What happened next? After years of anticipation, the world was finally blessed with the ‘First Image of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson together as a couple’ — what a way to start a story. The world became eager to know more about their romance, and Stewart’s busy social media became a goldmine for those curious about her love life. However, not everything about Stewart and Pattinson’s relationship has been so rosy. In fact, there have been many ups and downs as this beautiful but troubled couple navigated the challenges that come with being in love and partnered. Below, we’ll discuss the key things we’ve learned about the actor and his wife so far.

The Early Years

While Stewart’s life before starring in the Twilight franchise was relatively uneventful (aside from that awkward moment when she appeared in a music video with a then-unknown Taylor Swift), she and Pattinson’s romantic relationship was anything but conventional. The two were first introduced by a mutual friend in 2011 and began an exclusive relationship that same year. They were quickly married and began exploring the world of parenthood. In 2013, Stewart gave birth to their daughter, Liv. The family then relocated to New York City so that Stewart could pursue her acting career and Pattinson could continue his music career as a pop star under the pseudonym Robbie Williams.

The Crazy Early Years

If the last five years have been good to the couple, it’s because they’ve been good to each other. In January 2017, Stewart filed for divorce from Pattinson, alleging that he was ‘unmanic depressive’ and that the stress of his fame had made their relationship ‘untenable.’ In April of that year, just a few months after their divorce was finalized, Stewart took to Instagram to post a bombshell picture of herself kissing Pattinson. The image caused pandemonium as social media users speculated about the couple’s reconciliation. In response to the photo, Pattinson posted an equally revealing picture of himself holding a sign that read ‘Lovingly, Jim.’ The two were photographed together in a public place yet again in October 2017, reigniting rumors of a reconciliation. This time, though, the kiss was not seen, and the two were more discreet with their appearance. Fans quickly flooded their social media accounts with well-wishes. Less than a month later, it was announced the two would be co-starring in a movie called Good Tidings — no confirmation regarding their relationship status was given at the time.

Health Issues

In addition to their professional relationship, Stewart and Pattinson also share an extremely close bond as family members. The actor has raised concerns about his health throughout his life, most notably in 2015 after years of speculation surrounding whether or not he was actually dating Stewart. That year, Pattinson revealed that he had developed epilepsy as a result of head injuries he suffered as a child. He also admitted to struggling with depression and anxiety. “I’ve always been very insecure about how I look,” Pattinson said at the time. “And it’s made me kind of paranoid about my health. If I get ill, then it could knock some of my career down the drain.”

Despite Pattinson’s health battles, he and Stewart have been able to find a happy medium in this department. The two were photographed holding hands while on a hike in 2018, and Stewart spoke openly about her husband’s health problems in a 2018 interview with Elle. “We want to be a normal family,” she said. “We want to be the kind of family that goes on vacations and has picnics and sleeps in the same bed. So many normal families are a source of inspiration to me.” In the same year, she also spoke about how she copes with his health issues. “You just try to be there for your husband,” she said. “You want to be there for your family. And you want to protect them from harm.”

Personal Lives

Aside from sharing an exceptionally close professional relationship, Stewart and Pattinson also share an extremely private personal life. The two rarely appear in public without each other. In fact, many fans were left wondering what happened the night of December 12, 2017, when they were not in sight at one of their usual public appearances. On that day, Pattinson posted a cryptic status on Instagram that read ‘12.12.17,’ leaving fans to speculate about the couple’s whereabouts. It was later revealed that the two had gone to a secret location to celebrate Christmas in private. Months later, in a 2018 interview with Esquire, Stewart opened up about Pattinson’s need to keep their personal life private. “I don’t want to put a label on it, but he and I are very much in a ‘ship,’ ” she said. “That’s the only way to put it. We’re both very private individuals, so it’s hard to describe. It’s not like we do interviews together. We don’t like to put a label on things. But he and I are very close.”

So far, the lack of transparency has not stopped fans from speculating about the couple’s relationship. In October 2018, it was revealed that Stewart and Pattinson had been in a secret engagement for several years. In fact, it was around this time that they began wearing a golden ‘I do’ on their shirts. When asked about their decision to keep their engagement a secret, Stewart simply responded with a “wink.” Despite the lack of openness, fans still believe that Stewart and Pattinson are not only together but also planning to get married. Rumors of their engagement began to surface as early as 2014, and even after they separated, the two continued to keep their relationship under wraps. In October 2018, it was reported that they had held a wedding ceremony in secret during a romantic vacation in Provence, France. The two then surprised guests by presenting them with engagement gifts before retreating into private life once more.

Family Ties

One of the perks of being an actor is that you get to be famous for being famous. For Stewart, who is a very private person, being recognized for her acting skills is something she has always wanted. As a child, she dreamt of being the next Kate Winslet or Angelina Jolie, and now that she is living her dream, she has only good things to say about her celebrity. “I love that I can be recognized for my acting and not my looks,” she told Elle in 2018. “I feel like it gives me more freedom. If you’re famous for being beautiful, then you have to look beautiful. If you’re famous for your acting, then you can be more expressive and individualistic with your roles.”

The spotlight has certainly shone on Stewart as a result of the Twilight movies. Her portrayal of Bella Swan undoubtedly made her a household name and led to a wide array of celebrity opportunities. While filming the Twilight franchise, Stewart became friends with Robert Pattinson. After years of being paired with famous faces in films, it was an unexpected friendship that developed quite organically. In 2014, when Pattinson was at the peak of his fame, he had a lot of friends who were also famous, which gave them a social circle that the average person could not access. That same year, Stewart stated that she did not want to be ‘typecast’ as Bella and that she did not rule out taking on more dramatic roles in the future. “I feel that as an actor you have to be ready to try new things,” she said. “I’ve always dreamed about being able to be the lead in a movie – and not just a romantic lead. Anything dramatic where I get to be the center of attention is appealing to me.”