Most people think of actors and famous models as being extremely muscled, but it’s not always the case. There are everyday people with amazing bodies, and many of them work hard to maintain their muscle mass. One particular person who’s taking the world by storm is actor Robert Pattinson. Here’s a little something about him that you might not know:

He Is Conspicuous For His Abs

No, he doesn’t eat lots of burgers or drink lots of beers (though he does enjoy a whiskey now and then). Instead, the 33-year-old actor is known to fans (and sometimes even to strangers) for being extraordinarily toned. In fact, he’s so focused on staying fit that he makes a point of getting up early in the morning and going for walks before filming days. It’s hard to know exactly how much he weights, but he’s somewhere around his athletic peak. When he hits the gym, he works out with a trainer and tries to eat only whole foods. No wonder he looks so amazing!

He Has A History Of Cardiac Events

The English actor has been in a few movies (mostly period pieces), but since 2014 he’s been front and center as the lead in several highly publicized films. First came the historical drama Dunkirk, followed by the Twilight spinoff New Moon, the action-adventure Belle, and the sci-fi Passengers. During this time, he’s been opening up about his health and fitness regime. In Belle, he said, “I feel like I’ve been put on this Earth to be the best example of what human beings can look like, and how they can behave. And that’s the best feeling in the world.”

Most recently, he’s starred in the biopic Jackie, in theaters now, as the iconic American designer. In early 2019, Pattinson was admitted to a cardiac rehabilitation program after suffering a heart attack. While there are no confirmed reports that he has suffered from clinical depression or anxiety, it’s clear that he’s extremely driven and doesn’t shy away from a challenge. As he told GQ, “I’ve got a very strong spirit. I always like a fight. I always like the feeling that I can’t breathe.”

He Has A Romantic History

While many people might assume that all the attention Robert Pattinson pays to his health is because of his role as an actor, it’s not always the case. He has a history of caring for and protecting the people around him. For example, he grew up in Britain and Australia, where he spent a lot of time by himself. His mother, Debora, noticed that he was having a tough time fitting in, so she bought him a puppy to help him make friends. Even though he had grown up wanting to be an actor, he didn’t feel like it was the right fit for him and dropped out of school. While he was in university, he learned to cook and clean and do basic chores. Later, he worked in a supermarket to save up money for acting classes.

After dropping out of university, he decided to move to Los Angeles. He had a few auditions, but nothing major until a friend of his recommended him for a part in the Twilight movie series. Since then, he’s been working consistently, often appearing in several movies at once.

He Tries To Stay Active

Pattinson has admitted that he doesn’t have much free time, so he makes the most of it. He takes walks, goes to the gym, does his laundry, plants and waters his garden, and occasionally even reads a book. On days when he has more free time, he goes for a bike ride or takes his dog out for a walk. He doesn’t eat much meat and tries to avoid foods with added sugar.

While many people might associate being fit with having a lot of muscle, it’s not always the case. Some people work hard at staying fit while others rely on muscle enhancing supplements. But one thing everyone can do is stay active. Staying active helps build muscle and gives you more energy. It also helps make your bones stronger and improve your posture. And it might just make you feel better overall. Consider getting a dog, especially if you live with family. Having a dog improves your life immeasurably. It’s wonderful to see this much effort from such a talented and stunning man.