If you follow celebrities in some shape or form, then you’ll know that they’re usually very open about what they’re doing. Whether it’s their private lives or their work, you can usually find something to satisfy your interests. For example, if you love fashion, you can usually find out what designer clothes famous people are wearing. Or if you’re a sports fan, you can usually keep track of what player is doing what. Perhaps even more exciting, you can usually find out what recreational drugs famous people are using. Whether it’s just a harmless plant or something more serious, you’ll never know.

When it comes to the work of Robert Pattinson, you’ll often find himself in the middle of a heated debate about whether he smokes weed or not. The truth is that, despite numerous rumors and speculations, we still don’t know for sure what the “Lost In Translation” actor and musician is doing, or hasn’t done, while on the other side of the globe. The good news is that he’s been keeping fairly quiet about his activities, allowing you to enjoy your favorite film and music without fear of reprisal.

What is known for sure is that he’s been seen getting into various vehicles and driving off. Whether he’s been driving a standard car or riding a bike, the fact is that he’s been spotted on the road. More recently, however, he’s started posting selfies on social media platforms like Twitter, which has led many to believe that he’s entering the realm of addiction. While he’s not confirmed to be a full-blown drug addict, the fact that he’s posting about his drug use on Twitter certainly doesn’t help the cause.

Riding Off Into The Sunset

The last time we saw Robert Pattinson was at the European premiere of his movie “Good Time”, a Netflix joint effort with director Richard Linklater. The movie follows two struggling artists who decide to have some fun and ditch their day jobs, only to find themselves in a world of crime and mischief. While the movie itself wasn’t exactly a rousing success, it did decent box office around the world, earning over $45M outside the U.S. Even in the U.S., however, where the movie lost a bit of its luster, it still made over $9M.

The very next day after the premiere, Richard Linklater and Bob Pattinson were spotted together at an upscale café in West Hollywood. The two were seen ordering food and sharing a meal as if nothing had happened the day before. While it’s tempting to assume that the two had just met that day and were catching up on life, it’s quite possible that this was just a casual meeting arranged by the two savvy businessmen. The point is that, for over a month now, we’ve seen very little of the “Burnt” actor. There’s no new movie projects in the works, and he’s not set to headline any upcoming festivals. Instead, he’s kept a low profile, content to let the speculation swirl around him.

Robert Pattinson’s Drug Use On-Screen

While we don’t know for sure what drugs Robert Pattinson is or isn’t using, we do have some idea about the substances that he’s been spotted using onscreen. As you may know, in 2015, the “Twilight Saga” star was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Las Vegas. At the time, he was pulled over for swerving and speeding. When the cop smelled marijuana, he searched the vehicle and found a grinder and a glass pipe with burnt residue. He was also wearing a black t-shirt with the words “Kushner” and “Cannabis” on it, along with a gold chain with a gold medallion hanging from it. The cop let him go without charging him with a crime. According to the police report, however, the star did sign a plea deal for a non-DUI related charge.

After his arrest in 2015, it wasn’t long before the Internet discovered that the “Twilight Saga” star was a frequent user of edibles. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Robert visited several dispensaries in Las Vegas on a regular basis. In one instance, he visited a dispensary several times in the span of a week. In total, the DEA tracked down over 15 cannabis-related incidents in which the actor partook. While some sources say that he’s always been a big fan of pot and has even tried it at times, others claim that this was just a way to deal with the pressures of being a famous movie star.

Theories About Robert Pattinson’s Future

With so much mystery surrounding the “Twilight Saga” and “Burnt” actor, it’s not hard to see why people are so interested in what he’s doing these days. For those wanting to know more, a few interesting theories have popped up. Some say that he’s taking a break from acting and is focusing on his music. Others think that he may be using his “Burnt” money to finance his next movie project. We don’t know exactly what will happen with Robert Pattinson next, but one thing we do know for sure is that we’ll be watching and waiting anxiously to see what unfolds.