For most of us, seeing Pattinson onscreen is enough, but it’s definitely not enough for those who love him. If you’re one of these people, then you might be interested in the meaning of his latest onscreen kiss.

The most obvious answer is that Pattinson is showing his appreciation for the love that fans have shown him over the years. In real life, these fans might call him their king or, at the very least, their deity. He might not seem like the type of person to show much emotion in public, but behind closed doors, he could be showing a whole lot more.

We can see that he has a new woman in his life onscreen. It looks like she might be the one to save him from his vampirism. But what does that mean for his relationship with his ex-wife and children? It’s not quite like he’s kissing his girlfriend and then turning around to flash the cheekies at his family, but it’s close.

Family-Friendly Fun

While there’s nothing overtly family-friendly about Robbie Pattinson‘s new movie Vampire, there are some elements that might be appealing to families, including:

  • A scene where two of the characters get up close and personal
  • Some frightening creatures
  • A chase scene involving a lot of running around
  • Bright, colorful cinematography
  • Action-adventure elements
  • A bit of a horror movie vibe
  • Scary music
  • Strong female characters

For years, parents have been searching for ways to entertain their children while also teaching them lessons about life. It turns out that there might be a movie genre that combines the best of both worlds: the thriller/adventure movie and the horror movie.

If you’re looking for a movie to take your family out for, then you might want to give Robbie Pattinson‘s Vampire a try.

The Ex-Wife

Speaking of families, let’s take a quick moment to discuss Robbie’sex-wife, Katie Holmes. She’s been married to the actor for nearly a decade and has two children, Maggie and Finn. What’s interesting is that they seem to have formed their own family unit, separate from the actor. Katie has been a presence in many of his movies and was last seen in Baggage Claim, his 2016 film with Charlize Theron. Since then, she’s mostly remained out of the spotlight.

Might this be a storyline that the actor revisits in Vampire? It’s difficult to say, but it looks like he might be spending more time with his family, which is great news for fans who’ve been longing for him to get some stability in his personal life. (And what a relief to see that the rumors of the couple’s separation are completely untrue.)

The Transformation

A big draw for many fans of Robbie Pattinson is the actor’s physical transformation in each of his movies. He is known to work hard at keeping his body in peak condition and often spends hours in the gym honing his muscles. This is undoubtedly the result of his desire to play a wide range of roles and to portray people of all shapes and sizes.

In each of his previous movies, Robbie has undergone a physically demanding transformation, usually involving a lot of muscle-bound running around. It seems that he’s decided to bring this physicality into Vampire as well. There are several scenes where he has to exert himself physically, including the film’s opening sequence and a mid-credits scene.

We’re used to actors using their talents to manipulate us, the audience. Sometimes it’s through words, and other times it’s with actions. Robbie Pattinson is a master at using both; for most of us, seeing him physically transform into a monster standing before us is part of the fun. It’s almost like he’s teasing us and says, “OK, folks, here we go. I’m a vampire now.” But it’s not until later, when we realize that this is no ordinary monster, that the fun truly begins.

The Evolution Of A Vampire

In order to understand what might be motivating Robbie Pattinson in Vampire, we might need to go all the way back to his beginnings as a teenager. In the years leading up to the release of Vampire, the actor was best known for his role as Augustus Waters, the cool, calm and collected, if a tad bit aloof, vampire in the Twilight series. We saw him develop from a vulnerable and human-like character into a dangerous and ruthless predator.

It seems that Robbie might be taking the concept of vampirism and modernizing it for the 21st Century. He’s bringing a strong female character into his entourage and sees this character, named Renfield, as a potential ally. Could she be the one to tame his beast and help him live a normal life?

Let’s dive into Renfield’s backstory. She was a nurse who worked for years at a hospital. After being bitten by a vampire, she became one herself and now enjoys the life of a bloodsucker. Her goal in helping Robbie is to make him the most successful vampire in the world. So far, so good, as he’s now tied with Abraham Lincoln for the most amount of screen time by an onscreen vampire, according to research conducted by Moviebuzz.

What’s notable about Renfield is that she is the only character aside from Robbie to have survived being bitten by a vampire, as the rest of her family and friends died either from the bite or from infections, which aggravated their suffering. This indicates that she might be the key to turning Robbie (or, at least, helping him with his vampirism) and making him human again. She wants to show him that she’s on his side and will do anything to help him succeed.

The Big Bad

We’ve established that Robbie Pattinson is a fierce, independent woman whose sole purpose in life is to protect and serve him. For a woman of such strength and determination, one would think that she’d be able to take on the vampire fraternity, the world’s most ruthless bloodsuckers, all by herself. (Although, let’s be honest, that could probably be an exhausting task.)

Instead, she approaches Dr. Louis Wu, a scientist who studies vampirism and is fascinated by the paranormal. Together, they embark on a quest to find a way to reverse vampirism and turn Robbie into a human being. (Although, it’s not entirely clear why Robbie needs turning back into a human; she’s already a vampire herself and, from her perspective, might not see any point in being human. But, since we’re not privy to her thoughts, we’ll leave that for the imagination of the reader.)

The story behind Dr. Wu is a bit more interesting. One day in the lab, he is bitten by a spider, which then proceeds to bite him on the neck. In a panic, he tries to wash the spider off, but to no avail. In the end, he realizes that the bite from the spider will not kill him, as he is a vampire himself. This is why, for the most part, he and Robbie travel together, searching for a way to reverse vampirism.