Every year, the fashion magazine Vanity Fair publishes its annual Hollywood issue, and among the various covers and interviews, we always look forward to their annual special edition devoted to the British actor, singer, and social media darling Robert Pattinson.

This year’s issue is no different; in fact, we are treated to not one but two stories on the 32-year-old star, and it wouldn’t be a spoiler to say we are quite intrigued by what the magazine has in store. (In case you’re wondering, no, we weren’t given advanced details of either article ahead of time.)

In the first half of the issue, we are introduced to Pattinson—his exquisite looks, his irresistible charm, and, of course, his music—in an article titled, simply, “Robert Pattinson.” (The article doesn’t give any indication as to which songs he is singing or playing; we will assume it is, as usual, ‘70s pop.)

Then, in the second half, we are treated to a profile of the actor and musician written by the highly respected fashion journalist Rosie! Chen. (It’s been a while since we last heard from Ms. Chen; before Fame magazine, she was the fashion director for US Weekly.)

Let’s take a quick look at the two articles—one focusing on his acting career, the other on his music—side by side and decide which one we liked better.

The Good

We’ll start with the positive, and it’s a doozy: the acting article in the first half of the issue is written by famed film critic Alonso Ruiz Zamora, and it’s a glowing piece. (He had previously penned an article about the star for British GQ, which we also featured on our site at the time; this is their second collaboration.)

In it, he calls Pattinson “arguably the most exciting new talent to emerge in British cinema in a generation.” (We couldn’t say it better ourselves.)

Ruiz Zamora continues:

“There is certainly no question but that Pattinson is, in my view, a major talent, with a bright future ahead of him. (…) He has an astonishing screen presence, an ability to convey intense emotion through subtle gestures, and an ability to draw you into his world completely. (…) In the right role, he could be an outstanding actor.”

Rosie Chen’s profile also gets high praises from the esteemed critic, who goes on to call Chen’s writing “engaging” and “impressing”; she quotes Ruiz Zamora as saying, “Robert Pattinson is one of the most promising new British actors of our time. He is extremely gifted and unique, and his acting style is undeniably charismatic and fascinating.”

The Bad

Now for the less positive aspects. (No shocker here; this is the second part of an article, so it’s fair to assume that there will be some kind of contrast.)

Chen’s article on the musician is titled, “Beneath the Beauty: The Secret Life of Musicians.” (The title is somewhat similar to a piece that New York magazine published a few years back about Amy Winehouse.)

Chen spends the first half of the article detailing Pattinson’s ‘70s pop/rock music and its (possible, future) influence on his acting. (A lot of the article focuses on Pattinson’s music before and after Fame—specifically, before he became the worldwide phenomenon that he is now known as—which is probably why there is so much info about him and his songs in the first place.)

While the piece is engaging and full of interesting tidbits, it’s also quite lengthy, at nearly 8,000 words, so you may want to read it in one sitting. (And while some of what she writes about may be new to you, much of it is definitely not; she does go into quite a bit of detail about topics previously covered by other publications.)

The Ugly

Then there’s the ugly, which is a bit more than we expected to see in an article about a gorgeous celebrity. (A piece about a musician usually doesn’t feature too much ugliness, but we’re not quite sure why Rosie Chen decided to write about a totally gorgeous person.)

But first, let’s examine the acting article. The most obvious ‘ugly’ part of Chen’s piece is an interview with the actor, in which he talks about his approach to acting and the influence of his music on his style. (Specifically, he mentions a couple of songs that were released around the same time as the interview—“Sowing the Seeds” by Sia and “Elastic Heart” by the Kooks—and says that they helped him find the ‘glow’ in his acting.)

Now, regarding Chen’s ‘ugliness’ argument, we have to say that we’re not exactly sure what she means. (Does she mean that because he is so gorgeous, it makes him uninteresting to write about?)

Also, if we’re not mistaken, Alonso Ruiz Zamora, who wrote the ‘good’ part of the piece, is related to Rosie Chen, which means that there is some sort of familial connection between the two. (This is not verified,)

So it seems that Rosie Chen is picking on the wrong guy.

Finally, as we mentioned before, while the article is quite lengthy, it is not an in-depth piece. The writer barely gets a chance to squeeze in some new information about the actor, and there is no clear indication as to what her plans for the future are regarding this subject.

So it seems that while this article is full of new revelations about Robert Pattinson, it is, unfortunately, lacking in significant content. (We are not exactly sure how this author, who is clearly not a Robert Pattinson fan, could write such an in-depth article about a completely different subject.)

Nonetheless, we are still quite interested in reading Chen’s profile, and we are looking forward to whatever she has to say about the 32-year-old star. (Hopefully, this will be the last article we have to read about him.)