The debate over whether or not to cast Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson in the role of Edward Cullen has been going on for months. And now that shooting for the latest Twilight movie has wrapped, it’s time for the world to decide. Is Taylor the perfect choice to bring Edward Cullen to life? Does Robert have what it takes to play the part with panache? We think it’s time for you to meet your heroes head-to-head and decide for yourself.

A Face That’ll Be Remembered For All Time

No discussion of Twilight or Robert Pattinson is complete without mentioning the part he played in the first three films: Edward Cullen. For those who have never seen the Twilight movies or don’t recall the character very well, here’s a recap:

He’s a young, charming, and very rich man who lives in a large mansion with his mom and siblings. When he meets Bella, a beautiful and athletic young woman, he is instantly captivated by her. In the first scene of the movie, he rescues her from a mountain of suitors by taking her hand and gazing into her eyes.

Edward takes it upon himself to protect Bella from the malicious intent of his family and society. To that end, he befriends her and eventually proposes to her, winning her heart completely. Their marriage in the twilight series is one of the most iconic and beloved unions in cinematic history.

What will be remarkable about your encounter with this iconic and charming man is that you will get to see a side of him that the world has never seen before. The Edward we encounter in the films is nothing short of brilliant and the epitome of gentlemanly charm. He is a face that’ll be remembered for all time. And it’s not just his looks either; his voice is also remarkably deep and authoritative. You might find that you have to listen carefully to what he has to say, because the man can talk.

Pattinson’s Pros And Cons

So what are the pros and cons for portraying Edward Cullen? Let’s start with the good news: he is absolutely perfect for the role. Not only is he well-versed in romance novels, but he also has a very particular and distinct accent that is just perfect for a vampire. But enough about the role and let’s talk about the man himself. Here are his pros and cons.

  • + Excellent looks – he is a very attractive man and has been the subject of many a celebrity dating scandal. So it goes without saying that he has the looks. But beyond the obvious physical charms, he is also a very elegant and debonair gentleman. People often mistake him for being quite the dandy. (Cons: Only in very good taste, very fit, and very rich.)
  • + Has a great charm – as we mentioned above, he is incredibly charming. And while that might be appealing to the viewers, it can also be dangerous. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of this man. Especially since he has fangs. (Cons: Too much charm.)
  • + Has a great sense of humor – you might not always want to share your deepest secrets with this man, but you’ll certainly want to laugh with him. And he will make you laugh. A great sense of humor is extremely valuable, especially when playing a character as dark as Edward. (Cons: Only when laughing at himself, being overly serious can take the comedy out of a scene.)
  • + Has an authoritative voice – Edward is a very intelligent man, which becomes increasingly clear as the series progresses. And while he might not always speak the truth, he will certainly speak with an authority that is not readily given. You won’t necessarily agree with everything he has to say, but you’ll certainly listen. This is another great quality, especially when playing a character as brilliant as Edward. (Cons: Difficult to play a very serious man with a funny bone in your body.)
  • + Has an instinct for survival – like many of the other characters in the Twilight series, Edward is something of a loner. And while he might not always be right, he does have a great instinct for self-preservation. This makes it easier for him to keep his humanity, especially when faced with the temptation of Bella’s blood. Still, this doesn’t mean that he is indestructible. He has his blind spots and moments of weakness. Which is what makes him human. (Cons: Difficult to play a character with hidden depths.)
  • + Is a gentleman – yes, Edward certainly fits the description of a gentleman. And it’s not just about his looks either. He has the respect of many people and is well-known for being an extremely polite, kind, and humble man. These are all great qualities for someone playing a character as elegant and charming as Edward. (Cons: Too many good qualities.)

Lautner’s Pros And Cons

If you’re looking for a con, you’ve come to the right place. Taylor Lautner is not bad as an actor, but he is not perfect for the role of Edward Cullen, either. While he is certainly an adequate choice, he does not possess all of the qualities that would make him the perfect fit. Let’s examine his pros and cons.