If you are the lucky recipient of a genuine Valentine’s Day card, then you know what this means: You’re going to be swamped with roses, candy and maybe even a teddy bear (if you’re really lucky). But if you’re not into mushy greetings and you’d like to spice things up a bit, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got you covered on the whole Valentine’s Day spectrum from delicious chocolate-covered strawberries to trendy teddy bears and everything in between! Ready to learn how to make a valentine’s day card? Keep reading.

What Are Valentine’s Day Cards?

Valentine’s Day cards are arguably the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to modern day greetings. There, I said it. I’m sure we’ve all heard of the infamous valentine’s day massacre of 1914 where thousands of innocent men, women and children lost their lives due to romance being spelled wrong on a card. Since then, the art of creating a witty and beautiful valentine’s day card has been perfected.

Valentine’s Day cards can be as extravagant as you want them to be. You can buy expensive perfume and wrap it in a beautiful box with a big bow on it. You can use a professional studio to help you design and print your best masterpiece. Or, you can get a whimsical local artist to help you put your unique spin on a simple ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ sentiment. The choice is completely up to you!

Where Do I Begin?

If you think that creating a beautiful card is beyond you, then you can always choose an artist-designed card from the countless options available online. These cards are already breathtakingly beautiful so all you need to do is add your own personalized spin on it by writing a sweet message to your loved one.

While it would be fantastic to have a valentine’s day card designed especially for you by an acclaimed artist, if you don’t have time to pull off a masterpiece, then it’s okay to go for something more affordable. Remember: you’re still able to add your own unique spin on it by writing a simple message on the back! If you can’t think of anything witty or romantic to put on the card, then this option will allow you to find something fitting for the occasion.

What About The Front?

The front of your card should contain a beautiful photo of you and your loved one. Make sure to get a high-quality photograph taken by a professional so that it turns out flawless. If you can afford it, have several different photos in mind so that you can pick one that best displays your affection for one another.

Your photo on the front should not be larger than 3.5 x 3.5 inches to ensure that it fits inside the card without any cropping. Don’t forget: your photo on the front should be facing the same direction as the rest of the card so that it doesn’t come off as a mish-mash of different photos!

Size Matters!

The size of your card is almost as important as the quality of your photograph. To ensure that the card doesn’t look too cropped, make sure to order a small notecard instead of a standard one. Notecards come in various sizes, so you can find one that will fit the best in your deck!

In addition to the size of your notecard, you should also consider how you are going to frame your photo on the front. For example, if you are showcasing your handsome husband or wife on the front, you might want to go for a classic half-frame or three-quarter frame so that they don’t seem too far removed from the scenery. Or, if you have a more romantic bone in your body and you want to show off your sweetheart’s sparkle, you might want to go for a full frame so that the light catches the face perfectly.

Whatever you decide, make sure to add a nice mat to the photo so that it doesn’t end up being an ugly frame-free picture!

Additional Considerations

Depending on the style of your photo, there are a few other things you should consider. Do you need to crop the photograph to fit the card? Are you going to add extra mats to the photo in order to make it fit? Are you going to add any kind of design or pattern on the mat to give it that extra touch of luxury?

In some cases, it is preferable to crop the photograph to fit the card. This ensures that everything else is kept proportional and that your image is going to look as good as new. Make sure to consult with your photographer before making any kind of drastic changes to the photograph as it will affect the final product. If you want a specific design for your mat, then it is possible to ask the photographer to add a pattern or graphic to it. This will add an extra layer of luxury to your photo and make it stand out even more!

Where Do I Go From Here?

Once you’ve got your amazing card ready, it’s time to decorate it! Arguably the most exciting part of creating a valentine’s day is decorating it with ribbons, stickers, and maybe even a flower or two. Choose your favorite way to decorate your card and have fun! If you want to add a finishing touch of luxury, then you can either add a flower or a jewel as a button or pin on the card. Or, you can use a beautiful box or cloth to wrap your gift- and Voilà! You have a perfectly packaged, personalized gift ready to be given or received.

As you can see, there are many different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Do you have a certain way of doing things? Tell us about it in the comments below! And if you need some help getting your romantic card ready, then feel free to give us a shout. We’re always here to help!