It is a truth universally acknowledged that a celebrity’s appearance on the cover of a magazine may very well be the single best indication of that person’s appeal and popularity. For those who love beautiful people and their expensive habits, the annual Vanity Fair cover is a real highlight of the year. And 2019’s cover story doesn’t disappoint. The issue features two of Hollywood’s hottest new couples: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, and Elle MacLeman and Dustin Hoffman. The dynamic duo of makeup artists and hairstylists behind the gorgeous cover reveal how they transformed the pair into stunning grasps for the camera.

A Makeover Masterclass

It’s been a good year for transformations, as 2019 saw several big-name celebrities undergo major facelifts. On the cover of this May’s Vanity Fair, makeup artist Pati Dubroff and hairstylist Anna Puri give us an in-depth look at how they transformed Stewart and Pattinson into beautiful grasps for the camera. The two women reveal how they used a variety of products and techniques to help the actors look their best.

In the article, the duo discuss the differences between doing Kristen Stewart’s makeover and Robert Pattinson’s. While Pattinson is a pro at picking out his own outfits and having fun with his appearance, Stewart needs help with the basics. “She’s really nervous about stepping out of her comfort zone,” says Dubroff. In the past, they’ve worked together on the film Campfire Tales, in which Stewart plays a princess who becomes the legendary Harry Potter. “Kristen needs someone to walk her through the process. She doesn’t want to mess up and has a lot to lose.”

Patti and Dubroff work with the pair throughout the year to create personal looks that they can use as moodboards for future projects. They also offer tips on how to help their clients walk in confidence, whether it’s through wardrobe adjustments or helping them work through their nerves before a big event. As with all good makeover stories, this one isn’t complete without some juicy bits about the drama that surrounds the celebrity transformations. Here are some of the most interesting tidbits from the article.

The Cinderella Story

It all began with a glass slipper. Back in February, shortly after their surprise engagement, the pair were photographed in Paris wearing exquisite diamond and pearl earrings that had been designed by Erickson Beamonte for Scholz & Co. In the wake of the engagement, fans started seeing a trend of fair isle and opal jewelry, especially around the ankles. It was as if the stunning accessories were an ode to Cinderella, who famously wore red glass shoes that transformed into sparkles when she stepped into the ballroom.

For those scoring at home, the perfect red-glass shoes are now on sale at Scholz & Co., priced at $11,995.

Working With Your Stylist

Another important thing discussed during the makeover masterclass is the importance of working with a personal stylist. “If you’re working with a stylist on a regular basis, they can help to keep you ahead of the trends and help to dress you in a way that compliments your body shape and complexion,” says Dubroff. “It’s not about following a strict style guide, but getting to know what works best for you.”

For those who have never worked with a stylist, it can be a bit of a culture shock, as many celebrity stylists are in high demand and work with some of Hollywood’s biggest names. When it comes to choosing a style guide, it’s important to remember that your stylist will have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t work for you, based on your body shape and complexion. They can also advise on what types of clothes are suitable for you, given your lifestyle and budget. Working with a personal stylist is a crucial step towards ensuring that you look your best at all times.

The Pressure Is On

Although the pair are delighted with the outcome of their makeover, the pressure is still on to look amazing on the big day. As they’ve been growing their family and preparing for the arrival of their first child, they’ve put in a lot of effort throughout the year to look their best for the occasion. “We had to pull out all the stops to make sure that we looked perfect,” says Pattinson. “There was so much pressure. We wanted to look like a million bucks.”

It all started with a wedding dress. In April, the couple were photographed in a beautiful ballroom in London wearing custom-made wedding dresses designed by Alice Temperley. The bride wore a blue dress with lace and fit perfectly alongside her husband-to-be. The dress was so stunning that it drew a lot of attention on the couple, and that attention was entirely positive. “The wedding dress was a real turning point,” says Pattinson. “It was such a massive relief to find something that makes us so happy and confident together. It’s perfect because it’s a combination of what she likes and what I like; it’s very personal.”

The designer also played an important part in the couple’s transformation, as they worked with the company’s founder, Alice Temperley, on the design. “I love her fashion sense and the fact that she’s very adventurous when it comes to style,” says Temperley. “I wanted to give her a style that she’s not seen before and that she’ll be able to wear with pride.”

A Vanity Fair Cover That Deserves A Gold Medal

Last but not least, we arrive at the pièce de résistance: the cover shot of the star-studded issue of Vanity Fair, shot by Christian Zumbler. The photographer behind the spectacular fashion pictures is also an accomplished dancer, choreographer, and director. For those who love to follow celebrity trends, it’s safe to say that this picture will be the envy of everyone on social media.

In the picture, the famous faces are scattered among the lush green leaves of a vineyard, with the ocean behind them. The leaves have been used to artfully drape the celebrities in gorgeous, flowing gowns. The picture immediately drew inspiration from classic Greco-Roman statues, which were often draped in vine leaves.

The statues were often painted with scenes from Greek mythology and were a prominent feature in ancient gardens and landscapes — this theme is present throughout the shot. “We wanted to do something different and unique,” says Zumbler. “The Greek statues are such an integral and representative part of Ancient Rome that we couldn’t resist drawing upon that imagery. It wasn’t simple to create a mood board with such a wide variety of products and ideas, but it was worth it for the outcome.”

As with all good newsworthy events, the end of the year saw the arrival of a major celebrity baby. At the end of 2019, the actress gave birth to her and husband Rob’s first child, a daughter named Dorothy. The new family member was surrounded by a host of dazzling baby gifts, among them a personalized jade plant holder, a rose-themed cushion, and a play set of the Siena Cathedral. It’s fair to say that the Duchess of Cambridge was very delighted with the gift.

Whether you’re preparing for a wedding, an engagement party, or just want to dress up as a movie star for Halloween, you can bet that Vanity Fair has the perfect look for you. The cover is full of fabulous fashion advice and styling tips as well as the occasional bit of drama that always accompanies any big birth. So, as we look back on the best year of the decade so far, let’s remember a golden era when glamour, style, and celebrity truly did shine through.