After a break of almost three years, Twilight fans get to see Robert Pattinson back on the big screen in the upcoming film, Une Femme en Rose. The British actor/model has been a busy man since the conclusion of Twilight, and has recently completed filming the action-adventure Paradise Bay in the UK, as well as appearing in two other films in the 2015 Sundance film festival. Une Femme en Rose marks Pattinson’s first French-speaking role, and follows the actor as he explores the French Riviera, meeting various cultural and historical figures along the way.

Robert Pattinson’s Past And Present

Pattinson, who was born in London to an English mother and French father, began his acting career in London theater companies such as the Donmar Warehouse and the Royal Shrewsbury Theatre. In 2005, the then-unknown actor/model moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in film. He made his big-screen debut in the 2008 comedy The Runaways, which examined the lives of famous female musicians in the 1960s. In 2009, he appeared alongside Tom Hardy in the action-adventure movie Eagle Eye, and received rave reviews for his performance. The following year, he was nominated for a Golden Globe for his role as Lorne Maloney in the dramedy The Beaver Trilogy. That same year, he also starred in the comedy The Boat That Floats, which co-starred Rosamund Pike and Michael Caine.

Set In The French Riviera

The action-adventure movie Paradise Bay, directed by Julian McMahon from a screenplay by Lionel Wigram, follows the travels of explorer Richard Whitaker (Pattinson) as he journeys to discover the fabled city of Tulum in Mexico. Along the way, Whitaker stops in several European countries, including Italy, where he meets opera singer Isabella Mescola (Marthe Keller). Whitaker falls in love with Isabella and her family’s reluctant consent allows him to propose, though some in the audience may doubt his intentions. Whitaker and company then sail to Tulum, where he finally gets to propose to Isabella. The film is set for an August 2015 release date.

What Is Une Femme en Rose About?

The untitled French romantic comedy Une Femme en Rose (A Woman in Rose), stars Rosie Dawson as Claire, an English girl who moves to the French Riviera with her musician boyfriend, Nic (played by Pattinson). After a year in Italy, living the life of a sophisticated urbanite, Claire returns to England to end her engagement and get back into her old life. Her friend Marjorie (played by Charlotte Le Bon) sets her up on a blind date with Robert Pattinson, and the newly single Claire sees it as her last chance to try to win him back. However, it won’t be easy. Robert Pattinson has moved on from Twilight, and will not be swayed by her charms. The film is directed by Marc Faugère from a screenplay by Christophe Chambrot and Stéphane Mallarmé.

Who Is In The Cast?

Aside from Robert Pattinson, Une Femme en Rose also stars Charlotte Le Bon, Charlotte Dawson, and Michael Sheen. The film’s producers are Xavier Bloor, Marc Faugère, and Marc Platt.

Famous for her role as Gilda Radnor in the TV show Radnor Family Treasure, Charlotte Le Bon plays Marjorie, a close friend of the main character, Claire. She recently appeared in the movie adaptation of the popular novel The Girl on the Train, starring Emily Blunt and Tina Sewell.

Charlotte Dawson, who was most recently seen in the 2015 Sundance film, Little Secrets, portrays Lulu, an ‘avant garde’ artist who befriends Claire. She has also been seen in the films The Great Gatsby and The King’s Speech.

Michael Sheen stars as Mark, a British billionaire who takes a keen interest in Richard Whitaker’s travels, particularly in Tulum in Mexico. He had previously worked with Pattinson on the 2014 thriller Eye in the Sky, as well as appearing in the upcoming Stephen Hawking biopic, A Matter of Life. Sheen has also been seen in the movies The Imposters, Wild, The World’s Fastest Automobile, and the British horror-comedy We’re No Angels.

What Are The Premier And Opening Weekend Grosses?

The premiere of Paradise Bay was followed by sold-out showings in theaters across Europe and North America. The film opened in the UK in first place with $17.6 million, and went on to top the box office in several other markets, including Italy ($21.5 million), France ($19.5 million), and Spain ($12.1 million). The worldwide movie musical opened in theaters on August 7, 2015. The film has earned $40.5 million to $41.5 million in the United States, and $64.5 million in other countries, putting its worldwide total at $105.5 million to $106.5 million.

Une Femme En Rose Tour

After the premiere of Une Femme en Rose in August 2015, the film’s director, Marc Faugere, revealed that the film was actually inspired by an event that took place during the filming of the movie. While filming in the French Alps, he shared that a number of his crew members got food poisoning from some wild mushrooms, and that he was forced to shut down the entire production.

During his recovery, Faugere was inspired to create a storyline about an English girl who moves to Italy and gets roped into going on a blind date with Robert Pattinson. In the end, she manages to win his heart, and they live happily ever after. Faugere revealed that he began writing the script a few months before shooting began, and that the entire timeline of the film took place in his head, mostly during his recovery from the food poisoning. He also stated that while he did not actually meet Robert Pattinson during the making of this film, he felt incredibly lucky just to have been able to include him in his story.

Paradise Bay In Other Markets

While the film has only just opened in the US, it has been in limited release in several other markets, including Australia and New Zealand. The film premiered in the Australian city of Sydney, and then traveled to Melbourne for an exclusive showing on February 4, 2016. The movie then played in the South Island at the same time, with an opening weekend total of $726,000. At least three theaters in Auckland, New Zealand, have also shown the film. In other international markets, including Russia, the UK, and South Korea, the movie was also shown in theaters. The film’s producers are Xavier Bloor, Marc Faugère, and Marc Platt. It is currently unknown when or where it will be available to watch online.

Similar Movies

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