If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you’ll know that we’re huge fans of Robert Pattinson. Not only do we think he’s hilarious and charming, but the Twilight Saga films are some of our favorite movies ever. And even though he’s currently single, we’re not interested in him becoming anyone’s second choice. Not even for a second.

So when he decided to adopt a more professional attitude and started using a stylus to take notes during interviews, we were pretty ecstatic. Especially since he’d been using a stylus in his drawings for a while now. So he granted us our wish and agreed to let us choose his wallpaper for his new laptop. And since we’re pretty frugal, he even lent us the laptop for the occasion.

We went through a few options, but in the end, we decided on this colorful collection of designs that we hope will become his new laptop’s wallpaper.

A Stylus Is A Stylus

It’s always nice when a celebrity is willing to accommodate your request, and while using a stylus for the interview process might seem like a luxury for the rich and famous, we think that having a stylus around might actually come in pretty handy. Especially if you’re doing any kind of digital artwork, taking notes during a lecture, or playing certain games. We’re not saying that every single one of his drawings will become a wall wallpaper, but we hope that at least some of them will.

A Stylus Is A Stylus

A few months back, we featured another of Robert Pattinson’s wallpapers on our blog. And in that case, he drew a mustache on Edward Cullen (his character from Twilight) and presented it as a pun on the “stylus” word. So it would seem that he’s certainly not lacking in humor when it comes to his art and design choices.

The Different Ways In Which He Draws

Robert Pattinson has been known to vary the way he draws and implements different techniques on his subjects. In the below video, you can see him using a variety of methods to draw Edward Cullen. From a black and white drawing that evokes the look of a Tim Burton film, to a more realistic and childlike drawing. It’s definitely a case of “you know you’re a creative genius when…your methods of creation vary.”

Also worth watching is the short video where he demonstrates various drawing techniques, from cross-hatching to using a grid. It’s a great insight into his creative process and how he evolved from a young boy to an accomplished artist.

Cross-hatch, Square, Rectangle, And Diamond

In the above video, you’ll see various examples of Robert Pattinson’s skill with a stylus. Not only does he draw various geometric shapes, but he also uses a technique called cross-hatching to enhance the illusion of depth. This was one of the options we presented to him, and he chose this one because he felt that it evoked a look of a classic Renaissance painting. And what’s more it allows for some nice decorative patterns, as you can see above. It’s good to have a notebook next to you when you’re working on a painting, because it allows for some flexibility with the way you work. You can change your mind about the placement of the cross-hatching or about the color of the paint, and if you happen to switch directions while using this technique, it’s going to be really tricky to go back and finish the painting. If you want a clean, elegant look, consider the diamond pattern instead.

He Resembles A Mathematician

Sometimes it’s not easy to tell what a person is thinking or feeling just by looking at them. Especially if they don’t talk a lot and if you don’t know them well. But with Robert Pattinson, it’s usually not hard to guess. He’s been in a lot of films and played some really quirky and odd characters, but behind the scenes he’s always been a really serious and level-headed individual. This side of him rarely comes out, but whenever it does it makes for some exciting cinema. Especially when he’s doing his thing with a stylus. In the video below, you can see him use a combination of line and shape to create a very surrealistic looking horse. It looks like it could be a scene from an Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein painting.

The Timeless Beauty Of Renaissance Painting

It might surprise you to learn that Renaissance painting was purely decorative and had very little to do with the religious. But the point is that this art form evolved during a time when people were deeply immersed in religious symbolism, and it was considered quite pure and pleasing to the eye. This is why it’s been a popular choice for artists and designers who want to create a relaxing, fancy background for their work. It’s basically just lines and shapes, with no mention of humans at all. Which is why, when you put this kind of artistic freedom and creativity in a notebook, you can bet that some really unique and beautiful things will come out of it.

Why A Stylus

We had a chat with Robert Pattinson about his stylus and why he uses it. He told us that he picked it up as a drawing tool because, quite frankly, it’s just more comfortable for him. It allows for a freer flow of ideas, and it’s more suited for his particular way of working. He also likes the feel of the smooth plastic in comparison to a regular wooden pencil. It’s lighter and more flexible, and it allows for easy angle changes and precise movements.

You Can’t Teach Art

One of the interesting things about art is that you can’t really teach it. Sure, you could learn to paint or draw, but it’s often the case that an individual’s unique talent and creative spark is what makes them special. The same can be said of designers and architects, who also can’t teach their creative ways or unique designs. All you can do is inspire them and allow them to flourish.

It’s not that Robert Pattinson is a particularly talented artist. Far from it, in fact. There are many designers and architects who are far more talented and innovative than he is. The difference is that he’s happy to let his work speak for itself, which is why we love him and respect him as an artist and designer. He doesn’t need to boast about how amazing he is, and he rarely draws attention to himself or his work. Which is why we think that his unique and creative outlook on life and design will only end up inspiring others.