing the look’s vintage feel, the garments are cut in a way that evokes a bygone era. The silhouette is broad and grand, with many of the items sporting bold horizontal stripes. It’s as if the designers were saying: “Yes, these are the clothes that made Hollywood great, and we are proud to revive them.” These are not your typical modern-day designer fare, and that’s what makes it so unique.

The Kooky Car And Tasteful Ties

Another striking aspect of DiCaprio’s look is the car he’s driving in several of the collection’s promotional images. The designer has a thing for motorsports, and is often seen wearing a racing suit or driving a race car. When he isn’t busy being a Hollywood film star, DiCaprio is usually found at a motor race track, enlivening the crowd with his wild on-track antics. It would seem that the designer’s other passion is equaled by his love for cars, and the combination of the two makes for one stylish silhouette. This is further evidenced by the solid gold jewelry that the designer sports, notably the watch and the ring. The combination of the sporty blazers covered in leather and the colorful socks make a statement, as do the handsome ties.

As far as accessories go, the designer opted for colorful socks and sneakers, which are an excellent match for the blazers. This is a detail that brings a youthful spirit to the look, as these are the types of shoes that one would expect to see a teen wearing. It’s also a detail that makes one think of the 1980s, when gangs of youths in ski uniforms ran around Los Angeles streets during the winter months.

A Sense Of Nostalgia

One of the main reasons behind DiCaprio’s affinity for the ‘20s is nostalgia. The designer has commented that he was initially inspired by a trip to Italy, where he fell in love with Baroque style and the atmosphere of the times. When he brought this style to life in the collection, he gave the items a gilded base in order to pay homage to the silver screen’s golden era. These are not your typical designer fare, as they are steeped in nostalgia, and that’s what makes them so endearing.

The Italian design house has a long history, and is well-known for its Baroque designs. The original inspiration for Gucci’s formalwear undoubtedly came from their Baroque pieces, and that’s what makes this collaboration with DiCaprio so interesting. The designer has chosen to revive this style for one of his capsule collections, and it shows in every piece, from the beautifully tailored shirt to the bold tie. Some of the items in the collection are also named after different sports teams, notably the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Inspired by the golden era of Hollywood, this is a look that will have people talking, particularly with DiCaprio’s enviable track record in the fashion world.