It’s been a busy year for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart! The twosome got married in April 2018 and started a honeymoon in Europe before heading back to the U.S. to begin building their life together. As for their individual careers, they spent the year honing their craft and building their reputations as leaders in the action movie genre. While there have been ups and downs since their engagement in 2015, the former Disney star has largely remained positive while patiently waiting for her prince to return her smile. And he has, although she hasn’t quite been able to keep up completely with his incessant dating. 

Their story was one of Hollywood’s most talked-about romances, and it ended bitterly in April 2018. That’s when Stewart filed for divorce and accused Pattinson of being emotionally unstable and physically abusive. Their problems reportedly stemmed from Pattinson’s substance abuse and his need for attention, which in turn led him to torment their shared housemates. He responded by vehemently denying the allegations and insisting that he had never been abusive. For her part, Stewart maintained that she had never felt unsafe around Pattinson and that their relationship had been emotionally and physically abusive from the very beginning. She requested joint custody of their daughter, which was granted by the court.

While it was a sad year for the couple, the divorce proceedings offered Stewart a chance to examine her former partner from a distance and come to terms with their turbulent relationship. And based on what we know so far, it seems like she’s found the strength to do just that.

The Allegations

The first public allegations of abuse against Pattinson came from Stewart. Back in April 2018, just days after their explosive public breakup, she alleged that he had been verbally and physically abusive throughout their engagement. According to court documents filed by Stewart’s attorney, Damon Albarn, “from the beginning of their relationship, [Pattinson] has been demanding, controlling, and abusive. [He’s] called her nasty names, pushed her, grabbed her, and threatened to kill her.”

These alleged incidents of abuse took place at the couple’s home in the Hollywood Hills, where they were known for throwing wild parties and filming elaborate sex scenes. According to the documents, Pattinson would often get intoxicated and physically aggressive, even when Stewart wasn’t around. The attorneys for each party painted starkly contrasting pictures of the other, with Stewart alleging that Pattinson had a “long and well-documented history of violence, mental illness, and substance abuse.” They requested joint custody of their daughter, Isabel, and asked that Stewart be granted sole physical custody.

In response, Pattinson vehemently denied the allegations and insisted that they were completely false. He called her a liar and slammed her for wasting the court’s time by making these allegations. Moreover, he maintained that he had never been abusive toward Stewart or anyone else in his entire life. The case was settled out of court, and both parties returned to their individual lives, with Stewart dropping her allegations and Pattinson continuing to deny them.

The Aftermath

On the surface, it would seem like Stewart has moved on well from her traumatic year with Pattinson. Since their breakup, she’s been spotted with Ed Sheeran and attended the Met Gala in New York City as his date. She’s also opened up about her experience with addiction in her new book, Dress To Impress, which was published this past March. 

Meanwhile, Pattinson has largely avoided the spotlight since his split from Stewart. Even after his marriage to Chinese actor Zhu Zhu Chen collapsed after just three days, he continued to keep a low profile. Since then, he’s been spotted at a few luxurious events and continues to be dogged by claims that he’s a raging alcoholic with a history of domestic abuse. And though his lawyers tried to silence his accuser for good, it wasn’t until this past October that Stewart’s allegations came out again in the media. That’s when a new wave of allegations arose against Pattinson regarding his behavior toward Setelle, his former girlfriend and actress, who accused him of threatening to kill her on several occasions.

According to New York Magazine, Setelle said, “I had never felt safer around him. He was always very sweet and charming. I felt like I was home with my dad. But then he would get really angry, and I would start to worry. One time we were in the back of a limousine, and he started waving around a gun. He tried to shoot it at another time, but it malfunctioned. He said he would kill me if I told anyone what he’d done. I was terrified.”

Pattinson responded to the allegations by denying them, insisting that Setelle was lying and that he had never been physically abusive. When this story was initially reported in October 2018, Stewart’s attorneys were quick to respond, issuing a statement, “These are old and recycled allegations which were thoroughly detailed in a 2016 statement by Ms. Stewart. The fact that they have resurfaced now, two years later, is yet another example of the vindictive behavior of Mr. Pattinson and his misguided attempts to smear Ms. Stewart.”

Unfortunately, Setelle isn’t the only woman Pattinson has allegedly harassed. Back in 2014, the Hollywood Reporter quoted a source close to the actor, saying, “He often calls women dogs, sluts, and pigs. Not many men can handle an independent woman who won’t be messed with.”

The source went on to describe an alleged incident in which Pattinson was driving his car and began shouting at a woman walking on the street, “I’m gonna’ fucking run you down. Are you a dog? I’m gonna’ f**king kill you.” The source also alleged that Pattinson had pushed a woman down the stairs at a nightclub, following her up and into the stairway after she had denied him entry because he was wearing a hat.

These are just a handful of the dozens of accusations that have been made against Pattinson. And if you want more, there’s a whole wiki page devoted to uncovering his alleged crimes. It’s tough to find the good in anyone after seeing so much bad, but Stewart seems to be taking a more positive perspective, focusing on the good memories she and Pattinson share. 

For her part, Stewart has admitted that she’s had a tough time moving on from her year with Robert Pattinson. In an interview with Vogue Australia, she said, “I’ve been trying to process what happened and what I learned from it. It’s a complicated process because, to be quite honest, I don’t think I’ll ever feel safe being alone with a man.”

She continued, “What happened was terrible, but it also led me to learn a lot about myself. I feel like I’ve grown a lot as a person and learned a lot about love. I feel like I’m ready to move on, but it’ll take some time. I don’t want to rush it.”

Meanwhile, the court case between Stewart and Pattinson is still ongoing, and based on the information that’s been made available to the public, it doesn’t look like either party is close to reaching a settlement. In the meantime, both continue to be subjected to the public’s condemnation and speculation regarding their former relationship. While we wait for the courts to rule, here’s a look back at what happened between these two megastars.