The year 2018 will go down in history as the year of the vampire! Hollywood’s favorite bloodsuckers enjoyed a long-overdue resurgence in both film and television thanks to popular shows like True BloodEmpire, and Shadowhunters. It is no coincidence that these shows feature some of the most beautiful vampires ever put on television screens. One of the biggest reasons for their comeback was undoubtedly the fact that they were able to pull off such realistic and convincing vampirism.

While some people may still be put off by the image of a vampire (especially in the wake of recent tabloid stories about Hollywood’s favorite bloodsuckers), television viewers who remember the 90s will surely have fond memories of the stylish, vampiric creatures who were regularly featured on sitcoms and dramas back then.

The beautiful models and actresses who play the bloodsuckers on these shows may have gone on to successful acting careers but they began their screen careers back in the 80s and 90s and have rarely appeared on television since. It is thus no surprise that many of them have returned to the small screen this year to play significant roles. Here is a list of upcoming television appearances by Robert Pattinson.

The Simpsons

American icon The Simpsons will be back for its 25th season on October 18th and will once again feature the voice talents of John Lithgow, Harry Shearer, and the late Fred Armisen. The show is best known for satirizing current events, social issues, pop culture, and more. In the past, the show has tackled topics like AIDS (Season 15), gun control (Season 16), and even Brexit (Season 18).

This fall will mark the third time an Empire star has guest-starred on The Simpsons. First, Jon Cryer appeared as Principal Skinner in the season 15 premiere. Then, in the season 16 premiere, Bryan Cranston reprised his role as Frank McAlpine. Now, in the season 25 premiere, John Lithgow will play Dr. Hibbert, the father of a young Robert Pattinson. In the episode, Lisa is dating a Simpson and wants to introduce her family to them. When Simpson refuses, Lisa decides to have Dr. Hibbert pose as his son so that her family will not be suspicious about her dating a Simpson. The episode will be called Simpsons Roasting on an open fire and will air on October 18th.

The Good Place

In the final season of The Affair, titled The Good Place, each episode will be set in the afterlife and will revolve around a different dilemma. The final episode will be a two-parter and will see the souls of the people the characters have wronged in the first part and the souls of the people the characters have helped in the second part. One of the main characters, Chidi, a Capuchin monkey played by Ted Danson, has a son named Robert Pattinson who will portray a character named Michael. Since The Affair is based on a real-life romance, the producers of The Good Place will have to tread carefully when it comes to how they portray the actors’ children on screen. One can only imagine the kind of guidance Danson has given his son about how to act in front of the camera:

“When I was a kid, my parents would tell me, ‘You can do anything, son. You can be brilliant, or handsome, or both. Just be yourself.’ And they were right. So being myself includes having fun with the parts of you that are your best features. You shine when you’re happy, and you make others happy when you’re doing your thing. You can’t fake that. So go ahead and be brilliant and handsome.”

Danson’s character, Chidi, is a religious humanist who believes in a higher power, but he does not believe in traditional religion or superstition. When it comes to ethics, Chidi is a firm believer in doing good and believing in making the world a better place. While the premise of The Good Place may sound strange, it will likely resonate with viewers who enjoy The Affair.

Trading Paint

The Shadowhunters spinoff Trading Paint will bring viewers back into the world of Shadowhunters where mortal danger awaits those who get too close to the action. In the show, the characters must use their special skills to hunt down vampires all over the world. One of the characters, a young woman named Esther, will be played by actress Emily Oyenuga. A few years ago, Oyenuga made her feature film debut in Black. The film marked her second collaboration with director Courtney Solomon and it is also notable for being the first Nigerian production to ever be released in theaters in New York City. Solomon has since gone on to direct several more projects including American Cream and The Best of Both Worlds.

Courtney Solomon commented on her collaboration with Oyenuga:

“I consider Emily a genius in the making. She’s so raw and natural in front of the camera, it’s like having a newborn baby slap you around and then take a sharp object to your face because you wouldn’t stop crying. “

The series Trading Paint will premiere on November 22nd.

Murders In The Dark

Netflix premiered its first original limited series Murders In The Dark in the United States earlier this year. The series is inspired by the British reality competition Most Haunted Live! and follows a similar premise. Each episode will revolve around guests who compete in races determined by how well they deal with their fears. The guests must solve a series of gruesome murders that the audience is led to believe are committed by ghosts. The winner of the competition is determined by the number of wins collected during the episodes. Murders In The Dark stars James McAvoy, who plays a police officer, Agatha Christie’s famous detective Herbert George Conan Doyle, and Michael Palin, the former Monty Python member who is now best known for his work with Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Life of Brian.

The show’s creators had this to say about the influence of Monty Python on their debut show:

“We were huge fans of Python. We were actually lucky enough to have two of our writers, Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, contribute to the script. They were the intellectual authors of The Spiritualist, a 1920s bestselling novel that inspired the competition. We loved the absurdist humor of Python and incorporated a few of their famous routines into the show. It’s great when a show borrows from other sources and incorporates their unique sense of humor. It makes you appear more intelligent than you really are.”

The second season of Murders In The Dark will premiere on December 20th.


This year will mark the 20th anniversary of Dark, the gothic thriller that introduced the world to the mysterious and deadly Count Leopard. The series focuses on a London family and their quest to find out who is trying to poison their relatives. One of the stars of Dark, Uma Thurman, will be playing a character named Eve. Thurman is best known for her roles in Kill Bill and Mad Max: Fury Road.