The fashion industry titans came out from around the world to see and be seen at Vogue London Party, the biggest fashion party of the year. The world’s most famous fashion magazines gathered in the capital city to celebrate the fashion industry.

The glossy magazines had their photographers and journalists lined up outside the famous Burlington Arcade, waiting for the opportunity to get some shots of the high-profile guests. The doors opened and the paparazzi were practically pushed out of the way as the invited celebrities made their way to the staircase leading to the event venue.

Once the celebrities had made their way to the top of the staircase, the photographers were able to snap away as the celebrities were surrounded by bodyguards and driven off in luxury cars. The paparazzi were literally shaking as they tried to capture every single moment on film.

Some of the famous faces at Vogue London Party included Kendall Jenner, Gemma Hern, Lily Cole, Gigi Hadid, and many more.

Burlington Arcade is a historic building that was first opened in 1874 and is located on the south side of London near Victoria Station. The building is most famous for its splendid wood paneling and ornamental woodwork. It is currently owned by the Landmark Trust and opened its doors to the public in 2015. This year marked the 125th anniversary of the Burlington Arcade, and Vogue London Party was the perfect chance for the publication to celebrate.

A Historic Building

Opened in 1874, the Burlington Arcade is a historic building and one of the most photographed structures in London. It is a registered historic building and was originally designed by James Burton.

Burlington Arcade is most famous for its splendid wood panelling and decorative woodwork. The building is currently owned by the Landmark Trust and has been restored to evoke the original glory of the structure.

It is currently open to the public and offers a mix of retail and dining spaces, as well as a cinema that shows art house and foreign films. There is also a weekly market that takes place within the arcade on Fridays, featuring local artists and designers. Additionally, the building is host to a variety of cultural and community events, including fashion days, art auctions, and book readings. It is also the location of the annual flower decoration competition, in which the public are encouraged to participate. Local businesses can apply for a stall to exhibit their work alongside that of the area’s renowned artists. This is a popular attraction with visitors and locals alike.

A Grand Evening

The Vogue London Party was held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, a leading cultural venue that was founded by Sir Richard Rogers in 1937 and has since then become a hub for culture, art, and design. The evening began with a cocktail reception at the ICA Baroque Rooms, followed by an opening dinner in the Burlington Arcade. The luxury lifestyle magazine was represented at the party by its stars, including its cover girl, Kendall Jenner. The youngest of the famous Kardashian clan showcased her trademark mix of stylish and humble aplomb.

Kendall Jenner sported a white dress with a red-rose print, which she wore with white heels and a matching handbag. The cover girl carried white daffodils in her hair, which she wore in a bun with earrings made from the same flowers. The 20-year-old star has previously said that she aspires to be a “British Kate Moss”, referring to Moss’s iconic “Dry Cleaning” portrait taken in 1983. As well as dressing in a unique fashion that has earned her comparisons to Moss, Kendall Jenner is also involved in several sustainability-focused projects. The 20-year-old is a member of the UN Global Leadership Award Ceremony Panel and serves on the advisory board of Women for Sustainable Development. She is also the founder of the social initiative Global Cool, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of the luxury goods industry.

A Sensational Venue

The ICA is a sensational venue that has been designed by the renowned architect Mario Botta and features magnificent woodwork, ornamental plasterwork, and a variety of seating arrangements. The venue is home to the famous London International Fashion Film Festival, which screens the finest in international and independent film. Additionally, the Institute of Contemporary Art is one of the city’s most popular art galleries, exhibiting a mix of modern and contemporary art. Located in the heart of London, just a short walk from Westminster, the building is used for a variety of cultural events throughout the year, including art exhibitions, live music, literary events, and fashion shows. It is also the temporary home of the Victoria & Albert Museum’s European department, whose collection of 20th century art is on temporary display. The building’s restaurant, Bar Luce, serves modern Italian cuisine.

Dazzling Dresses

The evening was graced with stunning dresses worn by some of the world’s most fashionable and famous women. A highlight of the night was the appearance of the magazine’s cover star, Gemma Hern, who showed off her enviable figure in a low-waisted lime-green dress with black lace details. The glamorous TV presenter was accompanied by her husband, Matt, who wore a slim-fit grey dress and matching tie.

BFFs Gigi Hadid and Lily Cole looked stunning in white gowns with lace detailing. American socialite and model Hadid showcased her distinctive figure in a strapless dress made from light yellow silk, which she wore with matching accessories. The 32-year-old model wore a white flower crown and white heels, while the petite Cole wore a strapless lace dress with a yellow flower crown and matching accessories. The two ladies have recently appeared in ads for Chanel and were also named among ELLE’s Most Influential Women in 2019.

A Variety Of Looks

There was also a variety of looks on display at the party. British Vogue editor Chloe Beattie looked radiant in a white sheath dress with diamante trim for the magazine’s party. The glossy’s international editor, Elle MacLeman, looked every inch a fashion goddess in a peach dress with delicate floral print and cream-colored flowers. The London-based style journalist, Holly Willoughby, looked captivating in a black-and-white checkered dress with floral print and oversized cream-colored flowers. As well as wearing a dress, Chloe Beattie was also seen twirling a baton made from tree branches during the ceremony.

Journalists from Vogue and elsewhere in the fashion press watched on as models walked the red carpet in glamorous dresses and gowns. The models then moved into the Burlington Arcade for the event’s main spectacle: a fashion show.

The Fashion Show

The fashion show was the centerpiece of Vogue London Party, and the opportunity for the world’s most famous fashion magazines to show off their autumn/winter 2019 collections. The event kicked off with a performance by London-based pop duo Clean Bandit, who launched their new album, Handsome, in May 2019.

Fashion editors from Vogue, Elle, and W and celebrities such as Lily Cole and Kylie Jenner were on hand at the show to see and be seen at the biggest and arguably the best fashion party of the year.

The star-studded show divided the fashion editors into two teams: red and white. The red-team models were paraded in front of the celebrity guests and the journalists before heading for the dinner date, while the white-team models were taken into the Burlington Arcade for the fashion show.

The red-team models walked in a variety of ensembles, from chic dresses and printed pantsuits, to classic red and white checkered dresses. While some of the outfits were spectacular, others were a little overdressed – perhaps not for a family dinner at Burlington Arcade! The models wore simple but stylish gold accessories with the outfits, including watches, purse clips, and neckties.

The Media Event

Vogue London Party was the perfect opportunity for the world’s most famous fashion magazines to celebrate, and for the paparazzi to get some famous faces all to themselves. However, as entertaining as the festival was, it was also a chance for the public to learn more about socially and environmentally conscious celebrity lifestyle choices. The models were paraded in front of the press and public in a variety of ways, from changing outfits multiple times to showing off their figure in the most glamorous of settings. Several publications, including the Daily Mail and the Sun, published stories about the event and its green and social causes. Additionally, visitors to the festival’s website can watch videos of the models talking about their individual charity and sustainability projects. As well as being a hub for fashion, the ICA is also home to the UK’s only dedicated children’s book café and the London Library, one of the world’s most renowned research libraries.