Since being discharged from the hospital after his deadly accident, actor Robert Pattinson has been dealing with the aftermath of the incident and celebrating his 29th birthday. Over the last few weeks, the former “Twilight” star has been spotted out and about in New York City, leaving his apartment a few times and even going to a baseball game. Now that he is back home in London, England, the “Cosmo Cricket” star has taken to his Instagram account to share an interesting — and likely highly unusal — reaction to a fan’s photo of his car, which was on the scene of the accident.

In the caption of the post, Pattinson noted that the picture was taken before his car was fully recovered from the accident, adding that he “hasn’t worked out what to do with it yet.” As it turns out, the answer to Pattinson’s question is rather simple: he needs a new ride!

While it is still too early to tell what will happen with Robert Pattinson in the future, this much is clear: he is a man of many passions — and cars are among them. The 29-year-old actor lists his vintage car collection as one of his proudest possessions. While he did not reveal the make or model of the vehicles he owns, he has often expressed his desire to restore an old classic and even build a track for cars in the Hollywood Hills. No matter what the future holds for Pattinson, his love for cars will remain. Here, we take a closer look at some of his interesting automotive hobbies.

Collecting Vintage Cars

While it is fashionable to buy new cars these days, luxury accessories, and even cars themselves, there is something undeniably attractive about owning vintage automobiles. The style and technology of cars from the 1950s and 1960s remain timeless — and many modern cars were first manufactured decades later.

Many vintage car owners like to restore their vehicles and make them as good as new. Others find it more convenient to collect them as is and drive them occasionally. Regardless, the appeal of vintage cars to car enthusiasts is undeniable.

Pattinson is clearly a lover of old cars, as he has amassed a pretty sizeable collection of them over the years. The actor acquired his first vintage vehicle, a 1960s-era Austin Healey, when he was 18 years old. Ever since, he has owned a variety of cars, ranging from Alfa Romeos to Austin Heais and even a few Maseratis. In June 2019, he was pictured leaving a store in Beverly Hills with his vintage car haul, which consisted of a large number of vehicles. It seems that the “Breaking Dawn” actor is on the lookout for more antique cars to add to his collection. On his Instagram account, which he uses to share his passion for cars and motorcycle riding, he has posted several snapshots of his vintage car collection.

Restoring Classic Cars

One of the things that make vintage cars so desirable is their design. The styling of these vehicles usually involves smooth contours and simple, yet elegant lines, which often lead to a more streamlined look. Additionally, the engines and fuel systems of these cars are often more powerful than what is available in modern vehicles, which makes them more efficient. Finally, many classic cars were designed to be lightweight, which makes them easier to drive and more responsive to the pedal. All of this combined makes vintage cars desirable not just because of their design, but because of how they perform on the road as well.

Pattinson has always been passionate about cars and motorcycle riding, and he has had the opportunity to hone his skills as a mechanic over the years. This experience has proven invaluable as he takes on the task of restoring his vintage cars. As he notes in the post on Instagram, it takes a lot of work to bring a vintage car back from the dead, but it is worth it in terms of the feeling of satisfaction that he gets whenever he is able to drive it. Restoring vintage cars is certainly a labor of love for Pattinson — and it seems that he is committed to the cause, as he has already gone back to work on several of his cars. If you would like to see more of his work, be sure to check out his Instagram account.

Interest In Motorcycle Riding

Pattinson is clearly a car enthusiast, but he also has a passion for motorcycling. The “Twilight” star has been pictured several times on Instagram racking up miles on his Harley-Davidson. In May 2019, he even posted a picture of himself on one of the British bikes, which is custom-painted with scenes from the “Harry Potter” series. The actor’s interest in motorcycles seems to run deep, as he has also expressed his interest in becoming a designer of bikes in the future.

If you consider yourself a fan of one of the most iconic male leads of all time, you might be interested in picking up a vintage car or two. Not only do they make for incredible conversation pieces, but they also provide a sense of nostalgia that many people find very alluring. Be sure to follow @Pattinson on Instagram, as he continues to share his passion for cars and motorcycles. You never know what future projects the talented actor may have in store for us! Stay tuned.