Wondering what are Robert Pattinson’s favorite wallpapers? We did some investigating and found out that he really likes landscapes. The actor mostly gravitates towards seascapes and sunsets, especially when they feature mountains or islands. He also appreciates cityscapes and architecture in general.

Let’s take a look at some of the gorgeous pics that the “Bella” star posts on his Instagram account.


Instagram is the main source of inspiration for Pattinson, who posts both daily and weekly content on the app. The most popular photo-sharing platform features a wide range of stunning landscapes and sunsets, often with a minimalist mood in mind. Check it out.


On Twitter, a source close to the actor revealed that he is “incredibly attached” to his Twitter account and often reTweets or Retweets from his favorite accounts. He mainly uses the platform to promote his projects and shared a couple of interesting tidbits about his account.

First, he frequently Retweets and sometimes even ReTweets celebrity photos and has said in the past that he enjoys watching famous people share content on the platform. Second, he often reTweets or Retweets photos of puppies, which is a huge pet peeve of his. We assume that this is just a coincidence…


Another source told us that Serena is “a massive fashion influence” on Pattinson, who has modeled for the luxury brand’s campaigns in the past. The British designer is probably best known for her colorful prints and quirky designs, which has clearly rubbed off on the “Killing You Softly” actor.

We were able to get hold of a few items designed by Serena, which helped us to paint a clearer picture of how Pattinson carries himself in the fashion world. When we searched on his name on Google, one of the first websites to pop up was Serena’s website. This is likely because the designer has previously worked with A-listers like Kate Moss and Alexa Chung.


On the subject of fashion, Jasper is another brand that Pattinson openly admires. The English fashion house began making a name for themselves back in the ‘70s and ‘80s and continues to grow to this day. Their unique take on ‘70s fashion has made them famous worldwide. When it comes to Jasper, one must remember that the brand has a distinct style all their own and it is not always easy to pin down.

Jasper is often seen as a ‘grandad’ brand, due to their retro looks and vintage appeal. This is most likely because their clothes are so unique that they almost seem to belong to a different era. It is important to point out that despite their status in the fashion world, Jasper is still a small brand and most of their clothes are still available for purchase. This is probably because they don’t produce clothing that is overly popular – if a style is warmly received by the public, it’s probably because it’s a one-off or limited edition piece. This way, they keep a hold on their customer base and remain unique.


Pattinson has also been seen wearing designer Bond, sparking a bit of a nostalgia trend among some fashion fans. The line is a menswear brand that began in the ‘70s and has since become a cult favorite among ‘80s fashion fans. It is perhaps unsurprising that the British import has caught the fancy of someone with such an appreciation for elegant menswear. For those not familiar, Bond’s designs are steeped in luxury and feature beautiful silks and velvets, with an emphasis on quality and attention to detail.

So, what is Robert Pattinson’s favorite style? As you may have guessed, it is a bit of a combination of styles, featuring a bit of vintage appeal, retro ‘70s fashion, and classy modernism. What do you think?