This month’s Vogue cover stars are Hollywood’s it-girls, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. And what a cover it is! With the glamorous mag’s favourite pair of cover stars gracing its pages, this issue is bound to be a must-read for any fashion-lover.

Not only does the iconic British magazine put its illustrious spin on the Twilight stars’ romance and adventures, it also manages to work some amazing Hollywood style into its editorial spreads. From Kristen’s daring dress choices and Victoria Beckham’s innovative handbags to Robert’s classic yet highly fashionable looks and Amy Winehouse’s knack for pulling off unique hair-dos, this is definitely an issue you don’t want to miss.

The Runaway Star

With Twilight now a massive success, the 20-year-old actress has graced the cover of Vogue six times since 2010. And each appearance has been perfectly on-brand; the glamorous star continually explores bold and inspiring looks, from traditional lingerie outfits to off-the-shoulder dresses studded with faux-fur trim and sequins.

It’s clear that this year’s Vogue cover star is aiming to extend her Hollywood reach, as her 2017 appearances have featured bold, alternative ensembles that are both breathtaking and inspirational. From the blue velvet dress featuring a graphic print of skeleton hands and a collarbone drawn in the shape of a heart to the black-and-white ensemble with studs, metal hoops and a high-waisted skirt, Kristen has certainly not been holding back. In fact, she’s showcased a variety of bold, innovative looks in her short career, including off-the-shoulder dresses studded with faux-fur trim, metal hoops, an asymmetrical coat and even a graphic print of skeleton hands.

Fashion’s Sweetheart

Perhaps one of the most iconic images from the Twilight series is that of Bella Swan clutching a handbag designed by Victoria Beckham. The scene is a reworking of Beckham’s 2006 collection and the iconic handbag was named Bella in honour of its starring role in the film. And it seems that the fashion powerhouse is favouring the young Hollywood stars as inspiration; not only has Bella been named one of the top Hollywood styles for 2017, but last month saw the Beckham bag named the best celebrity handbag of the year by the British fashion and lifestyle magazine, Grazia.

The King Of Classic Yet Fashionable

It’s fair to say that 2017 has not been kind to Robert. After almost a decade of being the picture of male beauty, the actor has now been sidelined by multiple injuries and illnesses. The 54-year-old has spent the past year trying to recover from a hip injury that has kept him sidelined since filming for The King’s Speech in 2014. While he has been able to hobble out for short periods to attend premieres and award ceremonies, the bulk of his time has been spent in hospital.

But the handsome Brit has still found time for some high-profile appearances. Not only has he been seen at a variety of red-carpet events, including the Met Gala and the VMA’s, but he has also graced the covers of various prestigious fashion magazines including Vanity Fair and GQ in the past year. While some of his chosen looks have been fairly safe and classic, often opting for the safe bet rather than risking injury by trying something new, it is still clear that this year’s Vogue cover star has lost none of his charm. From his striking pose to the perfectly trimmed beard, it’s easy to see that this year has just not been Robert’s. And it’s clear that his experience of last year has made him even more determined to get back out there and make sure everyone knows just how stylish and comfortable he still can be.

Whether from a hospital bed or a luxury hotel room, rest assured that no matter where he is, whatever he is doing, at least one lucky person is going to be watching and enjoying every minute.

So while it may not have been easy for either of them, it would appear that 2017 has been a learning year for both young stars. With a passion for both fashion and design, it’s clear that this year has just been a chance for them to continue growing and learning, and we can’t wait to see what they bring in store for us next year.