It’s been a long time coming but at last we have a wallpaper app for the iPhone. Robert Pattinson Wallpaper brings the excitement of viewing the famous British actor’s work to your fingertips. With over 40 images to choose from, there’s a perfect piece of celebrity wallpaper for everyone. Plus it’s a great way to discover more about the talented actor. If you love vintage film posters or classic scenes from the actor’s many films, then this is the app for you. Just remember to pack your iPhone with power and a wireless charger – you’ll need them even if you have a good signal.

The Concept And The Design

The premise of the app is easy to understand. You pick a picture of the actor and the app creates a gorgeous collage of his film posters behind him in iconic scenes from his movies. There’s also an option for you to add a quote by the star. In true vintage film poster fashion, the quote can be from one of the films or maybe even a standalone work by the great English wordsmith William Shakespeare. You can pick any combination of image and quote and save it as a wallpaper for your iPhone. Think of the possibilities! A photo of a glamorous actress with a famous saying from one of Shakespeare’s plays? Or perhaps you just want the picture of the glamorous actress to match the saying she’s quoting? There are endless combinations of wallpaper that you can make with this app. It’s great for anyone who loves old cartoons, funny Sayings, or the magnificent films of Robert Pattinson.

The Details

If you’ve ever shopped at Nordstrom, you may have popped into their cafe to get a coffee before you left. It’s one of the brands that the famous Swedish department store owns. And one of the brands they own is Ben Sherman, a British luxury textile company. So it just so happens that one of their designers, Thomas Wylde, also happens to be a big fan of Robert Pattinson and his work. He created a beautiful collection of shirts, hoodies, and hats for the actor. Most of the items in the collection are in either pure white or pale blue and feature the star’s image or quote printed onto them. It is sold in the Nordstrom stores and online shop and retails for $275-350 a piece.


This app is currently only available for the iPhone. But given that it’s been such a long time in coming, we know that Apple won’t keep this to themselves for long. And in fact, they’ve already made it available for download from the App Store. So go ahead and grab it today – at least it’s worth a try!


We realize that this isn’t a paid app and that you might not want to waste your time on an ad-filled app if you’re searching for something worthwhile. But we also want to keep you posted on all the latest news regarding Robert Pattinson, his movies, and his fabulous life. That’s why we’ve included this section at the end of the article. So keep reading and you’ll know everything there is to know about the talented actor.

The Verdict

We don’t normally review celebrity-related apps or wallpaper apps in general because we don’t want to give the developers credit for creating a good app when they might not have. But in this case, we feel strongly about it because we believe that this app does a great job of showcasing the talent of one of the most influential actors of our time. And to top it off, it’s designed by a fan who obviously cares about giving the star his due credit. So in the end, we’re left with only great things to say about this incredible app.